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Yoo Jin O later reveal himself that he is actually a ghost and came out from the type writer. This shocks Han Se Joo and he fainted in...

Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

Yoo Jin O later reveal himself that he is actually a ghost and came out from the type writer. This shocks Han Se Joo and he fainted infront of him, when he woke up seeing Jin O he screamed and ran out of the room to avoid him. But Jin O the ghost writer follow him every where he tried to hide.

He become too scared considering the fact Jin O can walk through the walls so he can't hide move or yell yet but change his tone and become obedient infront of Jin O. He then revealed how he become visible to Se Joo and who else can see him.

Se Joo scream and fainted when knew the reality of ghost writer - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

Of course it was Bang Jin who can see Jin O she was shaman's daughter. She can see and talk with Ghosts even her mother sometime become amaze to whom she was talking with.

bang ja the shaman daughter actually saw ghost - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

Se Joo now become very much concern with the ghost writer Jin O who then then told he wanted to become visible to people in order to confess his feeling to Jeon Seol. he only can posses the body of animals and hear we come to knew the secret of the stary dog who let Seol in Han Se Joon house.

Jeon Seol with the help of her chef friend prepared a breakfast for Han Se Joon as a thanksgiving from a fan, because of his request the fans stopped teasing and calling her.

jeon seol order a hearty lunch for writer se joo - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

She came to visit Han Se Joon who don't want her to be here but Jin O insisted to open the door infact he was the one who opened the door for Seol. because of Jin O's act Han Se Joo irritated and shout at him, Seol misunderstood and thinks she was being mistreated.

She wanted to leave but Jin O request Se Joo to stop her, look like a love triangle between the three took place.

Jin o open the door for seo jeon when she came to visit se joo - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

Jin O was head over heels fall for Seol and was looking at her continuously, Se Joon become a bit jealous and angrly scold him. It was an unbearable situation for Seol she was about to leave as she couldn't stand Se Joon's behavior Jin O grab her bag in order to stop her but end up tearing it.

This was an embarrassing situation Seol misunderstood it for Seo Joo who first shout and now stooping her by tearing the bag.

Jin O while stopping her ripped Seo Jeon bag and she thought it was done by se joo - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

After Seol left Jin O disappear he knew he will be receiving a scolding for what happened earlier. Se Joon become mad in anger, his situation was being witness by the publisher who was now worried for his mental status. He called the doctor and told him Se Joon's gone crazy.

the ghost writer jin o was actually hiding in the painting of se joon writing room -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

Se Joon visited the doctor and during the consultation session Jin O was there when doctor ask did he still see ghost or images, we wonder why he refuse that he can't see ghost or images now. There also we come to knew about Se Joon childhood how he end up at Mr Do Ha's house and how he was treated by his wife and son Tae Min. They thought of him the son of Mr Do Ha's first love and every thing started with this assumption.

se joo while consulting the doctor remember how he came at tae min house and what his mother -
 Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

Se Joo sectary foxed the wall painting and transformed it with the edition of glasses. Tae Min visited the vet and consult for his cat broken leg. The doctor when saw the x ray was confused how the fracture happened as it was may be done by someone forcefully.

Tae min bring his cat at the veterinary clinic and buy them lunch - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

After getting checked his cat Tae Min bought Seol to his studio and offer her to work for him, she again refuse but end up agreeing somehow. When both came back to the hospital Seol saw that starry dog outside the hospital and take him in.
Then she told Tae Min she named the dog Gyung Goo means "Dog Friend", he was the one who played an important role in meet with writer Se Joo, but now he won't take the dog in. hearing this Tae Min offered to become the guardian and take dog Gyung Goo.

Tae Min ask to become the guardian of the starry dog - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

As Tae Min leaves the clinic Se Joon was about to come and meet with Jeon Seol, seeing the dog with Tae Min he can't bear the fact Yeon Seol to be close to him. After an argument he forcefully took the dog from Tae Min as he knew it was the same dog who barged in his house.

While walking he heard Jin O voice and surprise but couldn't see him around, then find the voice actually comes out from the dog. He become furious and wanted him to came out from dog's body nothing could go his way Yeon Seol witness him an accuse him for abusing pet animal. It was his bad time doing good for nothing his position become worse infront of Yeon Seol she then took the dog from him and left.

