Boys before flower the third korean drama we choose to watch. Before we watched K Drama My name is kim sam soona and My love Patzzi . It wa...

Boys Before Flower Review - Le Min Ho & Ku Hye‑sun

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Boys before flower the third korean drama we choose to watch. Before we watched K Drama My name is kim sam soona and My love Patzzi. It was the time of 2010 the days were too boring due to winter vacations. The drama was recommended by one of our friend. So we download it to watch but unfortunately after watching 3 episodes due to Thorjon Virus attack in the computer we lost our precious Korean data. So we didn't loose hope after kicking out the thorjon virus we decided to watch it online but when ever we browse to watch the episode online we just got dumped by the electricity and when nothing happens to electricity the internet connection broke down. We continued fighting with all the hurdles just to watch Boys Before Flower.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
After every two months we are still watching Boys over flower and not getting enough of every episode. Even though its been four years the mystery still remains why we watch it again and again. The more we were watch the episodes we were more in to the theme how a one commoner girl Jan Di slowly coming over on F4 and totally make their life upside down.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
It was the story of Shinwah High School's F4 and the daughter of a dry cleaner Jan di. She become a very well known personality after she save Shinwah High school student life. She was on the cover of news paper and Homepage of Shinwah High school. As a reward she become a transfer student in shinwah high school which makes her life totally changed.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
On her first day at Shinwah she bumped into F4 group and got shocked by their act. The F4 were popular in their rich school because of their status, money and handsome appearances, despite the fact that they treat other student like dirt. No one had the guts to stand against them, Jan di was able to stand up to the scariest kid in school.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
She made a friend who was much like her. During the break time it was the first meeting directly with F4 when Jan di friend accidently drop the icecream on Gu Jun Piyo's shoes. Jun Piyo showed his anger and Jan Di showed him hanger ehehehehe. We mean she showed him the mirror what actually Jun Piyo is. Jun Piyo was shocked Jan Di rocked. He wasn't expecting this reaction from a commoner transfer student. More over Jun Piyo's friends also make fun of him after wards.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
Then Jun Piyo thought of taking revenge from Jan Di and tried all his best to irritate her but she was of her name she replied one with ten. Many times Ji Ho helped Jan Di and Jun Piyo become annoyed on this.

Lee Jeong and Woo Bin shared their views that Jun Piyo was getting mentally sick while Jun Piyo talking to himself at every planning to tricks Jan Di, thinks that this time she will going to come and say "she is sorry". But Jan Di ignored all dirty tricks of Jun Piyo. Her bold nature makes her stand out in the crowd. She wasn't scared of the student who make fun of her.

She can't bear the dirty rumor about being pregnent on one night stand. Then she showed her big gutts and treat Jun Piyo by throwing a high kick on his face. Including Jun Piyo his friends and we become shocked with our mouth wide open. We also wasn't expecting this reaction from Jan Di suddenly me sister said "O tery ki".

After that the female girls started to hate Jan Di and making her school life more tuff, because Jun Piyo and Ji Hoo started showing intrest in Jan Di. She ignored every one and every thing trying to focus on studies and swiming Championship. The more she avoid the more problem come in her way.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
Shinwah School vication F4 threw a party and invited every body. The jealous female group mislead Jan Di and made fun of her in front of every one. Ji Hoo and his girlfriend helped Jan Di to over come the embarassing situation. Jun Piyo got jealous and become annoyed when he saw Jan Di dancing with Ji Hoo.

He walked out of the party and fell in the pool. He don't know how to swim and shout for help. Jan Di saved Jun Piyo from being drowned and give CPR. Jun Piyo took advantage and took the first french kiss. He was smiling suspiciously but suddenly received a punch in return.

The story till now was wonder full and hope it continued further but the things happen we didn't imagine. Jun piyo fell for Jan di. As a thanks giving he tried all the dirty tricks again to torture Jan Di and become deeply happy laughing sitting in front of the Tv screen watching how Jan Di react on his pranks.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
Ji Hoo invites every on the birtday party. Jan di saw Ji Hoo kissing Seo Hyeon she got shocked and become upset. Jun Piyo saves Jan Di and took her from the party. We thought of it was the beginning of another kiss but it end up Jan di vomits on Jun Piyo.

