The previous episode ends when Gwang Ho witness a missing body from the past and realize the criminal serial killer was still alive. ...

Gwang Ho Stuck in Future after solving 5 Dot body Case - Tunnel: Episode 3 (Review)

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Gwang Ho and Sun Jae after the crime scene -  Tunnel: Episode 3

The previous episode ends when Gwang Ho witness a missing body from the past and realize the criminal serial killer was still alive. He told Sun Jae a similar case he knew about long time ago but no one believed him. The autopsy report revealed it was done by an expert who use a sharp saw or something like that.

Gwang Ho knew a case back then in 1986 it was fresh in his mind as he then open his eyes in the 2016 and that women body contains the 5 dots which were many years old.

Gwang ho now knew the serial killer was still alive - Tunnel: Episode 3

It wasn't any assumption but the fact Gwang Ho tried to explain Sun Jae. The female professor jae Yi also give her opinion that the women was treated by the person like a garbage that he end up threw her body parts separately in small shoppers.

While investigating this case Gwang Ho receive a task to call and check the people on the list but he couldn't do so as he don't have the thing Yeon Jae posses. He points towards his mobile phone and makes yeon jae irritate thinking him a weirdo who doesn't have the knowledge about modern technology.

 Gwang ho in the future got amazed by the touch mobile phone - Tunnel: Episode 3

Gwang Ho's prediction about the dead body were 99% correct, she was the women 49 years old and graduated from hwayang Girls High School. Somehow she manage to escape from the crime scene back then and survived till now but end up becoming the real victim in the modern time.

 gwang ho and touch phone  - Tunnel: Episode 3

Yeon Jae and Gwang Ho in their own ways investigated and captured the culprit who denied the charges of being accused of the murder. Here professor Jae Yi helped them in identifying the real criminal using the CCtv footage.  

 Gwang ho and sun jae with the help of female professor solve another case  -  Tunnel: Episode 3

The footage points over another suspect who was now investigated by both Sun Jae and Gwang Ho. Then they come to knew the suspected was interested in the victim Kim Jung Hye and got rejected by her.

 the culprit get rid of her beloved over insult -  Tunnel: Episode 3

It was because of the other man's involvement so he couldn't stand his insult and decided to took revenge on her. professor Jae Yi helped Sun Jae to get his confession fro the crime by provoking him over the insult and disability he was hiding.

 the culprit hiding hid disabled hand  inside the pocket -  Tunnel: Episode 3

Another case was solved in the future and we wish Gwang ho might find a way back to his home via tunnel. The team had a party for solving another criminal case. Gwang Ho thank the Chief for turning out so great and then make his way out towards the tunnel.

The more he desperately wanted to go back he turned out at the same point he started his efforts wondering his wife might be waiting for him near the cruise. he somehow make a way to meet her but nothing could help. Stay tuned to find out will this time Gwang Ho going to make a way back to his time and meet his wife or will there are more mysterious thing waiting ahead to be solved out by Gwang Ho.

 Gwang ho solved the case and wanted to go back to the past as he promised his wife to go on the cruise -  Tunnel: Episode 3
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