Jeon Seol disguise those beautiful moments in the name of independence activity, though her heart miss the beat but she didn't realize...

Baek Tae Min was also Reincarnated - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 (Review)

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Jeon Seol disguise those beautiful moments in the name of independence activity, though her heart miss the beat but she didn't realize Se Joo actually kissed her. Denying the fact of being feminine she was blushed as it happened for the first time in her life.

jeon seol and se joo bicycle date -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 korean drama

Later Jeon Seol decided to go to Chenggyeong Palace she insisted Se Joo to come along but he refused teasing Seol for what happened earlier and then don't try to act cute, if it continues he will gonna teach her a lesson with his lips once more. Hearing all the bold talk Seol feel insulted at first and then cry.

In anger she left. Jin O has ordered by Se Joo came there and made Seol believe it was him who saved her life back then and then offer her a ride.This makes Seol happy the two spend a happy time and we feel pity for poor Se Joo who was watching them from afar. In the present Se Joo was writing all this in Chicago typewriter next draft.

 jin o in 1930 reveal himself the mask man who save jeon seol life - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 korean drama

We couldn't understand the next motive of Se Jo as he change his mood very quickly. He now starting to realize the importance of Seol and wanted to spend time together with her. He asked her out for bicycle ride and made a bet if she win she will receive the first edition of the rare books. It was their happy time cycling together after they went for shooting.

Seol don't want to hold a gun as this remind her of the past life. Se Jo convince Seol it will be the best way to overcome her trauma that way she won't feel fear any more and won't run away from the past memories. Then Se Jo revealed he has known her from the past life and calls her sapsari a secret code name for the mission.

Se joo ask for jeon seol for a bicycle date - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 korean drama

As promised Se Jo bought her the rare books collections and ask Seol share what ever memories she remember from the past life that way she won't suffer alone. Yet she realize what she remember was their most romantic encounter where Se joo kissed her the way she almost lost her senses. She blushed and couldn't say much, seeing her in a situation like this Se Joo again tease her she must remember that scene and don't want to spill the beans.

 se joo tease jeon seol that she must remember that kissing part from the past -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 korean drama

At the university when Tae Min finish his lecture and was about to lave one of  the female stuident ask his autograph on the best seller fate and then make him miserable saying the bitter truth he was hiding. How it feels to sign for the work which doesn't belongs to him, it was the direct taunt that unknown female did. Not only this she reveals that she knew the whole truth Han Se Joo posses the first draft of FATE means he was the actual owner of it.

jin o told se joo he don't want to be a ghost anymore -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 korean drama

Se jo wanted a talk with Seol so she decided to have a dinner together at Dae han's restaurant. She then talked about the memories from the past and revealed Shin Yul was the first person she clearly remember. Hearing this Jin O's eyes become teary and he was hay that there is at least one person who remembers him.
But when the chef Bang jin was on her way there Jin O take his leave with the excuse things become complicated as its another person who can see her.

 jeon seol reveal that jin o was the first person she remember from the previous life - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 korean drama

The story was in full swing of jealousy the chef couldn't stand Se Joo side. To impress him he sent Seol away and told Se Jo he is the one person who has known Seol for 22 years and calls her senorita.

Se Jo was not less then him he spill up the beans saying he has known Seol for more then 80 years and calls her Sapsari, this makes the Chef friend more jealous .

 jeon seol chef friend jealous from se joo - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 korean drama

Out of blue Jeon Seol's mother after the long 15 years showed up. Bang Wool, the ajhumma aunt scold her for abandoning Seol at the very young ag and whats the reason why she came looking for her as she was the one to give her pain. It wasn't a good time Seol came and meet her mother she was totally disappointed in her but come to knew about her past life. Her mother revealed she left her for good reason as she also remember her past life and warn he not to get close with Han Se Jo. She will be the one going to hurt him.

Not only this unexpected appearance of Seol's mother happen but baek Tae Min appeared at Se Joo's house and beg down on knees to help him one more. He wanted the first draft of FATE that way he won't be called a thief of someone else work, also if it revealed to the world he can't have the courage to make the start from the bottom again.

Another surprise was waiting for us. We never thought Tae Min will also be the one who was reincarnated Jin O revealed that he was the ne person who was relate to his death. Also another person was with him and that was the madam at Carpe Diem. Oh mn that's how the writer connected these characters and reincarnated them to meet again.

jeon seol mother told she also remember her past life and tae min come to ask se joo for the first draft of FAte -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 korean drama

More other secret and revelations were waiting for us. Seol when knew the truth of her past life she wanted to share it with Se Jo so she called him out urgently. Se Joo without thinking he is leaving Tae Min in his house run towards Seol.

As Se Jo left Tae Min showed his true self and barged in his study to steal FATE original draft. Jin O was there already he points Tae Min as a coward and a rat, we were surprised Tae Min responded and ask who are you? It was a shock for us Tae Min become another person who can see Jin O. Though he didn't recognize him well so ask about his identity wonder will he able to steal FATE's draft. Stay tuned to find out more in the next episode how Seol will share the other past memories with Se Joo also will Jin O let Tae Min leave with the draft.

jin o knew tae min is also reincarnated but tae min can also see jin o -  Chicago Typewriter: Episode 10 korean drama
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