It really fun watching Nam Gung Min as Chief Kim at TQ Company. The guy with the brown hair always make us smile in any situation. The way...

The Most Funniest Encounters of the Brown Hair Guy at TQ Company 'Chief Kim'

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It really fun watching Nam Gung Min as Chief Kim at TQ Company. The guy with the brown hair always make us smile in any situation. The way reacts on normal things and reply with logical answers blew our mind. He has the main motive to earn money and enjoy a holiday at Denmark.

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chief kim ask director seo yeol to leave his coat he's hurting the armpits

The interview at TQ Company was too hilarious that made our eyes teary. The story chief kim come up about his late father made us think there might be some connection but it turned out a total drama we realize when he took the oath to sign the paper in blood. This was the moment we couldn't resist clap for his amazing acting.

chief kim funny interview at tq company

He never abandoned his people what ever happen. he come forward and show his loyalty to help them. It was another funny situation when his Gangster Boss made Gwang Sook hostage in order to turn Chief Kim down. He threat them with the gas cylinder to let Gwang Sook go or else he will blew it. In the end it will turned out to be helium Gas cylinder.

Funny things didn't stop and continued at TQ company. One of the trainee while cleaning the split coffee unknowingly hit Chif Kim's manly part lolx. His expression shows it was really painful got hit there we realize when he couldn't even properly walk.

the trainee female employee while cleaning coffee hit chief kim manly part lolx

It was the big company the daily life of the employees were full of incidents. This time the female trainee Ga Eun while making photo copies suddenly becoming excited thinking about Chief kim she got pushed by water dispenser guy and fell on the photocopy screen.
Unknowingly what happen she quickly pin up the papers to send to the meeting room. During the meeting one of the director while briefing scream in shock look like he almost got a heart attack. It turned out to be nothing much scarier but the close up photo of female employee. Instead she apologize for the blunder Ga Eun make more fun of her own picture lolx.    

the trainee employee ga eun by mistake photocopy her own face and stapple it with papers funny

Nothing could be done when during the bath water betray you without any reason. This happen with Chief Kim and he had to come to the company without washing his hairs. He then use the wash basen at the restroom to wash his hairs and caught by the cleaning lady. She scold him for thinking it a spa and told him to take a bath here lolx. Chief Kim expression make the situation more funny when replied ok i got it.

chief kim wash his hairs in TQ employee bathroom

No one can put a stop to Chief Kim neither control him. director Seo yool tried his best to control Chief him and use him for his own motive by blackmailing him with his previous account records. Nothing work on him yet Chief Kim make a situation that drag Director Seo yool in giving half of his record books back.

 We never though Chief Kim had the talent to irritate the other person by cursing him so that he can spill the other hidden beans as well and he applied this one Seo Yool by saying did you make copies of it. After that the way he curse him and made him think of himself the dirties garbage in the bin, Seo Yool couldn't do anything but to give up the USB saying i forgot to give it to you. It was the least he can put a stop on Chief Kim's mouth who was continuously him like an ajhumma lolx.

chief kim annoy and indirectly curse director seo yool to give him his accounting books so that he can get rid of them but seo yool make copies of it lolx

Life in Seoul was surely hard he couldn't get a peaceful time to take rest at his apartment. The neighbors continuously disturb him with different noises. Sometimes the water cut off, sometimes the electricity problem. It was the least of his patient when the ceiling of his room fell on him look like the D-Day come Chief kim had to leave this troublesome apartment.

Nothing could go smoothly where Chief Kim put his footsteps he was dragged in a project by the chinese investors even the chairman and directors oppose their decision. Now Chief Kim had to work on TQ delivery accounts. While every one was working fine Chief Kim's computer screen got stucked he can't do anything so he just plug out one of the wire thinking this might help the computer to restart. But unfortunately all the system shut down he pull the wrong wire and end up been scold by director Seo Yool. Who couldn't do much to chief kim but got irritated a lot.

cheif kim apartment ceiling fell down on him , at tq delivery he mistakenly shut all the computers lolx

After this mess up at TQ delivery accounts office Chief Kim got kicked out. To Kill time he barg in the labor union who were on strike there he met one of an old friend from Gunsan who was now the head of Labor Union. Chief Kim was impressed by his red waist and wanted to try it on. The next moments some thugs come and drag Chief Kim thinking they caught the union leader and made him sign a contract to shut down the strike.

chief kim kidnap from tq delivery and the thugs sign the contract with him the next day in the meeting he call that thug Vietnamese dog seller lolx

For this they gave the handsome bribe in the vitamin drinks. Seeing a lot of money chief kim thought to flew to Denmark but become confused of him being the righteous man. This mess end up at the head office meeting when the thug boss reveal that he gave the money to the brown hair guy and signed the contract. It wasn't the head of the labor union but Chief Kim. he innocently acted that it wasn't his fault the "Vietnamese dog seller" looking guy made him sign it. It was really fun watching the way chief kim curse the thug Boss infront of everyone and prove himself the innocent being dragged into the mess.
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