We recently come to watch Song Seung heon's hottest movie " Obsessed ". Previously we watched him in He was cool which gives...

Obsessed Korean Movie Review - Song Seung Heon & Lim Ji Yeon

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We recently come to watch Song Seung heon's hottest movie "Obsessed". Previously we watched him in He was cool which gives the coolest impression of his acting but he surprised us in Obsessed and made us change our opinion. 

Obsessed second name "Human Addiction" which had every element of suspense movie. It was the story of Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong (Song Seung-Heon) from the vietnam war in 1969. 

A military based movie plus the hidden side Song Seung heon shows us the world of army life. Song Seung heon played a role of a smoker elite soldier. He was looking so handsome in the military uniform. Accidentally he come across a nurse (Lim Ji-Yeon) who was in danger. 

He saved her life and for reward he kissed her in the restroom OMO this first romantic kiss. Finally both become closer and closer, started the intimate relationship and lot more. Their desire become bigger when they meet.

Every expressional detail were beautifully captured of Song Seung heon when he smokes and think of her. He even can't control himself thinking of her when she is in front of him and when she is not.

The more complicated thing was his beloved was married and she was much more interested in making her husband into general. But what to do where love comes and nothing stand out.

OMG its difficult to do the same repeatedly among the big staff. But Song Seung heon himself and prove he is a versatile actor who's acting skills are awesome. 

While watching the movie we wonder these scenes are not for real, how Song Seung heon control himself lying on the bed with a  female holding and kissing her. 

The ending was sad they didn't meet Song Seung heon died leaving many unclear thing behind with regrets for both. 
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