We never though we would going to watch a romantic love story of a veterinarian and an arrogant prince. Noble my Love was the love hat...

Arrogant prince Kang Hoon Falls for Veterinarian Yoon Seo - Noble, My Love: Review

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kang Hoon Noble, My Love

We never though we would going to watch a romantic love story of a veterinarian and an arrogant prince. Noble my Love was the love hate relationship based on a webtoon. The main lead Sung Hyun remind of his great work in "Faith & Oh My Venus". For the female lead Kim Jae kyun did many special appearance in lot of memorable dramas. We were glad to see the two of them together for a unique love story.

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The story was a as similar as the other stories elements nothings new seems just the uniqueness of their work. The rich guy happen to meet the poor girl who don't care for money yet have a pride with a soft heart to help anyone in need. 

Kang Hoon and Yeon Seo meet because of the thirsty dog - Noble, My Love

Lee Kang Hoon the richest CEO got stabbed by kidnappers and was injured badly. Somehow he make way to run and happen to lose consciousness outside a shop. Yoon Seo who was a veterinarian passing by saw him and couldn't resist to help the injured man. She bought him home. It was a funny scene where she though of him as a big dog lolx.

 Yeon seo helped kang hoon - Noble, My Love

Kang Hoon become her first human patient and received a treatment without receiving anesthesia. In the morning he wakes up little fine and before leaving left a his visiting card for the person who saved his life.

 kang hoon become thefirst human patient of yeon seo as a veterinarian - Noble, My Love

We were sure one of the two will surely fall for each other but who we couldn't guess the idea. Unfortunately the card blew in air and end up in the dustbin. It wasn't anyone fault just the fate. The CEO Kang Hoon waited to receive a call but the wait become too long no one contacted. he was too curious why on earth the person wasn't contacting him nor demanding any money. He become little obsessed with her then visit her clinic, it was the first move.

She has no idea what he was up to neither she needs any money, just the fee and the payment of the medicines. It was Kang Hoon who become too shocked and wanted to reward her but useless, he tried all means to pay off his debt but veterinarian refuse.

 kang hoon obsessed by yeon seo that she must not know the prize of saving him - Noble, My Love

He then  offer her to move the clinic to the wealthy neighborhood but she refuse that too saying she couldn't possibly afford it. This was just the start of their issue which become tiresome for her. Kang Hoon was determine to control every situation with money but his every moves ends with a straight arguments.

 yeon seo told kang hoon that she will leave the hospital within 1 week - Noble, My Love

he gradually started to like hanging around Yoon Seo and enjoy the way she every time refuse and degrade him for being too wealthy. Look like he started falling for her charm. No one ever in life treated him the way she does.

Then to keep her close he offer a relationship and wanted to bound her into a contract dating. This remind us of many dramas based on contract marriage but dating was the first plot.

 ceo kang hoon ask yeon seo to be in a relationship with him - Noble, My Love

With the hard life she was possibly struggling to pay off the debts as she was forced t be the business partner of Kang Hoon. Not only this he made her shift to his rich neighborhood. The sectary helped the two of them sign the contract dating papers.

 kang hoon sectery confirm their dating contract - Noble, My Love

Actually it looks just an excuse to bound Yoon Seo stay close to him as he realize her a special person and feels the other way for her. We come to see a great romantic chemistry between the two. Many moments happen to make the two blush specially when their first accidental kiss after changing the bulb.

 kang hoon and yeon seo first accidental kiss - Noble, My Love

Rumors started to spread that Kang Hoon was dating an ordinary girl. To show every one he took Yoon Seo to the party and also wanted to put a stop on blind date set by his mother. Things happened the other way and yoon Seo feels degraded there.

She angerly left the party but Kang Hoon grab her hand and kissed her forcefully in-front of everyone. It wasn't just a show but another step to prove his genuine feelings.

 kang hoon kiss yeon seo at the party - Noble, My Love

This couple become the hotline news as everyone witness their romantic relation. Things become little worse and yoon seo had to hide her face every where due to the embarrassment. She get drunked and Kang Hoon bought her back home. He then saw another cute side of Yoon Seo which was enough for him to lose his heart beat.
 kang hoon give piggy back ride to yeon seo when she was drunk - Noble, My Love

To avoid this situation and ignore the company of Kang Hoon she joined Tango classes which was run by her best friend. This makes Kang hoon become jealous of the male teacher he followed Yoon Seo there and scold her to do everything just with him as they were under contract.

 kang hoon did salsa dance with yeon seo - Noble, My Love

Look like he don't want to lose a single moment neither the glimpse of Yoon Seo. With his movs he shows to be fully fallen for her. He then kiss her and clear it wasn't the mistake. All he did was to listen his heart.

 kang hoon kiss yeon seo at the veterinarian hospital - Noble, My Love

Things happen and Yoon Seo had to shift at Kang Hoon house. Finally the two started living together but they set up the rules which make us really laugh. Staying at Kang Hoon house. It was Yoon Seo who broke the rules and many times jump over Kang Hoon who being a man couldn't control over himself but still kept a distance.

 yeon seo started to live at kang hoon house and his brother appears - Noble, My Love

It wasn't just the rumor spread in the neighborhood but also reached to the airs of his mother. The younger bother of Kang hoon arrived and was surprised to knew that he was dating a girl actually the two of them already living together. It was to too hard to believe for him everything goes opposite his elder brother nature.

Who now become more possessed when saw his younger brother getting too friendly and hanging around with Yoon Se. In other words he started to feel jealousy and scold him. Thanks to Yoon Seo who clear the misunderstanding and develop a friendly atmosphere. The three of them really happy enjoy the time and the evil mother arrive.

yeon seo , kang hoon and his brother play in the water after cleaning the blankets -  Noble, My Love

The story takes another turn when the mother find out about the contract dating and though yoon Seo was after his son's money or might blackmailing him. She insults Yoon Seo and told her to leave Kang Hoon as soon as possible. But the two of them become the way far in the serious relationship without considering about the contract.

Yoon Seo realize she wasn't the good match for Kang Hoon so she left quietly. But kang Hoon become all alone and heart broken seeing him suffer the mother heart ache. She then find out the truth behind the contract dating that was actually nothing just to keep Yoon Seo close who has no desire for Kang Hoon's money. Also she was the one who saved his life for no reason.

 kang hoon and yeon seo wedding - Noble, My Love

Finally the two become together, the misunderstanding got clear they end up getting married for real.
We really enjoy this light romance drama specially the way Yoon Seo treats Kang hoon and he become jealous for no reason. he feel insecure for loosing yoon Seo and how try to bound her in the fake relation using the excuse of dating contract. There were too many funny and sweet moments specially the lead role chemistry was really awesome.
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