Se joo took the starry dog from Tae Min - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

Incident happen one after the other and Se Joon become all frustrated he wanted to get rid of from ghost writer and good for nothing antique typewriter. He decided to smash it and suddenly recalls the vision from back them 1930.

He was along with Jin O and peeking at the latest typewriter arrived in the market, looks it was the Japanese version but Jin O told that they can type korean with it. Jin O wanted to purchase it but it look a kind of expensive se Joon then console nothing to worry all he need a pen to write anything he wants.

Se Joo was about to smash the typewriter and got the glimpse of 1930 he was with jin o -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

Who in the world don't like technologies Jin O bought the typewriter and gift it to Se Joon. While he was about to complete his novel Yoo Su sntach his draft and ran. Jin O stop Se Joo from chasing her and receive a compliment of being a traitor who choose a girl over friendship.

Jin o gift se joo the typewriter and while he was writing a novel seo jeon took the pages and ran -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

At the bar Se Joo was waiting to knew the response of Yoo Su on his drafts. Yoo Su appreciate the content and celebrate for the emerging writer. In the present Jin O told Se Joo he wanted to knew why he died and stucked inside the typewriter why not he was the one being reincarnated like others.

We also are curious to knew what actually happened in 1930 that Chicago typewriter become the legendary history for the best seller writer. Stay tuned to find out more.

Now se joo believe he was reincarnated and ghost writer stuck in the typewriter Chicago Typewriter: Episode 6

This episode begins with the flash back scene when Han Se Joo was a rookie writer and how Tae Min steal his first work Fate. It was re...

Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

This episode begins with the flash back scene when Han Se Joo was a rookie writer and how Tae Min steal his first work Fate. It was really hard breaking to see how your own created work was later known by someone else name. We really feel pity for Han Se Joon.

Hen then yell at the Ghost writer Jin O to leave his house as he won't be allowing him to stay here or interrupt his work and then burn the draft of chicago Type writer.

se joo remember how tae min stole his novel fate - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

Jeon Seol life become tough after the rumor as the other fan started harassing her. Her friend Bang Jin told her not to receive or answer any call and recommend her to close the errand business and start
work as the vet again on which Seol agrees.

Bang Jin then leave the house to purchase the beer and celebrate with Seol who was continuously staring at the gold pocket watch writer Han Se Joon return to her. She realize there must be some meaning how the watch came back to her and may be its connected with Han Se Joon.

Outside the house Bang Jin was thrilled Mr Yoo who point on the towel over her head and then ask about Seol, this breaks Bang Jin's heart she was a bit disappointed but thinking of something calls Seol out that someone is looking for her.

funny encounter of bang ja with ghost writer - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

While starring at the watch another flash back scene appear in Seol's memory. She was practicing shooting bottles and target them the ghost writer Jin O was helping her focus and improve her shooting skills. Seol suddenly shakes her head as she couldn't understand why she had that vision.

seo jeon saw her past life image when she was practicing shooting with Jin O - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

Things didn't stop she came out of the house wearing the cap and vision from the past continuously kept appearing. It was again the time of 1930 she saw herself going into the night club Carpe Diem hiding herself from the police. Jin O confirms about the military money will be deliver to the train and then notice Seol's hand with blood. She then transform herself into a girl who was getting ready for the performance. The police entered the club to search for a man with the injured hand.

Her aunt Ms Bang Jin saw her and assume she started seeing the vision and images again. While drinking together she told about her childhood how much her mother worried about her and took her to the shaman, doctors and every where possible to help not to see the strange visions.

Seo jeon singing in night club carpe diem in 1930- Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

When Han Se Joon anger flew and mind become cool down he started writing Chicago typewriter Part 2 draft but couldn't concentrate on the subject theory. he tried many times to write in the same pattern the ghost writer wrote but couldn't do so except find the burn part of the draft and recall a vision from back 1930's.
Han Se Joon Publisher meet Jeon Seol and ask her to help him out of the rumors by suing the photographer and writer who were the core source of the rumor. But Han Se Joon appeared at the office and create a scene by dragging Seol along with him.

