Another serial based on memory loss/ dementia . Oh My Geum Bi a new drama serial starting soon on KBS . The lead cast  Oh Ji-Ho gave us ...

Story of Dementia Child Father - Oh My Geum-Bi - Teaser Out

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Another serial based on memory loss/ dementia. Oh My Geum Bi a new drama serial starting soon on KBS. The lead cast Oh Ji-Ho gave us many memorable characters from the late night resturant, Chae Young 1 & 2 and The Maids. So we are sure to get another memorable piece from his acting skills as he'd been playing a role of a father who actually is a swindler in Oh My Geum Bi.

The story has too interesting facts Geum Bi the daughter who is 8 years old and suffers from dementia (childhood Alzheimer). Its too unbelievable how a child can suffer from memory loss at such a young age but still there are medical terms we are unaware. May be it happen some where and writer use it in the story. 
The second interesting fact is Geum Bis father Hwi-Chul (Oh Ji-Ho) who is a swindler. While taking care of Geum-Bi, he learns about the preciousness of life. Go Gang-Hee (Park Jin-Hee) the female lead somehow gets involved with Geum-Bi and Hwi-Chul. The story take another turn we are not sure what it will be as Korean dramas this year are really unpredictable. 

Mo Ho Chul had to become a dream of a chef but life was too hard and things happened that he turned out to be a swindler after losing his sense of smell. This remind us of "Baker King Kim Ta Go" "Feast of God" & "Master of Revenge God of Noodles". Things similar in these dramas the character who love to cook but lost their sense of smell and taste somehow. 

Mo Ho Chl wasn't a good swindler he lacks many things as he wasn't professional so somewhere he left clue that happened to be caught by Go Gang Hee. The teaser didn't gave a tip of the actual story just the character introduction and how they feel sorry. So we will be waiting for more teasers to knew what will be the actual twist. 
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