We were surprised to knew Hyun Ji can now also see Ghosts and she happen to encounter with the scary ghost at the hospital who once was...

Ghost Seeing Couple - Let's Fight The Ghost - Ep 13 Review - Our Thoughts

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Ghost Seeing Couple - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

We were surprised to knew Hyun Ji can now also see Ghosts and she happen to encounter with the scary ghost at the hospital who once was a doctor. She was too shocked and shouted "Bong Pal". It was her instinct that made her call Bong Pal. Though after getting back from coma she didn't remember her relation with Bong Pal. But still there was a connection.

Bong Pal came and get ride of the ghost while Hyun Ji passed out of shock, what's happening and why strange things she happen to see.

 evil ghost doctor fight with bong pal - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

It took too long to reveal the connection between the characters while we were dying out of curiosity and guessing our own story. Monk Myunk after seeing Hyun Ji's student ID stay calm and didn't show any of the reaction Professor Jo would caught on him. Thank God he came out fine almost thought Monk Myung will gonna loose his life by Professor Jo's hand.

 Monk Myung with Professor Jo Hye Sung - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

Chul Sang and In Rang wanted to help Hyun Ji and Bong Pal by catching the culprit of hit and run incident. It wasn't only the both two but Monk Myung also wanted to help Bong Pal as for he feels sorry for Bong Pal's life. Also he couldn't able to finish the evil spirit long ago.

Chul sang and in rang ask the detective help for hyun ji hit & run case - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

It make us feel relaxed that Hyun Ji didn't turn her back to Bong Pal she was thankful for saving her life. Both chat till late at night and were happy to be in contact. But seriously the thing we like here was the cell phone charger which charge the battery so quickly.

 hyun ji and bong pal phone texting love charger - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

Couple ring, necklace, soft toys and item likes these are a tradition in almost every korean drama. Here Bong Pal want to give Hyun Ji a gift for recovering and leaving the hospital. He came to bought a gift it was branded necklace he bought, the design was delicate we almost fall for it.

But unfortunately he couldn't give it to Hyun Ji as her mother didn't like him meeting with Hyun Ji. It happened most of time a tragedy occur and make apart the leads. So we were wondering how both of them will come along together.

 hyun ji mother told bong pal to leave and not to appeae before hyun ji - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

Hyun Ji was back to home she was all happy and excited but was missing Bong Pal and was curious why didn't he show up as promise. But was unaware of the fact that it was her mother who didn't like Bong Pal and told him not to appear before Hyun Ji.

Hyun ji with her mother at her home  - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

We didn't expect Hyun Ji will visit University and happen to Meet with Bong Pal. All we were worried she should avoid getting counseling from Professor Jo as he was the real culprit for her hit and run case.
But things ween't up to what we were thinking. She end up meeting the professor at his class. There she got annoyed how Bong Pal ignored her in front of Seo Yeon. Every women wants attention same goes here. Thought its a bit odd she forgot her memories when in coma about being ghost. After getting back to life she didn't like Seo Yeon to be near with Bong Pal.

 bong pal ignored hyun ji in university - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

Things become connected with one to another incident. That end up by detectives knowledge. We wish that this case might got an end. Monk Myung ask detectives help to look into Professor Jo and luckily Chul Sang and In rang were bought in by an offer over the complain for illegal banner installation. All they wanted to catch a hit and run criminal.

Detective become more suspicious of the case and ask the assistance to take over it from the traffic department. We were happy Professor Jo will be punished soon for all his evil doings.

 bong pal, in rang and chul sang at the police station - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

Seo Yeon confessed her feelings how she feels about Professor Jo. Though we didn't her like her we wish both didn't go along. As she also was unaware who really is Professor Jo. She got rejected in an instant. It was for the good and might save another life being in danger.

 Professor jo reject Seo Yoon after her confession - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

As a ghost as an human Hyun Ji had a nature of being clingy. She didn't digest the fact that actually Bong Pal's ignore her and leave her alone after the class ends. She found Bong Pal sitting along on the bench. She started to talk and sudden;y remember saying "This place seems a bit familiar" and Bong Pal told her how she use to hang around him and follow him every where.

 bong pal and hyun ji at the same place they use to eat lunch - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

Another element of jealousy Hyun Ji shows towards Seo Yeon. She can't bear her receiving Bong Pal's phone and also scold Bong Pal for hanging out with other women. It was Hyun Ji possessiveness she can't give up on Bong Pal neither was clear about her connection and memories.

Bong Pal like Hyun Ji in anger and suddenly Kiss her. She was surprised and shocked by the sudden act she wasn't prepare she just hit Bong Pal leg saying "You Pervert". Threw the medication she bought for him and left.

bong pal and hyun ji sudden kiss at the road - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

Bong Pal follow her saying help me apply it how can i apply it myself. It was there sweet moments the love fight. Hyun Ji after applying medication on Bong Pal hand hit at the same spot saying "Its all done" and we laugh.

Bong Pal give the necklace to Hyun Ji saying "Its a bit late but i bought it for you". Hyun jI was too happy to receive a beautiful gift. Bong Pal seeing her happy mood ask "Then are we dating now" and receives a complicated answer "don't you dare to look at other girls". It was good both came along again.

 bong pal give hyun ji a neclace sweet couple - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

The story take another turn. Hyun Ji started seeing Ghost before she ignored and didn't realize that these are the wondering spirits, but now she was all scared why she is seeing them. She call bong pal to help her. Bong pal said her not to worry its nothing, you shouldn't get scared "No matter what .. i will protect you". The episode ends here and finally the story reaches at its ending destination.

 hyun ji too now can see ghosts - Let's Fight Ghost - Episode 13 Review

Our Thoughts: 
So there was a connection both the lead can see the supernatural elements and also had a connection which make them come closer. Hyun Ji's mom become wicked but Hyun Ji and Bong Pal become "Ghost Seeing Couple". They remind us of the series "Ghost Seeing detective Chae Young 1 & 2"also  "Arang and the magistrate".

It was a light episode we enjoyed the cute expression of Bong Pal and  Hyun Ji when they were texting.   

We wonder why Professor Jo use animal therapy to get closer to Hyun Ji its been totally out of the concept to use animal therapy on humans. Also Hyun Ji's mom was the weird one she falls for Professor Jo innocence and was warry of Bong Pal. 

Also Monk Myunk as promised wanted to protect Bong Pal from the evil spirit and Professor Jo. He didn't leave Bon Pal in danger but ask Chul Sang and In rang to be with Bong Pal no to leave him alone. Both were the dum and the dumber guy with the comedy element to make ghost tragedy into light mood with their comic jokes and act. Looking forward to the moment where both Hyun Ji and Bong Pal will Fight Professor Jo evil spirit. 

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