Se joo manager ask a favor from seo jeon to sue the photographer and reporter - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

We couldn't understand what he wanted, Seol also irritated that its not only his business she was also the victim. They should clear the misunderstanding and stop the rumors but Han Se Joon wanted to settle everything quitely. His mental level make Seol compliment him the moody one.

se joo ask seo jeon not to care about him - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

The deadline for the second draft was ahead up but couldn't able to writer like the ghost writer. The publisher called him and told look like this draft has been written by some ghost writer, the content and writing style didn't match with the first part.

Han Se Joon then search the trash bin to find the burn draft pieces to compare and start writing again. When he came back to his writing room Jin O was there already he told him he will give him the draft as he saved a copy, if Se Joon let him live there till the novel completes.

jin o told se joo that he will give the next episode on one condition to let him stay his house -
 Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

While sending the draft he received from the Ghost writer he think of Jeon Seol and cried. he then decided to meet with Seol by making up the story of a hallu star and a fan who wanted to fulfill his wish before he die.

se joo come at veterinary hospital to meet seo jeon -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

Infact he want to experience a romance relationship and dating in order to make his writings lively and real. Jeon Sol long long time wish come true she got a chance to spend time with the writer. The two of them look good together roaming here and there and all sort of things the couple use to do. In the end Jeon Seol got a feeling that something wasn't right so she ask if he really going to die. Han se Joo then take his leave saying you were the first fan of my work.

Se Joo ask seo jeon to shoot and give her that stuff toy - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

Han Se joo then announce to hold a press conference in which he wanted to reveal the rumors about the Ghost writer. We got a feeling something interesting will gonna poop up but never imagine that would be a bit humiliating for Se Joon himself.

Everyone along the reporters publishers were curious about what Se joon will going to talk about. All he talk about the ghost writer and the rumors. The people who were there had a surprisingly expression how Han Se Joon was talking about and then not to harass Jeon Seol she was an ordinary fan of him there isn't any relation like dating or else between them.

Se joo held a press conference regarding the rumors of ghost writer - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

After he talked about him having a ghost writer and apologize to everyone by saying he will leave writing. It was the surprise for the people to hear this when he says this is my ghost writer there wasn't any body sitting beside him. Actually the Ghost writer itself was the ghost who came out from Chicago typewriter from 19 30's.

Looking forward for more twist and shocked reaction of Han Se Joon when will he realize the reality about the Ghost Writer.

ghost writer jin o told se joo he is actually a ghost - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 5

We were too excited to knew Han Se Joo reaction after caught on the Ghost writer. We wonder how the ghost writer manage to enter the h...

Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

We were too excited to knew Han Se Joo reaction after caught on the Ghost writer. We wonder how the ghost writer manage to enter the house does the publisher knew it all along and help in giving the pass code for Han Se Joo house. The ghost writer was Ko Gyung Pyo the second lead from "Jealousy Incarnate" he introduce himself as Yoo Jin O.

Han Se Joo tied him on the chair when ask what he was doing he replied he was tying shoelaces lolx that was really hilarious looking forward to watch out more fun scene s and lively conversation between them.

Se Joo tied the ghost writer with the rope - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

The publisher Ji Seok arrived and was surprised hearing about the Ghost writer. He denied hiring any ghost writer as Se Joon refuse to do so. He took the publisher to the writing room in order to let him witness the ghost writer but non of them find him there.

We doubted the publisher who helped the ghost writer escape from the room yet it was still the mystery how everything took place strangely.

Se joo when call his manager to show the ghost writer he escaped - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

Yoo Jin O then happen to stalk Jeon Seol on the way to her home, he end up encountring Han Se Joo who was also there to meet Seol. Her aunt Ms bang who use to be shaman sense some bad energy coming toward their house.

se jo caught the ghost writer stalking Seo Jeon - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

She ask her daughter to being the red beans and splash outside the house. Jin O disappeared while Se Joon become the target. When Jeon Seol saw Han Se Joo she shout and told he was nor the stalker neither the bad energy but the famous writer Han Se Joon whom she run many errands.

After that Miss Bang told Bang Jin to collect all the beans as they were for domestic use. While collecting the beans Bang Jin saw Jin O and fall in love at first sight. She ask his name and was told to call him Mr Yoo.

