We were too curious to knew what will happen is they kissed for real or one of them were dreaming. But they did it for real not only t...

You Deeply Insulted Me - My Secret Romance: Episode 2 (Review)

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jin wook in the car shirtless - My Secret Romance: Episode 2

We were too curious to knew what will happen is they kissed for real or one of them were dreaming. But they did it for real not only this the two spend the night together in the car. When Yoo Mi wake up in the morning she was surprised and shocked and then realize what she did last night.

Reminding of what happened she couldn't face the reality and become scared. To hide her embarrassment for one night stand she took her clothes, quietly move out of the car and ran.

yoo mi when wake up and found herself in the car she become shock and ran leaving Jin Wook behind - My Secret Romance: Episode 2

The time pass too quickly its been 3 years Yoo Mi become a bit mature and was working as a nutritionist. In a get to gather with her friends she revealed she will be getting a job at Daebok as a nutritionist, it was a surprise for her friends, but the bigger surprise for waiting for her a head.

yoo mi told her friends she starting work at daebok as a nutritionist - My Secret Romance: Episode 2

Jin Wook was also changed from the clumsy playboy to the hardworking CEO. He was working at Daebok the same company Yoo Mi was assigned, due to the excess of work Jin Wook couldn't take care of his health so he faint and end up at the hospital.

jin wook faint in the office and end up in the hospital - My Secret Romance: Episode 2

His sectary ask the new nutrition to take care of the three meals of the CEO.  Also the cafeteria ajhumma made Yoo Mi not to disturb other workers by doing additional work or else she will loose her job.
Her cooking might not very good to be appealing the appetite of Jin Wook so he refuse to eat stating its worse then the dog food.

the sectary ask the nutritionist Yoo Mi to make healthy food for the ceo - My Secret Romance: Episode 2

Yoo Mi give 100% but every time receives a failure and was made to do it again. She also receive the help from her friend Hyun Tae who was a writer and also runs a restaurant. Yoo Mi was getting a really hard time and thinks if it continuous in no time she will be kicked out.

Yoo mi life become hard when she started making meals for CEO Jin Wook - My Secret Romance: Episode 2

One day she saw the food she made for the CEO was thrown with out even being testing. This breaks her heart and she loose a little confidence in cooking. With her bad temper she ask the sectary toi give her the feed back for the meals she make. Jin Wook accidentally happen to saw Yoo Mi and was surprised.

 jin wook accidentally saw Yoo Mi who was his nutritionist - My Secret Romance: Episode 2

His sectary gave Yoo Mi a list of the ingredients and told her to use these to prepare the meal. Jin Wook in the office was reminded of the past embarrassment he suffer because of Yoo Mi. It was the time when the two had a really happy time together.
But she ran after spending the night and the ajhummas make fun of Jin Wook "He must be really bad to make her run away" lolx. It was the worst he couldn't stand it and wante dto knew why she did this to him.

jin wook thinking of the past embarrassment decided to take revenge on Yoo Mi - My Secret Romance: Episode 2

We were curious too knew how Yoo Mi will react when knew the CEO was actually the bellboy with whom she spend her life most passionate time. Yoo Mi couldn't understand why she was being treated like this, it was Jin Wook who wanted to take revenge and now giving Yoo Mi a really hard time.

Yoo Mi accidentally send a cursing text to jin wook - My Secret Romance: Episode 2

Things were getting lot more interested and we couldn't wait our curiosity to watch their face to face encounter again. Yoo Mi accidentally sent the cursing message to the CEO, i wasn't her intention so she went to his office to apologize but a big earthquake was waiting for her there. She was too shocked and scared when saw Jin Wook as the CEO of the company. Stay tuned to find out more from my secret romance in the next episode.

Yoo mi running to the CEO office to apologize and shocked to see he was the same person 3 years ago whom she kiss and spend a night - My Secret Romance: Episode 2
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