Its been 6 years we are watching K dramas and Movies and the interesting thing we didn't get bore of any of K drama wether its of our i...

Miss Ripley Korean Drama 2011 Review

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Its been 6 years we are watching K dramas and Movies and the interesting thing we didn't get bore of any of K drama wether its of our interest or not. We are proudly admitting that we are addicted to K drama culture. With this long history we choose Miss Ripley after finishing Hello My Lady. The reason was the male lead Park Yoo-Chun and feamle lead Lee Da-Hae. Miss Ripley is also known as Goodbye Miss Ripley and Miss Ripley Who I Loved.

We became curious after seeing the official poster of Miss Ripley but the first episode annoyed us by the story line how come they start the drama like this. So it made us a little disheart. But the story changed then we watched further. It was a story of a young woman Jang Mi Ri, who lies to get her way and how her greedy ambition has lead to the downfall of two men who has fallen in love with her.

Miss Ripley Korean Drama 2011 Review
She was abandoned by her mother at the age of nine after her fathers death and sent to the orphanage there she met Moon Hee Joo. After few months she was adopted by the japaneses family and again lived a miserable childhood with them. The treated her badly make her do all the household work. Her father lost everything in gambling and stuck with a huge debts. So Mi Ra was force to work to pay off the debts and run household. Watching this episode made us annoyed.
Working hard day and night she manage to get back her passport and return to south korea. She need to find a permanent job in korea so she may not deport to japan again. For this she did efforts but all in vain she had a poor educational background with only a high school degree. We feel sorry for her. The story change here she was appointed at a 
japaneses hotel due to her fluent japaneses language. There she met Myung Hoon. There romance started with her being fired from the job for being lying about her educational background and qualification.
Miss Ripley Korean Drama 2011 Review
This turns make a drama a bit interesting and we understand why she lied. She wasn't wrong but her suitation make her do it. Every time when something like this happen we become curious what will going to happen next. So it was nice watching Miss Ripley. We wouldn't say the ending was great but every story has a unique ending. Its not the same what you thought would be. Finishing this drama make us realize that every body has bitter sweet experiences leading a hard and comfortable life with hopes that there will be a new sun rising every day. Its not every K drama had a good ending nor the bad ending. According to us it wasn't the perfect end but the cherishable memories of life. Its all for now lets meet in the next K drama review.
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