Unfortunately what we expected the story was totally opposite for the movie innocent thing. After watching the movie we come to realize the...

Thorn (Innocent Thing) Korean Movie Review - Jang Hyuk & Jo Bo Ah

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Unfortunately what we expected the story was totally opposite for the movie innocent thing. After watching the movie we come to realize the concept has many aspects to prove to be innocent or to be evil. We choose to watch Innocent thing (Thorn) just for the male lead Jang Hyuk and was doubting for our own choice. 
We watched Jang Hyuk in My Sassy Girl, Tazza, Midas, Volcano High, Five senses of Eros and Jo Bo Ah in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. The movie based on four main character the teacher, his wife, his student and his friend. We wasn't get bore watching the movie it was totally opposite what we thought, full of mystery and thrill. 
The characters were full of emotion from the start. When Jo Bo Ah tries to seduce his teacher by touching and showing her crazy smile make him fall for her.
She was a doll who lives in her own world. Both met again after the school on a convince store when Jo Bo Ah was purchasing stawberry milk. She cheers for the teacher on the play ground. After some time teacher develop feeling for Jo Bo Ah but didn't show the intentions. He see Jo Bo Ah every where even in the Tv cheering for her with the fairy smile. 
On a rainy day the incident happen which make both come closer. Jo Bo Ah seduce the teacher being wet and received violent kiss by her Swimming Teacher Jang Hyuk. After that he tried to push her away but her life got screwed up already. Jo Bo Ah appears to be a crazy girl. Struggling for every thing what she want.

She then made and post the article online on schools homepage, how she seduce the male teacher and had a hug, hot kiss and how she felt. Which makes teachers position ackward in the school. 

Our heart was thumping what will going to happen when his wife who was pregnant will going to knew about all this. We had sympathy for Jang Hyuk for every single scene in the movie. He was the main victim. 

We didn't care about the crazy girl who ruined her and teacher career plus life. Jang Hyuk was under stress, to release his stress he openly smokes in the school after this incident. 
The crazy girl went to stay at teachers home. She had illusion of having relation with the teacher and become totally out of control and also out of our imagination. She can't even care even care for teachers pregnant wife and throwing herself on the teacher. 
Also at school she was jealous of other students who come close, touch or talk to the teacher. She take revenge. 
Th teachers wife was tutoring the crazy girl and caught in a doubt when the girl girl ask weird questions about teacher, how they get married and made herself suspicious. The teachers wife imaged that the student having relation with her husband. 

Her illusion took her to the extreme where she started become selfish. The crazy girl disclosed that she is also pregnant with the child from his lover. The main problem starts and every thing open in front of teachers wife. She started feeling insecure and become selfish. 

The teachers cares for his wife more than Bo Jo Ah. He said i am married and having a baby soon, the crazy girl replied i will forgive you. But Jang Hyuk leaves her alone in pain. 

The teachers wife who already know the whole situation. She was too cruel she with the help of her husband's friend took the crazy girl (Jo Bo Ah) to the hospital for abortion. The act done by teachers wife make us shocked for a moment it feels like our heart stop beating we are suffocating and can't breath our whole body freezed. 

Just like teachers wife, we become totally shocked when the doctor reveals the secret about crazy girl (Jo Bo Ah) is still a virgin. She didn't slept with any men neither she is pregnant. OMG but what to do when time slips it won't return. The crazy girl took revenge on teachers wife and tried to harm her. The teacher at the moment saves her wife.
Thorn korean movie
They blessed with a baby girl. But then the crazy girl took revenge on basis that she got miscarriage due to teachers wife. She took the baby hide it and plot that she throw away the baby in the water tank. That was really cruel our emotions become freeze oh no how come this happen, what's the fault of the baby. The teachers wife tried to rescue the baby and drowned herself in the water tank. Again the shocking moment there wasn't the baby there was a doll and she got trapped easily. 

All this act was ridiculous out of imagination. Unexpected we don't have words to express what we felt. It was just as some body threw us in the cold water and our body is freezing. The crazy girl become the bitch but the big bitch was teachers wife who was more selfish than anything. The teacher rescued her wife. Jo Bo Ah begged the teacher don't leave we will live happily with the child. But the teacher chooses her wife. This trumbled Jo Bo Ah's trust for teacher and she tried to fell from the building top was really real and touching.

That felt pretty real for us the extreme obession the action the reaction. But the thing happened we didn't imagine we thought some body help the teacher to rescue the girl but of no use. Our sympathy for that moment for the moment for the teacher and the crazy girl to save his life. 
jo bo ah dying scene from the building
The feeling of betrayal made her heart dead and it was due to the selfishness due to the teachers wife. What if she helped her rescue and care for her, may be she will become the normal person and lead a happy life. But this situation drives us crazy when the wife refuse to help. But it was the end she fell, closed her eyes feeling like as she is drowned in the water and the teacher will come save her life. In the beginning it was the same when she drowned in the pool the teacher rescued her. 

We didn't enjoyed we were scared. But actually we enjoyed watching. It was freaking every element was beautifully captured the emotion, the sympathy, the craziness, the selfishness, the seduction, the love and specially when Jang Hyuk smokes.

Jo Bo Ah the crazy student emotion were pure. She deeply loved him but he was the one can't protect his student love and life. It was his responsibility as the teacher. The teachers wife and the baby was happy ever after. 
In the end we can't forget the crazy girl, same with Jang Hyuk he smoked like crazy and cried what happened. We recommend you to watch the movie.
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  1. the teacher's wife has every right to become selfish. after all he is HER husband and she wants to protect her family from a crazy girl.

  2. The teacher's wife did not drown. Im glad.