Finally we finished watching IRIS with a big break. It was a nice experience watching for the first time a drama about National Security S...

IRIS Korean Drama 2009 Review

By | Saturday, October 04, 2014 1 comment
Finally we finished watching IRIS with a big break. It was a nice experience watching for the first time a drama about National Security System (NSS). The drama was full of action thriller, crime, gang ill legal act and spy. Every thing was shown in detail its the specialty of director and producer who tried their best to give life to the characters. We think it was the most expensive drama proves to be the best action thriller suspense.
IRIS Korean Drama 2009
Kim Tae-Hee we watched her in My Princess and she was the cutest. The story revolves around two friends how they received their training and entered in NSS as under cover spy. Both fall for the same Seung-Hee their colleague. The training they receive at NSS made us grind our teeths. Some time the situation become so tense we can't predict what will going to happen in the next scene. For the very first 5 episode the story was confusing but gradually we understand there is a hidden Big B who controls every order at NSS.
IRIS Korean Drama 2009
Other than their training at NSS, the task, there was romance also which turned out to be a love triangle between three of them. The story take a turn when the couple on the vacation received a command to under take a secret mission in Budapest, Hungary. It was about to kidnap the North Korean nuclear scientist Seung-ryong Hong visiting that city and bring him back to South Korea.

IRIS Korean Drama 2009

The other friend in jealousy plus receiving the order from higher authorities betrayed the couple. After this the story of patriotic heroes turned out to be a revenge. So it become more interesting a story full of turn and twist. The first was friendship, NSS training, romance, love triangle, jealousy, betrayal, target, revenge. So all this elements make IRIS the block buster drama of the year. The entire story was realistic and thrilling we were holding our breaths out what will going to happen next. The acting specially the expression of the cast were outstanding. Some time we feel as if we are the part of NSS under cover mission to watch the drama IRIS.
IRIS Korean Drama 2009
The ending wasn't expected as shown. The hidden Big B wasn't revealed till the end. Every one turns out to be innocent receiving orders. The mystery still remains the same who was the one giving orders through out the drama. This reminds us Vampire prosecutor series. Both the series didn't reveal who the real culprit and vampire was. So if you are action thriller lover we recommend you to watch IRIS because we already watched it 2 times Tee Hee. This is for now from A New Kind of Hobby. Lets meet in the next K drama review. Till then you may search our blog for the other k dramas & Movie reviews.
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