Bang ji meet ghost writer for the first time - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

Han Se Joo actually came there to return Jeon Seol's watch which he happen to found on his way back to the mountains. The two had a detailed conversation and Se Joon come to knew that she was his first fan 10 years ago.
On their way back they saw Han Se Joon and Tae Min's Books Ad. Seol happen to praise writer Tae Min which makes Han Se Joon a bit jealous.

Seo jeon told se joo he is handsome in person and on tv - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

They caught on hidden camera as a reporter was tailing han Se Joon to get a scoop, both ran to hide and it reminded Han Se Joo the flashback scene of 1930 he dreamed off. In frustration he grab Jeon Seol's shoulder and ask why did she keep appearing in his dreams, novels and everywhere around him. Seol couldn't able to answer but thinks Han Se Joon was reading a lot of web novels these days.

while running from the stalking photographer se joon got the flashback glimpse of Seo jeon -
 Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

Chef Dae Han become heart broken when knew Seol dating Han Se Joo, there picture went viral on social media with the article Han Se Joon dating a Do and errand service girl who also working as a vet. Later the news shocked Seol and Han Se Joon.

Mr Do Ha then found out that his wife was behind this rumor incident of Han Se Joon. Her sole motive was to ruined the peace and image. We feel really angry for that evil women who was playing dirty tricks to knock down an emerging writer.

se joo and seo jeon dating rumors spread - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

This was the second tim Han Se Joon caught the ghost writer who inncently surprised and ask "m i caught again?" look like a little child caught stealing a lolipop from the shop. The two look like tom and jerry. Han Se Joo was playing the role of Tom who if caught the Ghost writer Jerry will rip off him into pieces.

se joo caught the ghost writer again in his writing room - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

Before the two put continue their caught and chase game Mr Do Ha Han Se Joon Father friend came to meet him. The ghost writer Jin O happen to found a rough summary draft for "Fate" first half and was surprised why it was published by the name of Writer Tae Min.

Mr Do Ha was worried for Han Se Joon and wanted to meet him for the recent dating rumor article before they could end their conversation he listen a sound of something fall in the writing room and witness the Ghost writer Hiding under the table in the writing room. He then warn Han Se Joon to get rid of things a writer shouldn't keep around and left.

mr do ha saw the ghost writer in the writing room and after that se joo burn the episode of chicago typewriter - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 4

Se Joo was angry by the ghost writer happen to be in his study at this time and told him to leave immediately. Jin O ask if he was alos a ghost writer back then who helped in writing Tae Min's Fate. This angers him more and he without thinking the second thought burn the second draft of Chicago Typewriter saying he will not going to use someone else pen to gain fame for himself. Looking forward to knew more about the mystery of Chicago typewriter connected with the ghost writer Jin O.

Thank God Seol with the soft nature save Han Se Joo but seeing him the state we couldn't control our laugh, as his neck was blocke...

Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

Thank God Seol with the soft nature save Han Se Joo but seeing him the state we couldn't control our laugh, as his neck was blocked with lamp shade. His body was tied with ropes and a bandage was on his head. He can't move on his own.

He open his eyes and saw Jeon seol stares him, he thought she will torture him before killing and recalls the promise she won't help him rather kill him. Still his mind was full of doubts he tried to shout but his voice didn't support him. Suddenly he saw Seol with the huge injection we wonder how big the injection Seol will inject, but it was a funny scene Seol use this injection to fed Han Se Joo.

Jeon Seol fed so joo with the huge injection - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

The fate both the two together as his aunt for-sea the future and predict both for Han Se Joo and Seol. She then walked out and calls to her father the echo sound appears in the mountain she told she was doing well and miss him a lot.

A flash back scene of her childhood along with his father appears and we saw the antique clock her father gave her as his keepsake. He also put her on the swing he build for her and ask her to live her life no matter what happened. This memory put smile on her face and she cries.

jeon seol remember when her father give the golden watch to her - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

Seol came back and saw Han Se Joo wake up, he was still full of doubts and thought she was back to kill him. Seol ask if he was trying to escape if that the case he can't even go out as the roads were block. Han Se Joo was a freak who can't believe Seol and thinks of her another crazy stalker fan.

