Another mini web drama leads the story of an athlete and a part time photographer Longing for Spring starting Lee Won Geun and Son Ji...

A Love Story of The Horse Rider and Part Time Photographer - Longing For Spring: Review

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mal ja and kwang tae kiss - Longing For Spring korean Drama

Another mini web drama leads the story of an athlete and a part time photographer Longing for Spring starting Lee Won Geun and Son Ji Eun. A well known name Lee Won Guen remind us of his great work from The Moon Embracing The Sun, Phantom, Secret Door, Hyde Jekyll, Me, Cheer Up/ Sassy Go Go.
Being an athlete with joyful eye Soo Kwon Tae with the nick name "Pebble" stick our attention to watch this mini web drama. The female lead Mal Ja was a photographer and work as a part timer at a PR Company. Her job was to do a coverage and take interview of the athletes, she loves all the living creators but unfortunately suffering from a trauma with horses. 

mal ja use to be a photographer and kwang tae a horse rider - Longing For Spring korean Drama

Soo Kwan Tae was the childhood friend of Mal Ja and care for her more then a friend. It was the revealed how her trauma starts to begin and how Soo Kwang tae try to help her over come the trauma. But his helping turned into a punishment and Mal Ja bite his cheeks.

At first we though out of no where she kissed him but later there was the teeth mark on Kwan tae's cheek loks he really enjoyed the way beaten by the girl and finally falls for her charms.

mal ja bite on kwang tae cheek - Longing For Spring korean Drama

The two use to hang out together, discuss things, argue and share what they feel. Mal Ja receive another order to cover Yun Chang Ki and made him give an interview but things become little complicated when Chang Ki didn't co operate and acted rude. Mal Ja tried to pursue him for the interview and received a proposal it annoyed her.

chang ki invite mal ja for dinner - Longing For Spring korean Drama

The love triangle starts and Mal Ja is on a way how Kwang Tae feels for her. She discuss Chang Ki's behavior but Kwang was sorting out his own feelings. He wanted to be too close to Mal Ja as a man and was about to kiss her but stop as Mal Ja didn't respond.

kwang tae tried to kiss mal ja - Longing For Spring korean Drama

It was a bit embarrassing for him so he leave Mal Ja to take time and when she feels she can come to him. Waoo he was way too friendly and understanding. Things getting more and more interesting we wonder whom Mal Ja will going to choose. Finally Chang Ki decided to take a step ahead and called Mal Ja for a drink.
We feel the air being a little heavy and something might not go wrong with Mal Ja. A feeling for Chang Ki a bad guy become the truth when he forcefully kiss Mal Ja. She resist pushed him and ran away. It was too shocking for her to be treated like this.

chang ki forcefully kiss mal ja - Longing For Spring korean Drama

We really feel angry on Chang Ki how can he treat a girl without her will. Mal Ja was too shocked, heart broken and depressed she cried and to share what happened to her call Kwon Tae who madly run where Mal ja was waiting for him.

Seeing Kwan Tae looks everything will be fine and back to its position Mal Ja was relax while Kwan Tae hugged her not to worry about anything. It wasn't just a simple condolence but Mal Ja receive a warm Kiss from kwan tae. It was the moment and the feeling she was waiting for her whole life. The two kissed passionately.

kwang tae kiss mal ja at the horse stadium - Longing For Spring korean Drama

When Kwan tae found out what Chang Ki did with Mal Ja he beat him and warn him not try to be close with Mal Ja or else there won't be a second chance. Ki Chang provoke Kwan tae and challenge him from a horse race that can prove their ability who will going to have Mal Ja. It was really a thrilling race Kwang tae who was severly injured didn't give up till the end and save the honor of his beloved by winning the race.

kwang tae bet chang ki for a horse rate - Longing For Spring korean Drama

It was really a fun watching this mini web drama with a happy ending. Finally Kwang tae and Mal ja sort out their genuine feelings and were together. Mal Ja finally overcome her trauma with the help of kwang tae. We feel really happy for them.

kwang tae hug mal ja after winning the race -
 Longing For Spring korean Drama
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