We started episode 4 leaving behind all our work just to knew did Hyun min really kissed Ha Won? It was so he passiontelly kissed her but...

Let's Play a Game - Cinderella & 4 Knights - Ep 4 Review - Our Thoughts

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We started episode 4 leaving behind all our work just to knew did Hyun min really kissed Ha Won? It was so he passiontelly kissed her but lolx in his dreams. I won the bet with my sister. How can he kiss Ha Won he always receives a beating. From my prediction Ha Won with go with Ji Woon as shown in the recap. Also he is the arrogant mean he will surely fly away with Ha Won.

Let's Play a Game - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

Hyun Min was actually dreaming his dream broke when Ha Won came to wake him up. He replied "so you are playing housewife.. i like it .. come lay down". She ignore saying come to the dinning room. Till now we really enjoy Hyun Min's perverted dialogues for Ha Won.

Hyun Min and Ha won kiss - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

Ha Won started to pursue them as per her first task. She was trying all her best to make them sit together for a meal. After calling Hyun Min she went to search Ji Woon. It was a big house she become tire saying where could i get him. Finally she found him at the swimming pool.

As always the arrogant rude Ji Woon "What the hell are you looking at?" .. Ha Won invites him let's eat together. In reply he said "Get Lost". Ha Won tried her best to pursue him seeing she wasn't leaving Ji Woon pull out a stunt saying "I am not wearing anything you want me to come out like this" .. she blushed and leave the pool.

ha won and jo woon at the swimg pool  - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

There chemistry started we wish we could have the same enjoyment for Ji Woon and Ha Won chemistry has Hyn Min as Ha Won.

Ha Won didn't give up and came back. This time she took Ji Won's obile phone as a hostage and told him if you want your mobile back come and eat. Ji Woon got all irritated saying "Is she out of her Damm mind".

She then went to the recording room and tried to pursue Seo Woo for the breakfast. Me and my sister mad a bet again for me it wasn't an easy task to make them sit together for a meal. As for my sister she said they will come but won't eat after seeing the other at the same moment on the dinning table.

 ha wom take ji woon mobile phone if you want you phone come and eat- Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

It was Hyun Min who first came to have breakfast with Ha Won. Beside his nature he was enjoying every moment, as well we. He again didn't miss a chance to tease Ha Won saying "Let's go oin a date after the breakfast". He tried to express his feelings by touching Ha Won's hand.

hyum min to ha won let go on a date  - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

Seo Woo came and told Ha Won "Don't try too hard the three of us aren't that close". He was talking about the reality. Ji Woon ask for his mobile back and said "Stop messing around".

ji woon to ha won stop messing around  - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

Ha won was in a difficult situation the three of them didn't eat and let just Seo Woo who was kind hearted took a slice and thanks Ha Won for her kind efforts. Their first task as we predicted get more and more difficult and complicated for Ha won to make three of them to eat together.

She make a plan to hold on their weakness and eat together. We enjoyed this scene a lot. Out of blue she suddenly come infront of Hyun Min and started playing di bi dibi dab. He was surprised at first then ask what is this for, Ha won "if you lost let's eat together".

Hun Min amazed to see Ha Won didn't give up on the task to make them eat together. He clearly told Ha won to give up "he will not going to eat with those guys" wanting to take his leave Ha Won hit his head which make us laugh. That he will be the jerk who will get hit by Ha Won through out the drama.

 lets play a game ha won and hyun min - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

She did the same with Seo Woo. His expression were as cute as the kitten. He was curious about Ha won act and knew "Last one on the stirs will grant the other person a wish". Ha Won wins and Seo won was curious what's her wish. She replied i want the three of you guys to eat together. My sister Its the mission impossible.

She suddenly appears infront of the arrogant Ji Woon and did "Cham , cham, Cham" his eyes stucked on Ha Won's face and made him said "Get Lost". Seriously three of them were as rigid as the rubber.

ha won play a game with Seo woo and Ji woon - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

Ha won didn't give up and proceed her plan B. She did a little search on Kang cousins and come to knew what type of food they love to eat. She prepared everything set a small table and spread the smoke so they can come out of their room.

Yoon Sung ask do you think you can make the three f them eat together. She was all confident saying i put lot of efforts in arranging this table. They will surely come out as to eat their favourite food. It happen so the three of them couldn't resist staying in their room and follow to knew from where this smell is coming.
They came and saw Ha Won along Yoon Sung eating delicious food seeing each other they refuse to eat. As of their face expression their mouth become watery. Still they follow their ego not to eat together. Ha Won again invite them come come eat its your favourite dishes. First Seo Woo left then Hyun Min.