When so joo saw jeon seol he tried to run as he was still suspicious of her - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

He then look around the cabin and come to knew it was Seol's father cabin, Seol leaves him alone as she reminded of the watch she lost while saving him. Han Se Joo look around and found a big collection of books specially misery by stephen King caught his eye. He started reading the book and found his old picture when he use to be a nameless writer.

So Joo while reading stephen king book saw his 10 year old picture when he use to go to subway and write -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

When Han Se Joo came back to Seol the publisher was so happy to receive the first draft on time. It surprise him he even didn't complete the first half how can the first draft published according to the content he wanted to wrote.
It was a confusion whether his manager call the ghost writer and talk to him and keeping it a secret from Han Se Joo. We were confused too. Se joon check the social  media response and was shocked to see the breaking records for Chicago Type writer episode 1.

Chicago typewriter become a huge hit on the internet - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

Then realize he must be the one to write it by himself as it was the same he wanted and no body can write exactly the same as he thought. A press conference held by his company for the response of Chicago typewriter.

he even did a Ad with Writer Tae min later we come to knew  they had a bitter relationship and couldn't stand each other but for the publicity stunt they stand together talk and smile.

So joo shoot a tv ad with writer tae min - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

He then gather courage to write the second episode for Chicago Typewriter while writing he felt a bit suffocated and wanted to take a walk. The atmosphere suddenly change into smokey one along with the old horse carriage and people from 1930. It was the flash back scene we wonder how Han Se Joon walk back in the past things getting more and more interesting he encounters Yu Seo Yoon who actually look like the modern Jeon Seol.

Everything looks transported to the past. Jeon Seol appears wearing a boy's cap and was running up to him, she grabs his hand and tells him to run or else they will die. While running the gold pocket watch falls on the street. Jeon Seol pick it up the police was after them.

The two end up in the dark alley side to disguise them as a couple. Suddenly Jeon Seol pushes Han Se Joo to the wall, take of her hat and kissed him, it was too sudden look like Han Se Joo breath stop. Then she give her the golden watch which was the keepsake of Han Se Joo.

Seo Jeon Kiss So Joo in 1930 - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

What ever Han Se Joo dream was written on the draft with the typewriter. It shocked him, one of his staff came and offered their help to continue type for him but he refused, he was confused over what happened how can he type everything no on his laptop but on the old tacky typewriter.

Writer Tae Min mother played the evil witch role who was after shaking up Han Se Joo life peace and the top writer image.

tae min mother with the help of a reporter plot a conspiracy against so joo - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

Seol also came back and at the book store she tells her friend Bang Jin that during her vacation how she lost the golden pocket watch her father gave her. Bang Jin then told not to worry her mother use to say old items are posses by spirits and will be return back to their owners.

Han Se Joon to relieve stress went back as he continuously seeing the old scenes suddenly everything become foggy and he saw something shines. When come near he found out its Seol's watch. He drives back home and recalls Jeon Seol's word that he didn't overcome his writers block his writing ability will leave him.

So Joo caught the ghost writer in his writing room - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 3

At his home he heard the sound of writing moving towards his study room he caught the ghost writer who was sitting on his chair and using the typewriter to write a story behind So Joo's name. he introduce himself as Jin Ok and smilingly said "i am your ghost writer". Looking forward for more twist as the writer driving us crazy, can't wait to watch out more for Chicago typewriter.

In the previous Episode Jeon Seol knock down the stalker Fan and ask Se Joo to call the police. It was the scene which continuously ap...

Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

In the previous Episode Jeon Seol knock down the stalker Fan and ask Se Joo to call the police. It was the scene which continuously appears in Se Joo's dream how a girl holding a gun become his life savor.

After few moments Jeon Seol tumbles and end up fainting before she could fell Han Se Joo hold her. No doubt she has great martial arts skill but what making her forgetting and remembering things. Han Se Joo calls the police to get rid of the stalker fan. When Seol wake up she found herself in Se Joo's bedroom.

Jeon seol fainted after catching the stalker fan - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

Han Se joo wanted to kick her out as soon as possible so no more rumors could take place. But she feels hungry and wanted to eat something, Se Joo made ramen for her. Han Se Joo still suspects her as a accomplice who plotted everything to barg in the house again.

