Another Mini Fantasy base drama The Universe Star was a surprise for the fans of Exo Suho. He played the super Idol role as Woo Joo an...

The Love Story of Grim Reaper with the Super Star - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

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Byeol i become the grim reaper - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

Another Mini Fantasy base drama The Universe Star was a surprise for the fans of Exo Suho. He played the super Idol role as Woo Joo and steal the heart beat of many women's. Ji Woo played the crazy fan girl Byeol i who was the big fan. One day as usual she was going to school rocking on the tunes of Woo Jo got hit by a delivery van.
When she wake up she was no more human just a sole who's dire wish to attend Woo Jo's musical concert remain unfilled.  She end up becoming a female Grim reaper who's job was to escort the lost soul to their eternal world. It wasn't only Byul but we come to meet many Grim Reapers and it remind us of "Goblin" "49 Days" "Arang and the magistrate" and many others.

byeol i hit by the delivery truck and after become grim reaper - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

Their outfit was unique in a way a mix fashion of ancient scholars which lead our attention to watch out the further episode. Byul appears to be a stupid one who couldn't even bring one soul to the other world and always receive the scolding from the manager. This fantasy was getting too interesting as every Grim Reaper has their human memories. They didn't forget who they were and their family members. 

byeol i was no more a human but feel the pain and scold doctor for not coming before at the hospital , but the doctor can't see her - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

Well the story then starts from the present day as Byul had to do the general duty to escort missing souls. Though it was an unpleasant job and she can't avoid it. On her free time she enjoy with a friend who was a missing soul and a fan of Woo Jo.

There sure must be some twist and the secret why Byeol can't escort the only friend soul to the eternal world. On the other hand Woo jo who was the well known Idol devoted for his work and fans started to become depressed as the rumors of him being lame singer spreading fast and making thing difficult for him to survive.   

byeol i and her friend who was a missing soul are a huge fan of idol Woo Jo - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

The rumors about Woo Jo wasn't just in the human world but also in the world of Grim reapers that he will going to have a sudden death soon. This make Byeol and her friend too much worried so they decided to keep an eye on Woo Jo and take care of him if anything mysterious happens. That way the soul and the female Grim reaper spend time near Woo Jo and come to knew lot many things about him as his fan.

because of the rumors woo jo will die soon byeol i and her friend decided to keep a watch on him - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

Getting involve in the affairs of human and not doing the job properly as the Grim Reaper, Byeul received the scolding from the manager with the warning if she meddle in human affairs again she will receive a sever punishment and will be removed from the position of Grim reaper. 

Byul argued with the manager and told Woo Jo was the only reason she lived and died in an accident unpleasantly without fulfilling her life dire wish. All what happened to her was unjust. She should be given a chance to do what she couldn't had done back then.  

byeol i scolded for meddling in human affairs, also the manager give her a chance to be back as human and fulfill her 7 wishes -  The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

We never thought the manager will listen her plead and give her a time with 7 stars to do so as she wish to do being a human. When she complete her wish the star will vanish and she had to come back to the eternal world. 

This fantasy seems more of interesting as we thought and realize it shouldn't be a mini serial but atleast there should be 10 to 14 episodes seeing the concept of the story it was a little unfair. Byul with the miracle came back to life and help Woo Jo every time he was in danger. She literally become the weird one but actually the guardian angel who was by the side Woo Jo. Finally she gain recognition by him and was very happy staying close. 

byeol i and woo joo kiss - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

One after the other her wishes were getting full filled and the stars were vanishing. They did all the things the couple do while they date. In other words Woo Jo was enjoying the time he spend with the weird Byuel and come to see the other side of life as an ordinary person.

byeul i and woo jo dateing on the sea side - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

Being alive with the help of female doctor she met her mother who was in a critical condition since Byul death. It was the miracle for every one to see Byul alive. Also the delivery truck driver beg for forgiveness from Byuel. It was then revealed he was the son of the manager Grim Reaper. 

After the driver hit Byeul he feels guilty and forgiveness he change his life and become a rescue office who saves people. Things becoming worse at Woo Jo's Entertainment company because of the dating rumors. The only friend of Byeol decided to leave the human world and also give courage to Byeol who was left behind alone because of the dating rumors with Woo Jo. The friend also give Woo Jo concert ticket as the gift. 

byueol i meet her mother at the hospital and also the person who hit her from the delivery truck - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

Things become more complicated as the planned concert of Woo Jo was canceled for some reasons fans were really disappointed. We never thought Byul will be the one to gather the fans and  make Woo Jo follow there to perform for his concert. 

The Evil Grim Reaper Jo Young Gi appear with the human face as he receive the order to take Woo Jo soul to the eternal world. We wonder how can the Grim Reaper take the healthy human soul. We never though Byul will become the victim of some haters. As Byuel was the target and about to got hit Woo Jo jumped in save Byuel and end up in ICU. 

the evil grim reaper jo young gi stab woo jo in a human getup - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

We now realize Woo Jo repaid all the love and care he received from Byuel by saving her life. On the rooftop of the hospital who can see the Grim Reaper plead him to leave Woo Jo alive and turn a blind eye, it was to repay her kindness back then when she saved Joo Young Gi daughter;s life by doing so. 

Byuel also made a promise after 7 years she will going to safe her daughter again and on her turn she will leave the world without any regrets. Waoo what a courageous girl Byul turned out to be. We never Imagine she would make such difficult decision just to protect and safe Woo Jo.

byeol i ask that grim reaper the life of woo jo instead she will go in her duaghter when her time comes - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

This fantasy show us another picture of the true romance of an idol and an ordinary girl. Woo Jo recovers fast and propose Byeul. It was the happiest moment of Byul's life. She can't believe she was proposed by Woo Jo. he then teased her with the letter Byul wrote him back then as his first fan ever. Many golden memories were preserve with that letter. 

Woo jo propose Byeol i and get married - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

Finally the two of them got married an Woo Jo earn her another wish. Time passes so quickly they had a child and were living a happy family life. The 6 stars already vanish from Byul's hand and the 7th was there. Now we were curious when will that star vanish and what will be the end of Byuel's contract life.

It was good she already told everything about her to Woo Jo and made a friendly trust relationship. Now it was time for Byul to leave as she promised with the Grim reaper Joo Young Gi and the manager after fulfilling all her wishes she will leave the world without any regrets.

byeol i lived a happy family with woo jo and a son now its time for her to leave instad of grim reaper daughter - The Universe Star: Review (Three Color Fantasy)

Seeing her leaving her husband and child alone our eyes become little teary what if things could put back and she shouldn't had to leave her life on earth will be really fantastic but nothing happened the human way. All the world runs by the faith once written can't be put back.

It was really great watching the universe star. Not even once we lose our attention or got bore. On the whole we can just say we can earn our weekend watching this mini serial on MBC "Three color Fantasy:" and hope to watch more fantasy series in future. 
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