Palace couldn't stay calm. As King Wang So had doubts on 8th Prince and 9th Prince and he was secretly investigating to caught them wit...

Chae Ryung The SPY - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (oyr thoughts)

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Palace couldn't stay calm. As King Wang So had doubts on 8th Prince and 9th Prince and he was secretly investigating to caught them with the prove. He Finally call in the 9th Prince and ask him regarding the Sulphur incident at first the 9th Prince hesitate to spill out the beans but when Ji Monk told him to tell the truth then being punished they have other ways to do that so.

 court lady chae ryung in blood - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

After King Wang So told him that he knew the reality of that maid girl Chae Ryung of Damiwon who was his maid then was sent to Wook's house and after that they send her to Damiwon. Hearing these facts there wasn't any ways to escape aside telling King Wang So the truth.

But the 9th Prince was a bit clever he didn't tell the whole truth and exclude his name and blame all he did was instructed by 8th Prince Wang Wook who planned with the late King Yoo.

 9th prince tell the sulphur incident to the king and ji monk - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

It was a really cruel painful scene at Damiwon the court ladies were standing and soldiers were beating some one. Hae Soo happen to came there and was surprised what's going on. She when knew a court lady from damiwon committed a crime and receiving the punishment.

Also the king order them to see her being punish as if one will do the mistake she will be punish like this. She couldn't believe the king would be so cruel. She ask who is it and when come to knew its Chae  Ryung she couldn't stand to see her in this state and faint.

 hae so after saw chae ryung fell on the ground and faint - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

As she has the weak heart and also suffering from some illness King Wang So personally came to visit her. He ask the doctor and become angry to knew Hae Soo's condition. He told Hae Soo to take care of herself but Hae Soo was worried what Chae Ryung did and why she has received this punishment.

The truth was hard to believe that Chae ryung was actually the Spy on her from 9th Prince and 8th Prince and she was reporting hon her to them every second.

 hae soo shout at wang so for treating chae ryung like a dong and wang so told she was sying on her - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

He knew it from long ago but didn't have the prove and finally he got the solid prove and caught that maid moving over 9th Prince instructions. He has no other choice to punish that court lady as Hae Soo had been point as suspicion for foreign spy. The Queen mother got the information and it only leaked from Chae Ryung.

 wang soo told hae soo she gave your things to the queen and the queen accuse you of being a foreign spy - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

Also King Wang Soo revealed that Chae Ryung was the one who put mercury n late King's bath water for the two years. She was the girl who knew the secret way out of the cave when Hae Soo first appeared in Damiwon's bath house. Chae Ryung took her and ran using that way. Also she was the one who reported over 10th Prince in and his wife hiding at Damiwon. That's why Wook put the guards there and Wang In and her wife couldn't run away.

 wang so told hae so about the laundery cave she told it about to wook thats why 10th prince can't leave the palace - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

Seriously there were too many secrets with in the palace and we couldn't understand who is holding which card and who is on who's side. Who is telling the truth and who is coming up the conspiracy. Thank God we are not living in the palace life sure is difficult and tiresome in the palace.
Moreover the King Wang So also revealed Chae Ryung was waiting for the chance to hurt Hae Soo physically by trying to stay to Hae Soo's side. But Hae Soo's didn't believe any of these bitter realities and insisted she was her little sister. King could understand what Shock Hae Soo is suffering from so he give her time to relax and when she will be back to her senses she can finally understand what he did was the better decision.

 wang so told hae soo she was trying to harm you when she got the chance thats why he did it to her - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

After talking with Hae Soo King came back to his palace he was burning in anger knowing it was Wook behind all this. He planned it with his sharp mind and we wonder how can we steal Wook's mind to use in good way but not in that bad way.

Baek Ah couldn't believe it was all Wook's doing he request the King to look more in it but there wasn't nothing left for the king to look into it. He just shout saying because of Wook he become a monster to Hae Soo.

 wang so in anger told baek ah that its all because of wook he become a monster in hae soo eyes- Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

As the King left Hae soo saw something on a cloth. She took out it was last words of Chae Ryung we wonder how she mange to write my sister thought she learned it but then we remember she lied of her being illiterate to Hae Soo and it was deliberately. Then Hae Soo also remember the fals back scene but she don't want to believe.

 hae soo see a clothes written in blood it was from court lady chae ryung and she ask hae so to take care of her family - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

Chae Ryung request Hae Soo to look after her family as she can understand better then any one else and it was a flash back scene how Chae Ryung happen to met with the 9th Prince and end up becoming his household maid. Then she gradually falls for him and started doing things that were ordered to her by him.

Also it was the 9th Prince who taught her how to read and write. She knew her time has come what she did she has no regrets. She just wanted to confess everything to Hae Soo and believe that she will be the one understand her. For for us we couldn't believe that the world id full of these type of people like Queen Yoo, Late King Yoo, Wang Wook, Yeon Hwa, Wang Jun & Chae Ryung.

 in the clothe letter chae ryung confess all things to hae soo she is in love with 9th prince that why she did it and didn't regret what she did - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

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