My sister was madly dying to watch episode 9 but i insisted let's finish " Let's fight Ghost " first. So its a bit la...

The Dual Confession Kiss - Uncontrollably Fond - Ep 9 Review (Our Thoughts)

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The Dual Confession Kiss - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

My sister was madly dying to watch episode 9 but i insisted let's finish "Let's fight Ghost" first. So its a bit late we are here up for episode 9 review. The episode starts with No Eul confession. She call Joon Young but he was eager to hear those word face to face. He drove to No Eul, he was too happy he can't help himself teleport where she is. But unfortunately walking towards her he felt a bit dizzy.

It was his disease symptoms but with his will he overcome the temporary dizziness and hug No Eul. It was a very romantic indirect confession by No Eul, as she was too confident on the phone but seeing Joon Young infront of her makes her a bit nervous. She just manage to say "Ok i ll trust you this one time". Joon Young didn't let her go he hugged her as not to loose her again.

Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

Then he demanded a kiss from No Eul. She was too hard to get she replied "I'll Kill You". From here the genuine love story of No Eul and Joon Young starts.

On the other hand Ji Taek resenting himself couldn't come to a decision. He was hanging between his love and family's choice. He couldn't choose what to do where should he step to, we thought he would become a rebel and choose No Eul. We never imagine he would run to that witchy lady. It shocked us when he kissed that hit and run criminal. It wasn't the kiss of love but kiss full of anger and revenge.

Ji Taek Kiss - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

The story suddenly give double twist. Things were out of our imagination. In the previous post when we saw Yoo Na press conference about she is seeing Joon Young we though Joon Young would go mad and will take out his anger on Yoo Na and the president. Beside this in this scene he was too cool.

After the shoot ends with Yoo na did a little interview with the reporters and calmly request them not to interfere in his personal life. Though he and Yoo na are celebrities and public figures as well but they also had the right to maintain their privacy and love life.

Oh man he was too cool seeing his personality we weren't expecting this side of him. It was all because of No Eul's love he changed and become more cooler. The president and Yoo Na listening to what Joon Young said to all the reporters and stopped there, curiosity with all the questions... couldn't say anything to him.

Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

Now Joon Young was back to his self, he never miss a chance to tease No Eul. He even secret to get in No Eul's car she was scared what if some one sees them together, everything will be reveled to media. But it was the angry young man who was totally head over heels in love with No Eul said "Tell me what's your type .. i'l try to become your type". Here we enjoyed there conversation, their expressions a lot.

It wasn't as a simple of triangle story, a revenge , spying but an element of blackmailing also occurred. Here we come to knew another face of Ji taek's mother looking all pretty and decent she actually was the wickest one. She met with someone who after words turned out to be the brother of prosecutor Hun Joo. He knew how Ji taek's mother trapped Hyun Joo and get rid of Joon Young and her Mother. The brother now feels pity for his elder brother who even didn't knew he had a real son, who is a huge celebrity.

Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

Ji Taek's mother left in anger saying she don't want any contact with him. She called the manager to transfer 300,000 dollar to Hyun Gil's account with out noticing her husband. Poor Ji Taek was there and he heard all of it. He argued with his mother not to do these things and tell the truth and everything till now to father. I also know everything, she was shocked to hear all this she said she had no choice also she don't want to loose Hyun Jo. What if after listening the truth he might turn his back and go back to the women he loved.

It was the insecurity that didn't make her friendly throughout her life. Ji taek said if you can't i will tell him after all we are the family. The mother stopped him by saying just wait for three months everything will be ok after Joon Young died. Seriously she wasn't witchy but the cruel mother in the world. How can she say something like that? Listening to this it was also a shock for Ji Taek. Moreover she told that Joon Young is suffering from a terminal disease and he only had three months left.

We enjoyed the nitpick of Joon Young with No Eul. Every moment he never go easy and tease No Eul for what she ask. It was becoming too difficult for her to film the documentary, Joon Young wasn't cooperating, nether he was interested in giving the right answers regarding documentary concept. Still it shows how deeply and purely Joon Young's love No Eul and want to listen No Eul's confession that he is her type, she likes him etc.

Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

It was a photo session of Joon Young and Yoo Na after the shoot. My sister said i didn't get a good feeling about this may be Yoo Na is plainning some thing wicked that might hurt Joon Young image or may be she blackmail or kidnap No Eul or Joon Young. But for me i said let's we can't assume as the story has lot many turns.

