Gwang Ho head back to his house and noticed the smoke coming out from the first portion. He tried to wake the neighbors but no body res...

The Serial Killer showed up with the Confession - Tunnel: Episode 4 (Review)

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Sun Jae and Gwang Ho - Tunnel: Episode 4

Gwang Ho head back to his house and noticed the smoke coming out from the first portion. He tried to wake the neighbors but no body response over the door's bell he had no other choice then to smash the window ans jumped in. He saw the burning book near the stove he use water to stop the fire. Before he could do anything Professor Jae Yi came out from the shower he shocked to see her.

She didn't thank or ask anything how he barged in just offer her a cup of coffee, she was too strange to act like this and also it make us think wonder how the book caught the fire as it was the electric stove.

The next morning Gwang Ho request Professor Jae Yi to move out to some other neighborhood as he didn't feel comfortable in the house. But she ignored his request and walk her path. Chief was tailing Gwang Ho and come to knew he was locating the records of Yeon Sook who born in 1960 something.

Gwang ho ask the female professor to change her house he can't live with him - Tunnel: Episode 4

The chief then realize it was his senior detective Gwang Ho from the past and end up in the time travel to the future. The two had a happy chit chat over a hearty meal. Chief was really happy to see his senior and Gwang ho really surprised how could his subordinate make up his dream becoming the chief.

Gwang ho remember he told his subordinate the if you become the chief he will be his son -   Tunnel: Episode 4

Gwang Ho then arrives at a burglary scene and shocked to see the uniform of the police. He misjudge the employee of security company for the police and become embarrassed for his lack of knowledge. He check out the scene and see how Sun Jae was giving orders.

While checking they surprised to see school kid were leaving from the house. Sun Jae notice and call him out but the  kid ran out. He then caught by them and end up in the prison.

the caught a school kid at the house of robbery - Tunnel: Episode 4

Nothing was found from him but he was the only suspect who run from the house and was now behind the bars. The kid then made a deal with Gwang Ho to tell the truth if he let him go as he knew the next location of the burglary.

the kid told the next robbery house to gwang ho in order to leave the prison - Tunnel: Episode 4

Gwang Ho was at the scene but unfortunately end up loosing the burglars who was too sharp enough to doge him. Gwang ho then went back to the kid house but he was a bit late the kid was already murdered.
We really feel sorry for the poor kid. The only witness for his murder was teh little girl who was hiding inside the closet and seeing this incident leave a huge impact on her mind psychologically. She was transfer to the hospital and Professor jae Yi was called in to help her speak up what she saw.

the victim sister who is the witness of scene become mute at the hospital - Tunnel: Episode 4

Leaving Professor Jae Yo with the child both Sun Jae and Gwang Ho leave the Hospital and end up arguing which led then to hand fight and punching. Both were dragged by the security guards to the police station. The Chief was speechless to say anything how can two police man fight like this in the middle of the day on the street.

outside the hospital gwang ho and sun jae fight with each other - Tunnel: Episode 4

Sun jae and Gwang Ho check the profiles of the employees from SAFE security company. Gwang Ho can surprised how can one steal when they were on the job to protect people from theft.

The Burglars were the employees from the security Company. While investigating they come to knew their next destination likely they target the houses which were empty and steal things from there. They were caught red handed at the spot.

sun jae and gwang ho caught the thiefs at the robbery scene -  Tunnel: Episode 4

While interrogating them to get the testimony the one was surprised that he was caught for the case of burglary and the other denied he didn't kill anyone. As they were caught from the same spot and likely the suspect for the murder of the High school kid.

Professor Jae Yi talk with the child to speak up and was then reminded of her past 15 years back hat happened to her. She told the victim sister her story in order to make her speak up that she wasn't the only one who suffered this trauma. The little girl then speak up the painful scene she witness of her brother's murder.

professor jae yi told her own story to make the little girl speak what happened with her brother -  Tunnel: Episode 4

Another case was solved yet there wasn't any sign of Gwang ho to go back to his time. Another news for a women's murder was received at the police station. The killer seems to be still alive.

He went to the chruch and confessed for his crime infront of the father saying he kept on remembering it the words of the women who says "Please leave me i have a child" then he mourns that he didn't mean to do the instinct can't stopped him doing so. It was too horrifying and creepy hearing this words give us chills. The killer then leave the church while the father try to stop him calling "brother".

Too much cards hidden in the Tunnel and lot more to knew more about Gwang Ho future time travel mystery so stay tuned to find out more about in the next episode.

the serial killer show up at the church and told he wanted to stop but can't - Tunnel: Episode 4
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