It was a caring scene from episode 16 as the 4th Prince who got injured while saving court lady Hae Soo from King's arrow shooting. ...

Prince Wang So & Hae Soo Kiss - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart - Ryeo - Ep 16 (Our Thoughts)

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It was a caring scene from episode 16 as the 4th Prince who got injured while saving court lady Hae Soo from King's arrow shooting. Though he dumped her to have the throne but still some where the feeling for Hae Soo was alive that made him save her. We feel really sad for the 4th Prince being injured so was Hae Soo.

She requested Woo Hee for  favour to tell Baek Ah she wanted to meet with the 4th Prince. As she was worried for him she put her life on line and leave the palace with out any one notice. She nursed the 4th Prince and put some herbal medicine on his wound.

 - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 (Eng Sub) Kiss - Wang So & Hae Soo

After getting tired she got sleepy while she was asleep the 4th Prince Wang So wake up. Seeing her there he was surprised that it wasn't his dream but actually Hae Soo was in his room. He wanted to cherish her for all those wounds he gave to her. He stood up and come close to Hae Soo looking at her face he couldn't control over him and wanted to touch her cheeks, Hae Soo was awake. He suddenly out a shield over his feeling and ask what made her come here and she replied she wanted to ask and confirm something.  

 hae so nursed wang so all night and when he wake up she ask i have to ask something from him  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 (Eng Sub)

After getting the permission to ask him something Hae Soo without any fear Hae Soo ask "Did he remember her" for sure he didn't forget her. The 4th Prince was confused he didn't gave any answer, Hae Soo become stubborn as without knowing the answer she won't leave. She knew Wang So couldn't say anything due to the king so she again mention its not the palace and the king isn't here to watch them. So he must give her an answer and then repeat i trust you don't lie for anything.

The answer 4th Prince didn't give in words but showed by his actions. It was his sudden move which surprised not only Hae Soo but also us. He moved and kissed Hae Soo. It was a very longing one as he missed Hae Soo for a long time.

wang so kiss hae soo  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 (Eng Sub)

Receiving the answer in this way Hae Soo then respond to it with the same way. As she also longed and missed the 4th Prince Wang So. Both had a very deep passionate Kiss as they won't got another chance to alone and be loved this freely.

Wang So was staring at Hae Soos face what if he closed his eyes for a moment and Hae Soo will not be there. He don't miss any of the moment till Hae Soo is with him. We wonder it was there beautiful time who blow off the candle and why? Also we want to knew what they did after the candle was blown off? As we have seen the unofficial episode so we aren't sure for many things.
After the candle was blown off they both lay down together and slept. It was only Hae Soo who was asleep and the 4th Prince Wang Soo couldn't sleep because of Hae Soo to near lying right infront of him. He was staring at her face,

after the kiss they both sleep together  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 (Eng Sub)

He wanted to preserve this beautiful time and those moments should never had an end. He just touch Hae Soo's face and she smilingly woke up. Oh man you could wait a little long and put grab the time to stare at her beautiful face why waking her up so early.

They both had fun playing and it was the shadow animal playing game using the hand movement. It remind us of our childhood when we use to play this game and at that time we never though we were this ancient to play the game like this. But infact it surely is a fun game and of the best to kill time and have beautiful memories.

 wang so and hae so had a fun time playing hand shadow game - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 (Eng Sub)

After playing they both got tired and Hae Soo set a hearty meal for 4th Prince Wang So. Seeing that meal table we wish could have one like that. The 4th Prince become a child all of sudden it wasn't intentionally but due to his injured arm he couldn't able to move his hand and Hae Soo feed him.

It was another lovely scene which become a beautiful memory for both of them. After the meal they both came out and sit in the corridor watching over the stars. The night was too quite and pleasant as the stars were shinning brightly so was Hae Soo on Wang So's shoulders.

They both had a sweet talk about the stars "Pegasus". This scene made us realize they both had a very lively smile as they were away of all the worries and tensions and no body was there to bother them.  We wish them a happy life a head.

 hae so give a hearty meal to wang so and they saw stars pegagus and laugh  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 (Eng Sub)

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