We were dying out of curiosity to watch episode 2 to knew what actually is going on with the web toon and the real. Yeon Jo wasn'...

Webtoon Kiss & Slap - Two Worlds W - Ep 2 Review (Our Thoughts)

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The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

We were dying out of curiosity to watch episode 2 to knew what actually is going on with the web toon and the real. Yeon Jo wasn't satisfied with the assistance answer while she was talking she heard the background voices and knew the father came back. So she visited the office to meet her father. She asked him where he was, no body can't get in touch with him she was dead worried.

The father calmly replied everything fine but something was missing for sure and he was hiding something from Yeon Joo. He didn't make eye contact with Yeon Joo that make him more suspicious. All Yeon Joo was curious to ask did her father really draw the last two episodes. If not then who did it and why.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

President Sung Moo ask assistant Soo Bong to search on a posion which is easily available in hospital. Yeon Joo was worried and again call So Bong to ask about the episode. He told that president is now asking him to search for poison. He also told Yeon Joo that i saw the scene where president was drawing ... "Someone called the nurse to inject Kang Chul a drug".

Oh man president sung moo is again Kang Chul in his web story, but why. Yeon joo pick on something after listening and was dam worried. But then talking to herself saying nothing to be worried "He is just a cartoon character. Its Fine even if he dies".

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

But thinking of something might happen she called her Dad and talked about the wed story. The father said why are you interfering in my work. The next second change everything and Yeon Joo was in the other world.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Thing change in the real world, the team were doing the sketch work of the hospital for web story and where Yeon Joo was the things were changing there. Specially the name of the hospital. She ran to save Kang Chul. She saw its the same hospital where she use to work but the name is changed and the staff also, still the building is same.

She ran to Kang Chul's room and caught the nurse who was trying to inject something. Everyone came and the nurse found to be guilty. Kang Chul was amazed how Yeon Jo knew about it. It was also confusing for others.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

This scene we enjoyed Kang Chul and Yeon Joo's talk. Both finally met in person. He ask are you Yeon Jo she wearing her lab coat and id card says "No, iam not". There conversation was really interesting. I am not going to write the details its better to see the scene and enjoy.

In the real world in her fathers office the web toon was automatically updating as Yeon joo and Kang Cul was talking and everything. The professor was shocked and angry on what happening in his webtoon and appearing on the screen. The things were getting too interesting, we were feeling as we both sisters were also the part of the story W.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Kang Chul sectory came she was suspicious of Yeon Joo's identity. But Kang chul once again saved Yeon Joo saying there is nothing to be suspicious as she already saved my life twice. The sectory also praised Yeon jo saying "she is quite a beauty". She was too blushed.

The sectary also told that we mistook her identikit  we didn't knew she is too beautiful in person. Kang Chul also misguided us but then Chul said yes she is beautiful. Then Yeon Jo replied don't give fake words "You said that if iam beautiful, every one is beautiful". Oh man she is too sharp for remembering things she read in the webstory.  Everyone was shocked how come she knew about it.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Chul said she will be compansated but she asked another favor to keep her out from the investigation and police for some reasons " She can't be investigated". That was interesting for Chul that they met but she knew many things about him and also he "i am excited for our next meeting". Then he helped her to avoid the police and go out of the hospital.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

She ran out of the hospital throwing her lab coat in the bin so no one could caught on her. She was waiting at the bus stop and was curious why on earth she can't disappear and go back to her world. What if she would never return. She saw her watch and it was running faster she then fall asleep there. That was our curiosity also. The story was getting much and much interesting as well as complicated.

She wake up when the phone rang, she talked to someone she is at the bus stop and then suddenly a red sports car stop infront of her. It was kang Chul he says hi, Yeon jo OH My god what is this? was all that a dream or a reality. My head was spinning how there are stories and stories with in a story. Yeon jo surprised also to see Kang chul.

She ask when did you get discharged , he replied was in bed for two months. She become worried that she disappear from her real world for two months. We were going to mad about all this. We couldn't getting a clue what actually happening and what's the connection between Kang Chul, Yeon joo and President Sung Moo.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Kang Chul its been two months and you are wearing the same clothes. He had a very keen eye for observing things. He ask Yeon jo to have a lunch with him but before that they should go for shopping.

