As Yeon Hwa to stop her marriage at any cost put Hae Soo and 10th Prince life in danger she give a tip to the king that Hae Soo of Damiwo...

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As Yeon Hwa to stop her marriage at any cost put Hae Soo and 10th Prince life in danger she give a tip to the king that Hae Soo of Damiwon is hiding the 10th prince Wang Eun and his wife. King order the soldiers to capture them. This news happen to pass by 4th Prince and he ran to Yeon Hwa to confirm how did she knew about Eun hiding at Damiwon.

 wang so and hae soo laugh - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

Yeon Hwa told that she saw novelty items made by bath towels at the bath house in Damiwon and no one except Eun could to this, as he love to do these type of things from his childhood.

One of the soldier ran to the grand general and told him that the 10th Prince and his wife Sun Duk had been attacked at Damiwon. The situation surely was too critical.  

 yeon hwa told the king about eun hiding at damiwon - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

Eun along with his wife fought with the soldiers. Eun also beg King Yo to let them live and they will leave Goreyo and he also promised he won't come back to the palace ever. But the King didn't listen to Eun. Sun Duk beside being the beautiful lady was a great warrior she fought really well but couldn't stand more as they both were alone and there were to o many soldiers. She end up died. Eun become mad seeing Sun Duk died.

while fighting the royal guards sun duk died  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

But things were their way. He couldn't able to protect his wife and finally realize he can't live without her. The 4th Prince showed up there and jumped in to save but he was a little late. Sun Duk already died and the King shoot arrow at Eun. The 14th Prince along with Hae Soo also showed up to help them but the soldiers didn't let the 14th Prince to jump ion the fight.

Eun was in his last moments he request Wang So about his birthday gift and told him that he was manipulated by you and he wanted his gift now it would be better that So do it rather then Yo.

 4th prince come to save eun but eun ask him to kill him as his birthday gift - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

It was really a hard decision as Eun requested Wang So draw his sword and take his life. It was a really emotional scene which made us cry and we still remember these were the glimpse Hae Soo happened to see it before time but it would be this emotional situation neither Hae Soo nor us expected.

After Eun also died Wang So become all mad he screamed and laughed like a fool who just killed his own little brother as the birthday gift he wanted. It wasn't only Wang So who become mad but also the 14th Prince Wang Jung.

4th prince killed eun and become mad after killing his own brother - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

The grand general came but he was too late his only beloved daughter left him alone so the son inlaw. Another emotional scene again made us cry the 14th Prince was all angry and assume that Wang So killed Eun for the throne before he end up killing every one he will going to finish him off. Hae Soo stopped him saying it was Eun request and hard decision for So to do. He is also suffering to lose his brother.

grand general holding his dead daughter sun duk , wang jung holding eun and hae soo was sitting beside them - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

As Eun and his wife were labeled to be traitors, they didn't had the funeral ceremony neither was buried in the Royal Cemetery but were thrown in the forest. Baek Ah secretly took care of their funeral as he was also grieved losing Eun and his wife.

The 4 of them were together Wang So announce Ji Monk that he wanted to become the King and stop the blood shed. The grand general already knew about it as the King Taejo told him many things so he ask Wang So if he really wanted the throne what he will gave up to have it. After knowing his answer then he will decide to support him.

Seriously watching this drama we come to knew the throne is really a dangerous seat which needs a lot of blood from the on e who wanted to sit on it. Before we have seen many ancient dramas with politics and palace conspiracies for the throne but never realize it that seriously as moon lovers made us think so. We wonder what he will do and what he will threw away as he already take in Baek ah and Ji Monk, Hae So was left behind.

We wonder what if he dumped Hae Soo and threw her away will she be like court Lady Oh? What will be their future and out doubt were some how was right Wang So dumped Hae Soo saying, its her fault for not trusting im and telling him that she is been hiding Eun at Damiwon. Because of her lack of trust in him he lost his dear brother and the feeling for Hae Soo has also been lost in the death of Eun.

wang so told he wanted to become the king and grand general ask what will you throw for the throne and he throw Hae Soo  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

After Eun died the King rewarded Wang Soo with the farming land, the house, money and made him in charge to built the castle for him. Seeing all this the grand general become more angered and insulted Wang So for killing his daughter and son in law and spit on him. Moreover he taunt that he become too rich by killing his own brother.
After the Grand general, Wang So and Wang Wook left the 14th Prince Wang Jung came in he ask King Yo after spilling all that blood are you satisfied and leaving the broken arrows he took from Eun's body he said he will made him pay for his crimes as he will not be returning in the palace and staying at the borders. As Jung left King Yo started hallucinating and was dead Eun's voice to let them live.

 4th prince send for constructing the castle for the king and Wang jung come and give king yo eun arrows from his body - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

Two years later many things change. It was King Yo's region Hae Soo become the head court lady of Damiwon. The 14th Prince Wang Jung become the grand general. Woo hee the giesang become the head lady of Gyobang. The 4th Prince didn't visit the palace for 2 years as he was busy with the castle construction. Every thing changed they become more of mature as of their hairstyle and the dressing change too.

 after two years wang jung, baek ah, woo hee and hae soo meet in damiwon - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

It was the scene we really laugh seeing King Yoo he become mentally sick and always hallucinating about the 10th Prince Wang Eun and the Crown Prince former King Moo. He spend most of his time at the temple offering the ritual prayers for the dead. We somehow feel pity for him as his current position and mental status was due to his mother Queen yoo's greed who eagerly wanted the throne and made his son into a boar to snatch the throne no matter what.