When she woke up she found herself in Jun Piyo's bedroom. More over the witchy mother was coming with in no time. This news made Jun Piyo lost his senses. He called other F4 for help to clear Jan Di's position in her house.

Here is the first snowy night Jun Piyo and Jan Di shared together stuck in to chair lift cabin. Jun Piyo was happy after spending a night together with her and he wrote "Our first night together".
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
Jan Di's best friend trap Jan Di in the evil plan she set to make her position awkward infront of Jun Piyo and F4 by creating one night scandal at the bar hotel room. F4 reveals the truth and Jun Piyo saves Jan Di from Shinwah students revenge. Take her home and look after her and can't control his feelings every time he touch Jan Di's face or hands.

The first vocation of Jan Di with Jun Piyo and F4. The great time they spend in the Island. Jun Piyo showed Jan Di his heart land saying i promised myself to whom i love the most i will show her my heart. Every thing was going fine. Suddenly some thing big happen in Ji Hoo's life, he was lonely Ji Hoo kissed Jan Di to over come his loneliness. Jun Piyo saw and the misunderstanding occured, though Jun Piyo didn't confess his love to Jan Di neither Ji Hoo the jealousy started. The friendship and trust vanished away.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
Jan Di tried all her best to clear the misunderstanding but of no use. Then the twist  Noona said expeing Jan Di and Ji Hoo on personal issues from the school is unfair. It should be on equal basis through a valid reason or through a competition. She set three 
competitions on the basis of sports. Making two teams Jan Di, Ji Hoo and Jun Piyo, Wo Bin, Sung Jun.

During the 
competition we come to knew F4 also had weaknesses and many thing they also fear of. But the life they are leading isn't the one in reality. Ji Hoo was afraid of car driving while Jun Piyo can't swim. When Ji Hoo & Jan Di were together in the competition Jun Piyo become more jealous and lost the competition thinking i can't have this girl.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
Here we laughed out of our lungs when F4 threw a big prank on Jan Di at a snowy night saying Jun Piyo is in critical condition and he has no time left. Jan Di after hearing this ran in hurry wearing a softy and a joger ehehehehe. She even didn't care how chilled the weather was. It was the starting of Jun Piyo's and Jan Di's love relations.

Jun Piyo want to spend a night at Jan Di's house and enjoyed a common life living in their house for two days. He slept there played with them, made kimchi, eat breakfast, went to suana, eat the hot fish cake. After returning he was so happy he jealoused his friends by saying did you ever go to suana. Have to ever eaten hot fish cake at the stall, you don't know what real life is!
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
The happy moment started Jan Di make chocolates for valentine day. Jun piyo gave her the star moon necklace as the symbol of love and also Jan Di make lunch box for Jun Piyo. Every thing was going fine suddenly Jun Piyo left without saying anything.

Jan Di with the help of F4 looked for Jun Piyo and went after him but of no use Jun Piyo didn't recognize her. She felt agony. At the moment Ji Hoo helps and care for Jan Di. There she met a korean girl who helped her and both become friends. Who knew that this new friend Jae Kyeong will appear as Jun Piyo's fiance in future.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
Jae Kyeong was a lonely but a lively girl who make friends quickly. 
Jun Piyo's call Jae Kyeong monkey but she never mind. She enjoy challenges and task. She won the ramen eating competition and give the reward coupon to Jan Di and Ji Hoo. Also she helped Jun Piyo and Jan Di become together by breaking off the marriage call. She even didn't fear of Jun Piyo's witchy mother.

Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
Due to financial circumstances Jan Di and her younger brother had to leave the house and started living on the rooftop. There parent left for the village. Also Jun Piyo appeared to live as the neighbour on the rooftop. 

