It was a good sign Guard kim got reorganization from Do Ha's dad. he didn't had to put in much efforts to do so. The three of ...

Do Ha's life Changed after meeting with Guard Kim - Man To Man: Episode 6 (Review)

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Do Ha lean on Guard Kim - Man To Man: Episode 6

It was a good sign Guard kim got reorganization from Do Ha's dad. he didn't had to put in much efforts to do so. The three of them had a happy dinner together. Not only spending a happy time Guard Kim text Do ha before going to bed which makes her day. On the other hand Do Ha then was worried about Woon gwang she then decided to tell him about having a boyfriend that would be the best she can do.

after meeting with Do Ha's father Guard kim when reach home send a goodnight message to do ha - Man To Man: Episode 6

Not for a one moment our attention was distracted but we were getting more and more into this serial. The next day Guard Kim surprised Do ha by his sudden appearance, she was specially well dressed and caught up in every one's eye.

Guard Kim continued to seduce Do Ha till the second mission completes. There the two decided not to pay attention and talk infront of others so no body would doubt their relationship. But what could be prevented Do Ha herself dig her grave every body including Woon Gwang noticed her being dressed up and the mouse was caught in the trap. Guard Kim oppose everything which angers Do Ha and we really enjoy the sweet and sour teasing between them.

next morning do ha transform into pretty women but infront of every one Guard kim told she is not her type which breaks her heart - Man To Man: Episode 6

She sneaked out and show her anger on Guard Kim for what earlier he said. We never thought he would be this clever, he beautifully buttered Do Ha and said I was lying earlier it was all plan. The two really look cute, now we realize the director choose the right actors for their roles.

later guard kim cool do ha's anger saying it was a lie earlier as planned - Man To Man: Episode 6

Woon Gwang was discussing the lead actress Eun Soo with the team and wanted to knew Guard Kim' opinion, before he could say anything his eyes met with Do Ha and he oppose but was caught. Do ha then told her to meet her out secretly and there she scolded him for taking sides.

Guard Kim tease her that she is being jealous, before they continue their argument Jung Hye barged in and Do Ha push Guard Kim and told him to hide so no body would get any weird idea. No precautions would go their way and Jung Hye caught Guard Kim lying behind the bed. Do Ha refused of being aware of Guard Kim there. Though it was an embarrassing moment but Guard Kim beautifully wind it saying he was there to pick up the coin.

Whil etalking privately with Guard Kim Do Ha pushed him to hide behind the bed which make his position more awkward - Man To Man: Episode 6

Do Ha father called Guard Kim and told him not to let Do Ha knew they were meeting. All he wanted to be assure of their relationship till where it go did they actually exchange rings or not. Hearing the expected answer he become relaxed and then receive a call regarding a burglary at the house.

Do Ha doubted her father and assume he put an act in order to find the ring and clear that the ring she put somewhere else. Guard kim was worried the people who were after wood carving might did it.

Do ha father ask guard kim about exchanging some ring to be sure guard kim doesn't have that ring - Man To Man: Episode 6

Also he was worried for Do ha's safety. So he decided to stay by her side till the mission completes. Do ha was happy being with him, she also got a ride in his car to work. One of her dream to date a colleague at work comes true.

after the burglary guard kim come to stay at do ha's house for few days - Man To Man: Episode 6

After all day hard work Guard Kim and Do Ha had a happy time at the noodle shop where Guard Kim notice of being tailed. He suddenly grab Do Ha's hand and leave, he purposely took a long route in order to disguise them. But Do Ha got all weird ideas and couldn't resist asking what he is doing Guard kim replied "Dating" lolx. That the most unique date we have seen in kdrama.
Guard Kim was now aware Do Ha being in the serious danger he gave her a lucky coin as a keepsake infact the coin has a tracking device inside. We smell for more thrill and action though we knew Do ha will be in a great danger.

Guard kim told do ha they are finally alone and when she ask what are you doing he said dating -  Man To Man: Episode 6

Day by day Do Ha was loosing control and falling for Guard Kim's charm. she couldn't take her eyes off of him. At night she saw him sleeping in the launch and stay by his side. her father when saw the two together realize Do Ha really got a nice man. We wish them a happy relationship.

do ha lean on guard kim and her father thought she find a good men for her - Man To Man: Episode 6

Thing unveiled their true self's when Do Ha's father met Woon Gwang and brag about investing in the property business. he also revealed that soon he will be getting billions of money, listening this Do ha was angry she knew his father would create another this time too.

There she argued and told how she alone survived when needed his father the most, not only this she also had a hard time when her father sneaked and took the funeral money, so she won't take much and will not going to give him the ring he needed.

Drinking with the heavy heart she revealed her many secrets to Guard Kim and told many times she gave her father a chance but he didn't use them well. She put the ring with grandfather at the cemetery and now she won't going to give him that ring unless he try to there and get it. That way Guard Kim got the key for the black auction.

after being drunk do ha told guard kim about the ring - Man To Man: Episode 6

Do Ha's father met Guard Kim and told he will going to become rich in few days then he showed an expensive watch and reveal he receive this from the company's chairman with whom he will do business in future.

Guard Kim had a bad feeling about this sudden business his sixth vibe alarmed him and he ask him to show the watch. Using his mobile technology he detect a bug transmitter in the watch and dropped it in the water. It was the precaution to stop the people to track their location. His act make Do Ha's father angry who couldn't understand why he drop that expensive watch in the water.

Guard Kim threw Do ha's father watch in the water when knew it was bugged - Man To Man: Episode 6

Things were more tougher then we thought. Do Ha went to pay a visit to grandfather there a group of people was ready to abduct her. Guard kim called and alarmed Do ha by telling her to walk and wait for him inside the bathroom and not loose the lucky coin he gave. Do Ha was in the great danger she was too scared when notice the people followed her to the bathroom.

Before Guard Kim arrive Do Ha was abducted. He called Chief Jang and ask him to connect the tracking device application with his mobile. The former Ghost agent knew the real identity of Guard Kim who was the current agent K. The episode ends at the cliff hanger a lot more thrill and action awaiting for us in the next episode. So stay tuned to knew will Guard Kim able to rescue Do Ha what about being exposed and also who posses the ring.

Guard Kim call do ha not to loose the lucky charm coin as she will be abducted soon - Man To Man: Episode 6
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