The latest teaser for The  Legend of the Blue Sea  surprise us with Lee Min ho another disguise. This time he appears in history looks lik...

A Brave Con Man with Many Disguise - The Legend of the Blue Sea - Teaser 3 - our thoughts

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The latest teaser for The Legend of the Blue Sea surprise us with Lee Min ho another disguise. This time he appears in history looks like the time travel. But actually he was the con man in the disguise of Kim Dam Ryung who release the mermaid in the ocean.

Its a spinney story every time when Lee Min ho ho change its appearance and disguise himself with another character. Seeing this teaser remind us of "Master of Revenge / God of Noodles" in which the villain from his childhood disguised himself in many different characters to escape from the crime he did. But actually for the people he was the kindest man when he make noodles to fill one stomach with warmth. 
But here we are confused why Lee Min ho got stucked with a mermaid and trying to help her out even though its beyond his character. This teaser gives us another glimpse of Joeson Time travel. We are too excited to see an element like this. Still we can't depict anything there must be lot of twist and suspense and sure this drama is really unpredictable with the events and the story. 

As the next scene he introduce himself as a lawyer oh man how can be a con man be a lawyer. He sure was after something else when someone says to him "You are Harry Potter of Con Artist" this sentence remind us of all the series of American Harry Potter we watched and that become one of the most enjoyable weekends of our life. 

The Legend of the Blue Sea - Teaser 3 - A Brave Con Man with Many Disguise

Though Lee Min ho appears to be a con artist and disguise his character as Harry Potter but he wasn't a magician may be he use tricks to prove himself or something like that. But the scene again change and he happen to stuck into a gang fight the gangsters attack him he knock down them by flipping his lighter , he sure is too sharp to use his "lighter as the gun". This scene remind us of City Hunter where we have seen many extra ordinary skills of Lee Min ho while fighting without using any weapons. 

The last was indeed hilarious and first give us the impression that Lee Min ho ho falls for the mermaid beauty. He bought her coffee but Ji Hyun didn't knew how to have it as for sure she is from another world which happen to be under water. Lee Min ho sees her reaction and then blowing her coffee to make it a little cold Ji Hyun the mermaid thought that its the way to have the coffee and when she blow the coffee with lot of force it was really hilarious.

The Legend of the Blue Sea - Teaser 3 - A Brave Con Man with Many Disguise

This scene remind us of Shin min Ah from "My Gf is a gumiho" when she first tried the can Soju and said "I like this bubble water" the way she drank lot was really hilarious too. Any How Ji hyun looks too adorable while blowing the coffee hard and sure Lee Min ho who was beside her missed his heart beat.

We wonder why that bad guy with lot many disguise helping her what's the real motive wether its the first sight love or something else. There sure of the reason of our interest we are curious to watch out the serial as its starting right after "Jealousy Incarnate ends".  

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