He was being too generous with Yeon Joo or might there love story begin to starts. At the mall Yeon jo was also confused for many unclear things and was trying to stop these meetings. She realize how the web story ends with to be continued. So there must be an accident or scene with the main character to stop this interaction.

She choose a dress changed and came out of the dressing room with full of anger, out of nothing she slapped Kang Chul infront of every body. It was too sudden and unexpected for every one. We thought she caught on something and showing Kang Chul his real place. But her act was to disappear from here. But nothing happened .. Kang Chul ask "What is this for?", "Why i got a slap for buying you clothes" hahahhaa we laughed at this scene. My sister said she is the craziest witch didn't knew what to do. She apologize for her act saying "Iam sorry".

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

The second moment Yeon Joo realized this can't be the ending there should be something dramatic which will be the real end. What if that didn't work but i have to do it. Thinking of crazy thing she was really crazy and she kissed Kang chul. Every body at the mall took their pictures saying what a crazy women, why slap and then kiss.

She was thinking that the scene might end and she would disappear but it didn't work also. It wasn't the story of the Cinderella when the time ends everything is back its normal state. Kang Chul was surprised by her act and suddenly saw "To Be continued" and ran out of there.

Kang chul got a phone call and didn't notice where Yeon Joo went. After the phone call ends he searched Yeon Jo and check the dressing room she wasn't there, but she left her belongings including a sweater and the hospital identity card.

Kang chul smiled  which make us more curious will the love story starts or the revenge.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon jo was back to the hospital and ask for how much time i was out. She got surprised to hear it was just 30 minutes. Also one of the colleague notice and ask did you buy clothes in these 30 minutes. While giving the answer she saw the webtoon on the screen. It was too surprising, the kis sin the shopping mall was in webtoon screen.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

People are commenting isn't it too sudden for a kiss and why that crazy girl slap kang chul. The things were driving us crazy. Yeon joo turn off the computer screen Doctor Suk Bom says "Its because her name is Yeon Jo, you feel you are kissing Kang chul for real".

Then at home she saw webtoon series and realize it was real for her to meet Kang chul slap him and then kiss him. All what happened was in webtoon episode and become the part of Yeon Joo's life.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

We come to caught on things there is someone else who is now controlling the webtoon series W, all the incidents in this world connecting to the world of W. But who ? is till a mystery.

On the other hand Yeon jo's father was angry he wanted to end Kang chul's life in W but thing went out of his control. yeon jo called her father and talked about it, but nothing could work, she couldn't able to convince her father to change the story. President Sung Moo its my story i wrote it and i will end it my way. The hero won't be able to take revenge and will end his life.

He also said Kang chul is a monster and he has no right to take revenge. I will end his life you just stay out of it its dangerous.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

It was getting more and more complicated and suspicious when president ask the team that they can take off an the will do all the work by himself. He went to a motal to chang ethe atmosphere and then concentrated for the next scene he draw a road accident scene to end Kang chul's life.

But thing were already out of his hand. It usually didn't happen what you think. The story he was writing actually starting to exist in this real world and he was unaware of this, but some how his daughter Yeon Joo was becoming a part and getting to knew about it.

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At the accident scene everything should be end with a disaster, we thought now whgat will goig to happen he tried to end Kang chul's life but we were wrong. Everything in the web story and the real world freeze for the moment except the moment of Kang Chul. He saw everything around him freeze ,the accident scene and realize to avoid it. He succeed and save himself by his will.

The Kiss & Slap - W Episode 2 Review - Korean Drama 2016

He came out of the car watching the Sky says "Who Are You" and president Sung Moo got shocked what he was trying to draw the accident scene all erased from the screen. He got really scared of things happened infact he listen and reads the words of Kang chul asking who are you appears on his computer screen.

The claimex. Now what will be next who is the one controlling this webstory actually existing in this world. Again with lot many questions the episodes ends here will president Sung Moo able to draw again? Will he able to kill Kang Chul and save her daughter? or the one who is controlling the web W story will save Kang Chul? Let wait for W episode 3 to knew the answers of these questions.
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