The second episode confuse us and distract our attention in the story. We couldn't link the first episode end scene with the secon...

Seol Ok lied about her Constipation to Solve Cases Secretly - Queen of Mystery: Episode 2 (Review)

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Seol Ok outside the house with her 5 tray eggs - Queen of Mystery: Episode 2

The second episode confuse us and distract our attention in the story. We couldn't link the first episode end scene with the second episode first half. Wonder why there is a gang in between and why the Drug detective Wan Seung fighting them alone ending up at the emergency.

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It was too irritating we wanted to knew what on earth happened to Seol Ok as she was stabbed who helped her and how she went back home. Look like the writer miss an important scene. Our frustration up at fire when come to knew it was a previous half story before Seo Ok caught the drug dealer at local market lockers. Basically the first half of the story was about the drug detctive which wasn't of our interest.

basically it was drug detective wang Seung case to catch the culprit of market locker - Queen of Mystery: Episode 2

As it was Seol Ok habit to interfere and being nosy in the investigation she was then scolded by the detective who thought her a an accomplice of the criminal. His yelling at her was unnecessary and rude. The patrol police was much more better then the drug detective Wang Seung.

At least he assured to be guarantee for this women and the detective should be thankful for her help to caught the criminal at the scene. But he was too out to believe any of them and drag Seol Ok to the police station with the charges of interfering in the investigation and officer duty.

detective wang seung took seol ok for interfering in police investigation -  Queen of Mystery: Episode 2

After creating all the fuss the detective drive Seol Ok home. It was very surprising for her to be treated like this. At that moment her sister in law was kissing in the car with her boyfriend seeing Seol Ok she startled and hide not to be caught or might thing get more complicated.
On her way home she found out the 119 team and got to knew they come for a constipated patient who was locked in the bathroom from hours. This scene was too hilarious when she explain the officer what actually happen and beg him co operate not telling to her mother in law.

Seol ok while coming back home saw the ambulance which was here for a constipation patient who fanit in the bathroom -   seung Queen of Mystery: Episode 2

Making a way to enter in the house she did a prank call and lay down in the bathroom. Her sister in law find out Seol Ok coming out inside of the house and blackmailed her for lending some money or else she will tell the truth to the mother.

The next morning her mother in law told Seo Ok there is a 50% sale on fresh eggs so she should get 5 trays as soon the market opens. She uses her sharp mind and was the first one to get 5 trays of fresh eggs. On her way back she also purchased fresh vegetables but thanks to her detective instict she again end up meeting the patro police officer Joon O and come to knew about another robbery case.

the 119 rescue team help seol ok sneaked into the bathroom the next day her mother in law ask her to buy 5 tray of eggs which were on half price -  seung Queen of Mystery: Episode 2

Not only this it was forbidden for any outsider to interfere in the investigation or else he will receive a punishment for breaking rules. Nothing can stop Seol Ok to interfere instead of going home and leaving the ingredients she stayed there and request Officer Joon O to help her look at the crime scene and she will find out what actually happen.

It was too tough for Officer Joon O to send the drug detective Wan Seung out. While Seol Ok using all her intelligence and told Officer its not a simple robbery case but a big case of hiding a murder. Detective Wan Seung was there sitting on the the fresh egg trays and listening what Seol Ok was talking about.

seol ok while coming back from teh grocery shopping find officer joon o at a robbery house - seung Queen of Mystery: Episode 2

It was really a funny scene we laugh eggs will going to crack and Seo Ok will receive a scolding from her mother in law. There is too much mystery to knew about how Seol Ok will be treated by the detective this time for interfering in the investigation. Stay tuned to find out more.
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