It wasn't only Princess Yeon Hwa but also Ji Monk who came to see Hae Soo. He told Hae Soo to let go of the King first as it will bene...

King Wang So Proposed Hae Soo - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (our thoughts)

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It wasn't only Princess Yeon Hwa but also Ji Monk who came to see Hae Soo. He told Hae Soo to let go of the King first as it will beneficial for every one. Remaining by his side will just comfort him but couldn't bring the power he need to run to government.

But Hae Soo refuse she don't want to she waited long for this and finally she also needs something to be relaxed on. Moreover Ji Monk told Hae Soo that he had seen a lot there were smiles and laughes every where but now there is nothing except the objects.

 wang so hug hae soo - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

We wonder what their fate was up to. But we were happy that King Wang So didn't shed blood to get on the throne. Thinking of what Hae Soo came to meet  with the king all happy. Seeing Hae Soo there King Wang Soo was surprised and lightly scold her how can she enter there, because of Hae Soo people will think the King only looks scary outside.

 hae soo ask wang so to go to the market as its the exorsim rite night - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

Hae Soo ask King a favour she wanted to go out with him to the market as its the night of exorcism rite. As king was sitting on a seat that didn't let him leave the palace by his wish. Hae Soo prepared two mask and told him that no body would knew if we go out wearing them and also there aren't people outside who can recognize your face as the king.

 wang so refuse to leave the throne so hae so ask him to change into anything no body will recognize you as the king - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

Finally KIng Wang Soo grant Hae Soo her wish and came out of the palace with her. They both headed towards the market Hae Soo enjoyed the time with the King there. They both played wearing the mask. Neither the King nor us knew what's in Hae Soo's mind why is she like this now but still we were able to see their smiles.

 hae soo and wang soo put the mask - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

After playing and enjoying at the market Hae Soo along with the King came to prayer tower as it was both wish but the time back then didn't let them do it. It was a beautiful evening Hae Soo with King Wang So the couple looks really beautiful. Seeing hae soo this happy the king couldn't get a control on his emotions and hug Hae Soo. It wasn't just a hus but he also kissed her and showed how much he love her.

wang so hug hae soo and kiss - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

After coming back from the prayer tower Hae Soo and the King Wang So came to the place they last met. There Hae Soo build stone tower and use to visit there pray for the ones she love. It was another unique thing we come to knew in this drama.

 hae soo take wang so to the stone temple she made - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

King asked Hae Soo talked about the past the first time they met how Hae Soo reacted she didn't feared him and didn't run. Hae Soo replied that she actually run but it was the king who caught her and hold her.

There conversation turned into the romantic mood as the atmosphere was also getting too romantic. Finally the King proposed Hae Soo and it was really a unique kind of proposal. He told Hae Soo there wasn't any reason back then but now he has many reason to marry her. Unfortunately Hae Soo refused the kings proposal with the reality that marrying her will just provide comfort but not the power.

wang so proposed hae so but she refused  - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

It was sudden and unexpected reaction from the King after he heard Hae Soo reply. As he knew someone must have told her about the scar but he don't want to let go of Hae Soo. He was the man of his words. To him Hae Soo was the only queen who will rule over his heart.

wang so told hae so if she can't marry me she can't leave his side she is the only queen of his heart  - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 18 (Eng Sub)

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