She then notice Han Se Joo injured his hand and offer to help him with his work. It was a rough draft which Seol typed on the laptop and during this process she goes through varied emotions while Han Se Joo was continuously staring her and her reaction, look like he still has doubts on Jeon Seol.

jeon seol helped so joo by writing the rough draft - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

Seol types silently being observed by him. His poor handwriting slow down Seol's typing speed, a flashback scene of 1930 appear Se Joo was on his bike and got hit by a stack. he was in the rush towards the printing press but time was too little to manage there.

He ask Yu So Yeon to help him and he will give her double, all she had to do to deliver the draft to the press before the time. But she escape his bike and took revenge on him for writing shabby novels. Han Se Joo suddenly ask Seol did she also get a strange feeling too?

while writing the draft jeon seol and so joo got flashback from 1930 - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

Things were getting more and more interesting we were curious what will going to happen to them as they feel an earthquake occurred. Both hid under the table as the first aid they could do for themselves. The shake stops but the mystical cupid hit both their heart, look like we will gonna witness a romantic scene as Seol take advantage of the darkness and moves closer to Se Joo but he pushed her saying did they met before somewhere else?

Seol was about to answer but the publisher of Se Joo's company arrive and was looking for him. Se Joo ask Seol to leave so no body notice that the two of them were together. It was a very lively scene when Seol tries to sneak before catching from one eye and then jump off from the window.

so joo and jeon seol hide under the table because of the earthquake - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

The story reveal another character of writer Tae Min who walks into the veterinary clinic. Seol was surprised someone calling her name and it turns out to be a cat's name, it was another fun encounter of Seol with writer Tae Min.
After Seol helped writer Tae Min he can't drive his car because of another car blocking the way. She offered her help with a visiting card "Do anything errand service". Using the microphone she calls the owner and ask him to remove the car. Tae Min was happy and wanted to pay for the service but Seol gladly refuse saying an autograph will be enough for it.

Seo jeon helped writer Tae Min outside the veterinary clinic - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

Han Se Joo still accuse Seol that she seems to be the accomplice of the crazy fan and has other motives that's why she appears every where Han Se Joo moves. This angers Seol a lot and she started to think that its her mistake to become a fan of his writing.

In anger she knock him down saying next time what ever he do she won't going to help him even she will not going to save him again in the future and walks angerly.

so joo still suspicious of the Jeon Seol - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

She decided to quite in order to fresh her mind in order to forget what happened with her recently. She took off from her work and leave on vacation to the mountains. On the other hand the publisher of Se Joo's company ask him let's hire a ghost writer that way they will able to release the menu script before the deadline. Han Se Joo refused he don't want to share his writings with someone else.

So joo come at Jeon seol house to look for her - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

We can't predict what will happen next a flash back scene in 1930's appear in his dream. It was the time when Se Joo took the pills before sleeping. He in his deep sleep see himself in a bar where he was writing a novel for his upcoming deadline.

His friend and other were dancing on the floor with Seo Yoon. He wakes up an saw an antique item on his table this reminded him of the dream, he couldn't recall when and how he posses "Carpe Diem".

So Joo saw carpe diem at his writing table and flash back scene from 1930 - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

To have the peace of mind Se Joo decided to leave the house and drive without thinking of the destination. He argued himself what if he end his life everything will be solve peacefully as he was the writer who now can't concentrate on his writing.

But on the other hand he also reminded how hard work he done to become the top writer and gain fame. Suddenly his wish comes true and he end up in an accident. We wonder what if he died will his sole become the ghost write? or will he loose his memories and Jeon Seol will be the one the ghost writer for him. Luckily we see him survive even though the car was crush and roll over the cliff.

So joo end up in an accident and Jeon Seol was near by - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

The ghost writer appears at his house and started writing the incomplete draft Se Joo left, Jeon Seol appears there seeing her Se Joo reminded he will not going to help him rather will be the one to kill him. He close his eyes tight as saw the shovel in Seol's hand, look she will be digging his grave right here. There is lot more to knew what will going to h appen to Se Jo, how the ghost writer appears stay tuned for the next episode.