During the shoot Yoo Na brust on Joon Young saying "Why your standards are so low? I didn't magine what unique does she have that i don't?" and in anger she walked out away, but unfortunately her foot stuck in the light stand wire she fell and the equipment fell on Joon Young. OMG she was only thinking of herself and her anger hurts Joon Young badly.

The manager runs to No Eul and told her Joon Young had an accident during the shoot, he is seriously injured. I have to go take care of things at the location can you please go to Joon Young he is all alone at the hospital. Listening to this No Eul face got pale she come out of the car and ask where she has to go.

Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

My sister said may be its the plan to kidnap No Eul before she also mention something like kidnapping. Now i was also serious the driver seems to be a bit suspicious. His face was all covered and he was wearing the black cap.

The black cap and covered face always indicates the criminal activities in Kdrama. Now me and my sister become too serious. Who planned all this is it Ji Taek mother or Yoo Na or may be the president of the company?

No Eul was too worried her eyes were teary and face was too pale. She ask the driver how much time will it take to the hospital. Thr driver replied it will take a little time i'll be back in 5 minutes i just need a cup of coffee. Listeing this No Eul burst and too out her anger saying "Get out of the car, tell me about the hospital .. i 'll dive". The situation was too tense i thought the driver will No Eul and make her unconcious. She was pleeding please hurry give me they keys "You don't know i have something to say to Joon Young".

The driver took of  the cap and said "what do you want to say to me" ,"Why are you crying" OMG OMG it was Joon Young himself. So it was he who planned to kidnap No Eul. Listeing to Joon Young voice and noticing the situation No Eul hit Joon Young's leg and walked away in anger.

Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

She tripped her leg and fell down. Joon Young came and said "Are you legs ok?". Joon Young took off the face mask she saw burses and scratches all over his face, she forgot her pain and touch Joon Young face saying "Look at you .. you are this badly hurt". Joon Young replied "My face is all torn .. my shoulder is hurt .. i can't move it", "I wanted to go on a date before going to the hospital".

No Eul "Look at you with this face and hurt shoulder how can you think of going on a date and drink coffee". And the next moment she confessed "You are my type ... I Like you ... Are You happy Now? ".It look like she threw away her burden. Also its wasn't a simple confession kissed Joon Young. It was a big surprise for Joon Young now that he got the confession and the permission he can do what ever with Eul any where he want. So he passionately return back what he ows. Obviously it was Joon's turn. he kissed her and both of them were into each other.

 bae suzay and kim woo bin Confession Kiss - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

They story went on smoothly and we though there won't be any twist. But it wasn't it. No Eul was editing Joon Young's documentary. One of her senior told her about award event ceremony and also why she isn't there for filming. She told Joon Young has stopped her from coming but the senior said you have to go hurry up.

No Eul went at the event she wasn't prepared, she went to the bathroom and just did a really weird thing me and my sister laughed. What if she had some facilities she can use the dry shampoo. She washed the front hairs and dry them with the air dryer in the bathroom.

Heading towards the ceremony hall she got a call from her younger brother. Who was worried why she isn't home yet. Then Na Ri told her today is her father's death anniversary. But it was her work she couldn't manage to go back. She feel sorry & apologetic.

Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

So she offered her prayers separately to her father. Suddenly Ha Ru's kitten came in and ruined everything. Ha Ru came looking for the kitten, seeing No Eul says "Oh .. its the gold digger". No Eul scold her she should have taken care of the kitten. She the wealthy mannerless child just threw few dollars and said "I'll pay for it". How rude she was not feeling sorry.

Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

Her father Prosecutor Hyun Jo came Ha ru told "Dad she hit me" and he rudely "Did my daughter do something to you"? He haven't change a bit No Eul remembers  the past "Did my car do something to you". She explained today's my father memorial day and the kitten ruin it.

Prosecutor like his daughter says "I hope the kitten didn't mean it", here you go take it and gave sine dollas to No Eul. Joon Young appears he was too angry he said "instead of giving her money why just you apologize". Prosecutor couldn't stand Joon Young words and also when he took the dollars and threw them on the floor.

Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 9 Review - Korean drama 2016

The episode ends with the intense curiosity. What will going to happen will Joon Young reveal "Abba you must be sorry to my women ... You did wrong " it was your fault i am son something like that. But what to say its in the hands of the writer. What twist will he come up with their lives. Its all for now lets meet in the next episode.

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