The title my girl seems promising with the male lead Lee Dong-Wook and Lee Joon-Gi also female lead Lee Da-Hae. It was nice watching the dr...

My Girl Korean Drama 2005 Review

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The title my girl seems promising with the male lead Lee Dong-Wook and Lee Joon-Gi also female lead Lee Da-Hae. It was nice watching the drama full of comedy and Romance till the end. We feel the chemistry the emotions and the story which leads the actors acting and expressions. As we watch the episodes we can't hold back to finish it though it was from the year 2005 but we were enjoying as the story moves further. We had seen contract marriages but our curiousness becomes bigger when we heard contract siblings. That is something quite out of imagination. So for contract sibling we watch the drama.

It was the story about Gong Chan who was sent by his grandfather to find his missing cousin. It was the conscience of a dying man who disowned his only daughter year before and now want to meet the only granddaughter so he could rest at peace. The first incident between Gong Chan and Yoo-Rin was very interesting. She was the thieve who stoles trangees from Gong Chan Farm and was selling them on the street. Beside this she was also staying at Gong Chan farm house at night secretly and making squashes and Jam from the trangees (oranges) to sold them out in the market to make money. One day when on the road Gong Chan's car hit her stall and ruined the tangees she also made Gong Chan to pay for the tangees ehehehe we laughed both didn;t knew the tangees were from Gong Chn farm and Yoo Rin was the theif. OMG she was so clever and sharp, but not that sharp she was caught red handed by Gong Chan. She ask forgiveness but couldn't resist doing the same again. This chemistry we enjoyed alot.
My Girl Korean Drama 2005 Review
Gong Chan hire her to pretend she’s his cousin in the hopes his grandfather might die in easy and rest in peace. Yoo Rin’s cheerful attentions the grandfather makes a miraculous recovery to the life. The story takes another turning point Gong Chan develops feelings for Yoo Rin, but in order to marry Yoo Rin she need to find the real cousin. In their family there was a rule that cousin from the same blood line can't marry. It was a unique thing for us. When ever Yoo rin stuck in trouble due to her nature and habits the second cousin Jung-Woo appears to help her. He bears the personality of a playboy but become serious for Yoo Rin here the story again take a turn and becomes a love triangle.

Every thing was going smooth with in the family, suddenly Gong Chan's lies were caught by the grandfather that Yoo Rin isn't their grand daughter she is the fake taking advantage of being the real. The grandfather got annoyed and ask Gong Chan to find the real quick and take away Yoo Rin from the house. We feel sad and griefed.
My Girl Korean Drama 2005 Review
Yoo Rin left the house without saying anything. The grandfather who was emotionally attached by Yoo Rin feels her absence and order Gong Chan to find Yoo Rin and the granddaughter. So another twist with lot of suspense what will going to happen next we continued watching the drama the next day.

Both Gong Chan and Jung-Woo place a bet who ever will going to find Yoo Rin first. But unfortunately when Jung Woo saw Yoo Rin as a tour guide he plan to surprise her with the flower bouqet. He reached the hotel and saw his cousin Gong Chan with Yoo Rin so he came back without saying anything that he found Yoo RIn first. He shows his big heart and accept their relation. This was the cute show of emotions we feel for Jung woo that he was a flirt, he never become serious with any girl but when he became serious that girl wasn't meant for him. It was the most upsetting moment in the drama but the story was going on. We felt our eyes a little watery but couldn't do anything for them.
My Girl Korean Drama 2005 Review
In the end they found the real cousin who was married to a japaneses and the grandfather accept Yoo Rin as another granddaughter who look after and took care of him when he was sick with out any compensation. Grandfather also allowed Yoo Rin and Gong Chan marriage. So this romantic comedy drama finally comes to its end. A happy ending bravo. Its all for now lets meet in the next k drama review.
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