The more fire was put in by the intelligent 8th Prince Wang Wook and the 9th Prince Wang Jo. After making him a half mental case now Queen Yoo was pressurizing him to make Jung the Crown Prince so he he will be more powerful as his brother will backing him. Listening to this he laugh madly and ask did Jung also want the throne?

Why are you so eager pressurizing to make a Crown Prince as if im about to die. Its been just two years i have become the king what made you do things in a hurry. He was correct it was all Queen Yoo's fault. The 4th Prince Wang So showed up and the KIng Yo used him saying if you want a crown Prince i shall make So he is also one of your son and this put a stop to Queen Yoo's blabbering.

 king yo become half mental after killing his brothers wang moo and wang Eun and spend most of his time at the temple - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

Palace conspiracy didn't stopped and the 9th Prince took place of Wook by pouring the oil into the fire. He pumped king saying that court lady and Wang So may still have feelings for each other you should confirm. King said i confirmed and they have never met neither send each other secret letters. Then he made king to check and confirm now.

He sure was the evil one among the brother as he was the one who made one of the court lady to put mercury in King Moo's bath water and made him a patient of hallucination.

King Yoo was a fool he always stood up and listen to what other says. Hae Soo was standing was infront of Wang So and suddenly the King shoot an arrow, Wang Soo showed his quick reaction and saved Hae Soo by getting himself in between and hurt his shoulder.

 4th prince injured from saving hae soo from king yo arrow - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

We really feel bad for Wang Soo but for the King and the 9th Prince it was a fun game. Wang Soo told him not to let rumors out that the king killed a court lady just for fun. It would be bad for his reputation and future. Now the king got some senses and apologize it was a mistake.

Moreover Wang So scold the 9th Prince that he should be careful it wasn't an open word threat but indirectly he points him. The 9th Prince become like an innocent rabbit saying what did he do. After Wang Wook he was one of the evil through out the nation who had hide his face wearing rabbit ears.

4th Prince then warn 9th Prince as he is the conspirator in the palace and also king yo to be careful not to let rumor out he killed a court lady for fun  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

Hae Soo was all worried for Wang Soo as he got badly injured trying to save her. She request Woo hee to send a message for Baek Ah to help her meet with Wang Soo. As she trusted Baek Ah would understand so Baek Ah respond with the friendly way and set way for Hae Soo to meet Wang So.

Hae Soo nursed Wang Soo whole night and also put herbal medicine on his wounds. We wonder  what will be there future as of things become more of complicated and stiffed.

 hae soo ask woo hee a favour from baek ah to meet 4th prince she go there and nurse 4th prince- Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

Wang So seeing hae Soo was shocked and ask why she was here. She replied it was due to she wanted to ask an confirm something from him. Also she was worried about him being injured so she ut her life on line and came out of the palace. All she wanted to knew that is she still some where in Wang So's heart? Wang So way too stubborn he didn't reply but. But Hae Soo was also persistence to knew his answer.

If he won't give her any answer based on truth she won't leave. Wang So didn't use words to reply Hae Soo's and showed her with his action and it was the sudden and bold action. He just turned around and kissed Hae Soo.

4th prince and hae soo kissed  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

So they both had their kiss after 2 years such a long time. After loving her with the depth of his heart Wang SO along with Hae Soo lay together to take a nap. It was their beautiful moment they spend together. After taking a little rest they both played hand shadow game and laugh a lot.

Hae Soo prepared a hearty meal and feed wang so as he can ot move his hand due to the sever injury. We wish we could have that hearty meal but knew we aren't that lucky still its a dream.

after the kiss hae soo and wang so take some sleep then they play hand shadow game and eat a hearty meal - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

After having a happy time and a nutritional meal Hae Soo and Wang So came out and sit in the corridor. It was a pleasant night with the shining stars, they both stalk about the stars and Ji Monk happen to came there. We though Hae Soo would receive a scolding but it wasn't the scolding but Ji Monk told them about the King being severely ill he was burning in fever and suddenly faint infront of the monk.

Listening to what happened to the king and knowing his situation Hae Soo figures its heart attack. We wonder he shouldn't be a beautician at Damiwon but she should be the physician the one in time slip doctor Jin.

 ji monk come and told 4th prince its time as king yo is severely ill - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 16 Review (Eng Sub)

After Ji Monk left Hae Soo ask Wang So do you really want the throne and Wang So replied its the only way he can stop the blood shed also stop the way for other to control them anymore. Hae Soo tried to stop him saying they could live like this forever but Wang So said no its the only way to live the peaceful life as the King is good so the affairs and nation will be. Bravo he had a very bright thinking compare to the other kings. Also he told Hae Soo he would persude her till then she agree with him that he is doing things the right way.

The episode ends here how much long it would take for Wang So  to take over the throne and end up King Yo, Wang Wook & Wang Won?

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