Kwon Sang-woo become our favourite male lead when we watched him in Cruel Love/ Bad Love, Cinderella Man, Medical Top Team, My Tutor Friend...

Stairway to Heaven Korean 2003 Review

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Kwon Sang-woo become our favourite male lead when we watched him in Cruel Love/ Bad Love, Cinderella Man, Medical Top Team, My Tutor Friend, Love so Divine, Once Upon a Time in High School. So we choose Stairways to heaven, it was a very touchy, sensitive romantic drama with tragedy and regrets. The story started from the childhood of Song-Joo (Kwon Sang-woo) and Jung-Seo (Choi Ji-woo) were destined to be together even before they were born. Both of their parents were close friends, they have almost grown up together since their childhood. They even looked alike as if they were twins.

But the drama takes a turn when Jung-Seo (Choi Ji-woo) father married another witchy women having two children. Jung-Seo life become upside down with lot of miseries more over the evil deeds of the witchy women make her bad daughter infront of her father. She had to bear all sort of humiliation. Her only friend Song-Joo had to leave with his father for abroad. It was a too sensitive story we cried along with Jung-Seo when ever she got torchered by the step mother and she also cut ties with Song-Joo.
Jung-Seo left alone after time passes her step brother become her friend. They both were lonely child and care for each other. The writer wrote a very detailed experiences in this drama. When they grow up the step brother had feelings for Jung-Seo but she loves her best friend Song-Joo who was the only hire of Multinational corporation. The tragedy comes in Jung-Seo life when she got hit by her step sister's car and suffers amnesia. She forgot everything and can't remember who the parents are, what her real identity is, where is her existences. Moreover she doesn't remember even her name, her father, her love. We cried a lot. But all that happen what is written in your faith.

She accidentaly met Song-Joo at her part time job and many occasion come he had to face Song-Joo. We were happy they met, thought they didn't recognize each other. All goes with the will of GOD they were fated together but the villian didn't let them be happy. It was Jung-Seo step brother. He tried all sort of things to part Jung-Seo and Sung Joo away but they were fated so they met. It was great when Jung Seo memory came back.
We learned that person might have loved that girl more than me. But even though I say this, that doesn't mean that I loved her any less. We cry by listening this line it was very touchy. Stairway to Heaven gives a moral lesson, cherish while you still have them for you never know what tomorrow's holds, whats written in your faith, where time will take you. The ending wasn't what we expect it was a very heart touching drama looks likes a real life story some where in the world. The writer did a great job with the story line. The director with its direction, the actors with their emotions makes Stairway to Heaven a master piece of its time. We recommend you to watch it. Its all for now lets meet in another k drama review.
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