Ma Rin realized the truth and feels So Joon was alive in the other world as she was sending mails to the future So Joon might read the...

So Joon Stucked in Year 2022 - Tomorrow With You: Episode 16 Finale (Review)

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ma rin and so joon after registering their marriage -  Tomorrow With You: Episode 16 Finale

Ma Rin realized the truth and feels So Joon was alive in the other world as she was sending mails to the future So Joon might read them. In the mails she talk all about how she was living her life and missing So Joon witing for him to return back soon.

She didn't knew what happened to So Joon why hasn't he came back and what's the reason of him being stucked there. She was unaware of the fact So Joon suffering from coma. Someone named flower got a popularity on the internet, what ever she predict about things on the internet mothers club happened in the future this become the hot topic. Sectary Hwang played a big role making flower famous by hosting a radio show and talked about it.

 ma rin in 2019 but so Joon stucked in year 2022, someone named flower went viral on the internet - Tomorrow With You: Episode 16 Finale

While sending mails to So Joon one day Ma rin decided to send the mail 3 years later in 2022. The content of the mail contains question if So joon's cheating on her in future. We never thought So Joon would come back alive from the coma and got to see ma Rin's mail.

May be he was waiting this time to be contacted by someone from the past. He tried hard to travel back using the subway and end up becoming a laughing stock for the passengers yet he didn't give up and tried all his best.

He then one day went crazy to go back to meet Ma rin and ran to the subway there was the construction was going on to that side, the people tried to stop him but couldn't do so as he ran too fast crazily and finally make to travel back to 2019 vanishing in the air.  

ma rin then send a mail to so joon for year 2022, so joon tried to travel back at 2019 but failed yet one day he came back in 2019 -  Tomorrow With You: Episode 16 Finale

he then Ma Rin who coldly recognize him as the So Joon from the past. But he replied not to be so foolish for not recognizing her own So Joon after sending over a 100 mails, hearing this Ma Rin burst out in tears seeing the real So Joon's back it was the emotional meet up after a long time. So Joon also went crazy not to loose Ma rin he showed his craziness while kissing her to the room. The two had a really happy time.

 So Joon kiss ma rin crazily - Tomorrow With You: Episode 16 Finale

The next day Ma rin took So Jon tio her studio where she first held her photo exhibition. Seeing Ma Rin's work So Joon couldn't resist himself saying he will going to call her "Song Faithful Wife". Hearing these words Ma Rin blushed.
There So Joon met his mother in law along with the father in law Ajhussi, we wonder why the father in law didn't like So Joon coming back after this long time look like he was hiding something else, all he looks too fishy.

So Joon then register his marriage with Ma rin and it was the happiest day of their life, Ma Rin recorded all those moments.

 ma rin take so joon to her photo exhibition and then both go to register their marriage -  Tomorrow With You: Episode 16 Finale

Everything was going fine the two were happy after registering their marriage. Neither they nor we thought something bad would happen now. It was the predicted day of Song Ma Rin's accident from a passing car.

So Joon knew so he decided to take the subway to avoid the accident. But the thing written had to happen Ma Rin end up having an accident before that So Joon run and grab her. It was then revealed the accident which will going to took place in 2019 was by Ma Rin's father.

 So Joon save Ma rin to get into an accident in 2019 - Tomorrow With You: Episode 16 Finale

Thank God because of So Joon everything went fine and nothing happen to Ma Rin. In other words So Joon become the shield to save Ma Rin and her father the real troublemaker.

This complicated fantasy love story of Ma Rin and So Joon finally got on a normal track but full of arguments. They love each other the same the argue and care at the same time.

We couldn't say we really enjoyed yet it was a unique love story of an unexpected couple which were fated to meet.

 ma rin and So Joon lived a happy life arguing and cherishing each other - Tomorrow With You: Episode 16 Finale
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