Recently we watched temptation of eve out of curiosity what type of temptation shown in this drama. Naureen: Oh its a mini drama only...

Temptation of Eve Korean Drama 2007 - Review

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Recently we watched temptation of eve out of curiosity what type of temptation shown in this drama.
temptation of eve korean drama, seduction of eve
Naureen: Oh its a mini drama only 4 episode we must watch it. It won't need lot of time.
Ambreen: Mini drama don't have detailed stories. What if we get bored?
Naureen: Ok lets have another experience for mini drama. May be the concept will be unique.

temptation of eve korean drama, seduction of eve

So it lead to the first episode. The story was based on 4 different episodes. In the first episode the women find her husband dead in the bedroom. The detective was full of doubt that the wife is the murderer, he started collecting the evidence by investigating the employees.

The detective also begins to observe and find out that she is also having secret relation and affairs with different men.
Damm it was scary. 

In the end detective couldn't resist and falls for her charm. He trust her but gain nothing end up loosing his life.

The second episode was based on the revenge and cheating on each other. The story of two families end up loosing life and even trust. The husband cheated her wife and had a secret affair with her neighbour wife. When his own wife finds out the truth. She took revenge end up killing her husband and make the women went into jail.
Naureen: What you do you have to reap.
Ambreen: wohaaa you remember the episode, thought i didn't take the pictures! 

The third episode was too hot. A doctor was fantasized by the beauty of the women who was swimming having a butterfly tattoo on her body. 
He tried to approach the women but was coldly rejected. After few days his wife received a call and a package which contains all the evidence of her husband bad doings in the past. 
The tattoo was the victim. She took revenge on the doctor. But before she started her revenge she made the doctor falls for her head over heels by saying you lost the chance, do you want to loose it for the second time? She took revenge after that. 

The last episode we enjoyed the story a lot. It was full of turns and twist. What we thought was totally opposite. It was a story of a women who never forgives a little sin of her husband and punish them by putting up a real scene of accident.
Ambreen: As in the case in Saudi Arabia had a strict rule an eye for an eye, means if someone is accused for theft his hands should be cut off.
Naureen: OMG it is too scary the female had a too revengeful heart.
The female in this episode not only give a physical punishment but a mental torture also.
Ambreen: I must say the writer and director focus on the main plot of the story and within the short time presents a detailed drama with each and every point, how the handicap husband was scared by his wife that she will put poison in food. For precaution he only eat the food his wife eats and drink the water his wife left.

temptation of eve korean drama, seduction of eve
Naureen: Ambreen i know that's why you see this episode 2 times. He hired a spy for his wife. But the spy also end up falls for the client's wife and started a affair. 
temptation of eve korean drama, seduction of eve
In the end the handicap husband caught the spy and his wife red handed. Unfortunately both escaped and the handicap husband died. In the end the spy got married with his wife living a happy life. But the story isn't end here after marriage the spy also received a punishment from the wife for cheating and saying lies. He also end up becoming a handicap. 
temptation of eve korean drama, seduction of eve
Ambreen: I was shocked by looking at his legs. Really the wife is really heartless how could she punish him like this? 
Naureen: I told you experience short dramas and i also recommend this drama, and yes we watched it twice. 

What We learn? 
  • Other than the fantasy dramas like love, romance, a hero and heroin met end up leading a happy life. We watch another world in this drama. How bitter the realities are. 
  • What we saw, sometimes it wasn't like that. Sometime it become worst than this.
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