Every time he visit and ate all their ramen deliciously by putting it on the lid of the pot. He even can't knew how to lite the stove and make ramen. So he started eating raw ramen OMG unbeliveable. How one can eat uncooked ramen with dry spice. But Jun Piyo did he showed his skills being the F4 leader.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
One day Jan Di fainted and Jun Piyo's noona take her home. She refuse to stay there saying she can't stay like this she will going to do house hold work. So the Noona agreed and stiched a beautiful maid dress for Jan Di. It was unexpected for Jun Piyo that Jan Di will be staying at his house. He was too cruel and evil he tease Jan Di the more chance he get. If he didn't get a chance he make a chance to irritate her, make her do the same things repeatedly. 

We really enjoyed the time Jan Di spend at Jun Piyo's house. Beside this Jan Di tried very hard to earn money to support her family. The witchy mother when heared Jan Di's living in her house she threw her out and Ji Hoo's grandfather took her in to his house. Ji Hoo's grandfather deeply wish Jan Di to be his grand daughter in law but it wasn't written in Jan Di's faith she was deeply in love with Jun Piyo.

She had happy moments at Ji Hoo's house they also won a beautiful bride groom couple competition. After that Ji Hoo also fell in love with Jan Di. Who ever tried to help her Jun Piyo's witchy mother take revenge not caring the life, stautus, relations or money.

The witchy mother makes the life so tuff for Jan Di and for the one who cared for her. Then Jan Di visited the witchy mother and request her she will going to leave Jun Piyo side for this do not trouble any one else. For the last she asked permission for one day with Jun piyo. She did every thing for Jun piyo as the couple in korean dramas do. She made lunch, long drive, did cycling, holding hands and moreover she kissed Jun Piyo herself. On the way back home Jun Piyo was very happy but she left him saying lets breakup. 

This make Jun Piyo totally mad he become cruel to himself. Ji Hoo told Jun Piyo that he found Jan Di lets go together and bring her back. Jun Piyo refused but he follow Ji Hoo. He saw Ji Hoo together with Jan Di. He jump in front of the car to save Ji Hoo and lost conciousness. When he recovered he didn't remember any thing about how he fell in love with Jan Di and what promises he made with her. Jan di got dumped and other F4 friends tried their hard to restore Jun piyo's memory but of no use.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
Finally Jun Piyo recovered and though some one else of his beloved. He threw a party and announce to leave for abroad for further studies. It was heart breaking for Jan di and other friends. She lost his love and didn't want to live thinking the life ends now and fell in the pool. At no moment Jun Piyo jumped in to the water calling Jan Di Jan Di. Yaay his lost memory recovered and finally he recognize who Jan Di is, and what Jan Di's life means to him. 

We were so happy every time we watch this drama it appears we are watching it for the first time even now when we are writting the review we are as much excited as we are watching it again. These guys are so lucky to be called as F4 and a part of Boys before flower.

Finally the high schools ends the day of farewel party arrives Jan Di dance with F4 and meet Jun Piyo after the party. Every one set of to their destinations. Jan Di and Ji Hoo become doctor. Jun Piyo and Woo Bin take over their family business. Lee jeong met his love and continue the pottery.
Boys Before Flower Korean Drama 2009 Review
In the end Jun Piyo arrived in a helicopter and proposed Jan Di to be his wife. The other F4 opposed it saying with out our approval its nothing. 
It was a happy ending. 

We enjoyed every character every time we watched it seems like the drama was written only for them. The character was so in to the story as if we are not watching the drama but F4 and Jan Di's real life story. Every minute we enjoy, we laugh together, we cry together and many moment made us scream saying its not this it should be like this but it was our feeling. Over all every thing was amazing we want to write more but we skipped many things. It would be better if you watch this drama with english sub. Do watch and don't miss to read our other K drama reviews. 

After we watched this drama for 15 to 20 times we also watched (Jun Piyo ) Lee Min Hoo in Mackerel Run, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Faith and recently The Heirs. 

(Ji Hoo) Kim Hyun-Joong in Mischievous Kiss, Dream High, White christmas will next be watching him in Inspiring Generation.
We also inspired by (Lee Jeong) Kim Beom as a potter and watched him in Goddess of Fire, Bare Footed friends. Finally its the end lets meet in next drama review.
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