Hi guys we are back with the new k drama review Lovers of Haeundae. The title was very strange for us, first we thought Haeundae lead some ...

Lovers of Haeundae Korean Drama 2012 Review

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Hi guys we are back with the new k drama review Lovers of Haeundae. The title was very strange for us, first we thought Haeundae lead some kind of history or a place but it turned out to be the hotel. The starting was a bit complicated we were confused for the first episode. So in the second episode the story become a bit clear. It was about Go So Ra the daughter of former gangster and the real owner of Haeundae Hotel. This become more interesting. There was a suspense how that gangster family lost their hotel and living a life of a fisherman.

Go So Ra had the only aim to find a way to get back their hotel. So she was trying hard with her three uncle and father. We were curious at the same time also become annoyed what the heck happened the gangster had to loose the ownership of the hotel.

Another character Lee Tae Sung who was a prosecutor drives our attention. Lee Tae Sung tries to infiltrate into the family pretending to be a body-builder. The scenes are hilarious and gets us laughed out. They met in a very awkward situation the pose was too erotic and sexy. We enjoyed.

He was after to catch a criminal but accidentally lost his memory and become an amnesiac. He was the elder son of the businessman who owns a Hotel Chain called Prestige. He met with Go So Ra who was a kind hearted girl and he help him find the identity but it couldn't get along. However the story became interesting as our curiosity become more bigger what will going to happen? Go So Ra and Lee Tae Sung started falling for each other. Omo what will going to happen to the wife who even doesn't know where her husband is? What about the families, their reactions? Will Go So Ra and Lee Tae Sung fated for each other? Having these questions we watch the drama. In the middle the story becomes a bit clumsy and boring. But we had to watch the drama.

The story was getting intense. The prosecutor who lost his memory and Go So Ra who lost the hotel were doing good along having fight and care. The true identity of Lee tae sung revealed and Go So ra family started to hate him. Thinking he planned all this to get along with them. So the story take another turn the twist occur the truth revealed out how they lost the hotel after one of the family member died.

The prosecutor recalled every thing when got hit at the head. He didn't go back to his wife but truly fall for Go So Ra. We wasn't expected this ending but it went along. Every thing went back to its place a happy ending. Its all for now lets meet in another k drama review.
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