But Ji Woon didn't left he stayed there seeing his favourite dish he lost control over his ego and ask "Does it taste good?" . Ha won say Aaah and want to feed him. He replied "Get Lost" and leave. Yoon Sung was eating deliciouly remind us of let's eat season 1 & 2.

ha won bait kang cousin their favourite dishes - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

 Ha won saw another side of Hyun Min. He was solving a puzzle game. She sit with hi and again made a bet over solving rubic cube. Hyun min enjoy Ha Won 's company no matter what. He said ok but you have only 2 minutes. Ha Won couldn't complete the puzzle but Hyun Min did before the time. He receives a call and left saying "I guess i can't grant you a wish ".

 hum min and ha won solve rubic cube - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

As  for we want to knew what is he up to. It was his date with a beautiful girl. They were having lunch together. Hyun Min lost all the attraction and ask the girl to hit him. She was surprised on the sudden request how can i hit you .. Hyun Min "I can't play with you ... let's breakup .. bye " . He was his attitude his wasn't enjoying his life as of now after meeting Ha won.

hyun min to a girl lets break up funny  - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

Ha Won step sister followed her to sky house she wanted to knew the reality about her staying there and surprised to see Hyun Min take her for shopping. He purchased the most expensive dresses for her. After placing the order they left to have to dinner. The witchy step sister check the price tag and was all shocked knowing how much worth they were.

 hyun min take ha won for hopping - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

On the other hand Ji Woon take Hye Ji for the lunch. My sister had a doubt both the couple might bump into each other at the same hotel and it happen so. Ha Won seeing Hye Ji greet her and ask her if they could eat together. She didn't want to miss a chance to make Kang cousin sit on the same table for a meal.

Unfortunately she burn her hand, Hyun Min got worried and the juice spilled on Ha won's dress. The atmosphere become a bit tense as of Hye ji couldn't stand Hyun Min giving this much attention and care to another women.

 hyun min, ha won, hye ji and ji woon together for dinner - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

Ha won left to wash the stains. Ji Woon followed her and teased her saying "Are you that happy to have expensive clothes .. i can also buy them for you". Both started the argument again. Ji Won left threatening Ha Won to stay away and not to use the word family infront of him. Other she will responsible for the consequnces.

ji woon threat ha won not to mess around  - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

The atmosphere become tense Hye Ji left in anger she couldn't have the patience to listen Hyun Min's taunts. Ji Won insults Hyun Min "You are an expert at hurting Hye Ji" Hyun Min didn't stay silent and reply "and you are an expert at healing that pain". He left to find Hye Ji, she was all out senses and about to be be hit by the truck, Ji Woon saved her and shout "Are you out of your mind".

It was her insane act due to Hyun Min's behviour. She request Ji Woon to help her get that girl gone from Hyun Min side. Finally Hye Ji showed her selfishness this ,akes her character more irritating. We wish she won't hurt Ha Won being all innocent just for her one sided love.

 hye ji showed anger for ha won - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

Hyun Min got Ha Won and told he bought her a house. Its his habit to fulfill one of the wish after the break up, but for Ha won he is granting the wish before they start dating. Also he was very full of himself being cool he said, there won't be any one like me "i bought you expensive clothes, buy you food and even a house in case you got kicked out". Ha Won didn't got impressed and neither loose a chance to take over Hyun Min and hit him saying "I have no intension of dating you".

 hyun min buy a house for ha won - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

She didn't give up on her first task and again started to work on it to make Kang cousins eat together. She send a group message and ask them to meet her at courtyard in an hour, this is the last time i am asking. The three of the cousins left the chat room.

While Seo Woo thinking of something and came out of the room he found one of Ha won's belongings on the floor and amazed she hadn't threw any of it. He wanted to give it and found out today is Ha won's birthday. Being a good and caring person he wanted to do something for Ha won he decided to threw a surprise party and make her happy. Yoon Sung came and they both help arranging the table.

seo woo surprise birthday party for Ha won  - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

The two Hyun MIn and Ji Woon were again on teasing strike to each other. Hyun Min irritated and said move aside. Ji Woon replied "come to the courtyard i'll show you something amusing". We though both will have a fist fight or something like that. But unfortunately it was a cold water on our imagination.

Ji Woon act like out of him he hug Ha won from back, she thought Hyun Min and said "Hey, Kang Hyun Min! i told you to keep your hands off" and surprised seeing it was Ji Woon. Hyun Min ask "What the hell are you doing?" .. Ji Woon to Ha won "Why do you have to belong to Kang Hyun mIn of all people?" we were shocked by Ji Woon act and couldn't understand is it his real intension or he is helping Hye Ji and making Ha Won away from Hyun min.

hyun min & ji woon fight over ha won  - Cinderella and Four Knights - Episode 4 Review

Hun Min couldn't stand seeing Ha Won in Ji Woon's arms he grab his collar. Ji Woon "I am going to and try to steal your fiance". The episode ends here. Me and my sister make a bet it was Ji Woon will gradually develop the true feelings for Ha won same goes for Hyun Min and may be afterwords Seo Woo also start seeing Ha Won as a women.

This plot in future will surely come up with interesting situation and make us amuse with being a little different from Boys before flower. Stay tuned to knew more about cinderella's four knight have a happy kdrama watching till then take care. Let's meet in another k drama review.

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