Though we were addicted watching K drama. It doesn't matter the drama from the year 2004, 8 or 14. We want to watch a family drama and...

Full House Korean Drama 2004 Review

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Though we were addicted watching K drama. It doesn't matter the drama from the year 2004, 8 or 14. We want to watch a family drama and choose full house. The title remind us the Hollywood series of Full house we use to watch when we were kids. So the similar title attracted us. 

It was a story which revolves around the life of Han Ji Eun. She was a writer and trust her friends alot. One day she decided to go on a trip and left her house in the possession of her best friend. On the plane she vomits on a passenger who turned out to be a famous korean actor Lee Young Jae. Her friends didn't properly make a reservation for her in china nor left her amount of money. We feel sorry for her she ask help from the actor Lee young Jae and also borrow some money to return to korea. Unfortunately it was the silly mistake of her life. She was conned by her friends. They have sold her house and run away.
Full House Korean Drama 2004 Review
The owner of the house was turned out to be the arrogant actor from whom she borrow the money in china. We became curious what will going to happen next? It was the turning point of the story and the starting of their romance. The actor refuse to give back the house and asked her to give back all the money she borrowed. But what to do she had nothing left so she become the maid in order to pay back the money. There her hectic life starts. At the moment we were enjoying and at the same time we were feeling sorry. In order to regain her house, she also signs a one-year contract of fake marriage with him.
Full House Korean Drama 2004 Review
We laughed how they going to manage the fake marriage both were rash and arrogant. We enjoyed every episode where Lee Young Jae purpously torture han Ji En when ever she ignores him. He was like i can't like your presence nor bear you but i can't let you go any where.
Although she lost her every thing she was full of life which makes Lee annoyed and he tease her. The chemistry was excellent. We were excited just to watch the growth of their relationship.
Full House Korean Drama 2004 Review
After watching few episode the entry of the second hero and the jealousy started. At that time we wish there should be a continues part of full house 2. Now full House 2 is in our cue list. The story was realistic full of emotions and sentiments. We also enjoyed their nit pick, their argument, their funny and sad moments and also the moments they fell for each other but didn't admitted. The drama ends with the happy ending. They got married for real. We were happy for them. It was nice watching Full House though it was an old drama but we really enjoyed it. Its all till now lets meet in next K drama review.
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