Cho Jung Seok and Kong Hyo Jin the new on screen pair for Jealousy Incarnate. We were hoocked up after watching the teasers and were c...

Don't Touch My Chest - Our Thoughts - Jealousy Incarnate - Ep 1 Review

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Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review - Don't Touch My Chest

Cho Jung Seok and Kong Hyo Jin the new on screen pair for Jealousy Incarnate. We were hoocked up after watching the teasers and were curious as of both  their chemistry. Cho Jung Seok remind us of Oh My Ghostess as previous and compare to this drama serial, he has a stiff and rude personality. For a change and news casting section we decided to watch this drama.

Pyo Na Ri the female lead appears to be a weather forecaster and leads a very difficult life. We feel pity for her. As for the male lead lee Hwa Shin who is the famous news anchor was too rude, rigid and straight forward.

The producer appears to be a bit weird when he shout on Pyo Na Ri poses during the live weather forecast, mentioning the breast, the chest, the hip, the shoulder. At first this situation looks weird by yeah he was the weird one so that's how the channel and producer make the ratings by exposing.

Na Ri as a weather forecaster  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

It was very hard for Pyo Na Ri to make off living. She always go around here and there at the station and doing every kind of task for the people to earn a little money any where she can. Her other colleagues always pick on her. Its not only seen in school collages for weak student for poor and needy employees also.

 na Ri was bullied by the female collagues - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

Chi Yeol the little brother of Na Ri was the brilliant and out standing student at his school. But unfortunately the teacher pick on him for being poor and not able to pay the school fees on time. It was a really humiliated scene our eyes almost become teary seeing how rationally the teacher scolds him. He can also put an blind eye for his late fees but he didn't.

Chi Yeol take off his shirt and pent saying you can take back what i stole from the lecture in the classroom. Pitiful Chi Yeol and Pyo Na Ri.

na ri brother chi yeol remove his clothes infront of the teacher take it what i stole from lecture  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

Na Ri did all the hard work to pay off all daily life expenses and her brothers education fee. But seeing how she was living it was too hard for her to bear the responsibility. Other then these she was a caring sister and a human being who has a soft heart for everyone. Its not only for her but same goes for her little brother.

 caring brother of na ri - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

She finally got an extra work for the shoot in Bangkok. It was due to her makeup and hair styling skills. She offered the half charges and was assign the business trip with the weird producer who never miss a chance to insult and humiliate Na Ri.

It was Na Ri's first encounter with the second male lead Jung Won in the the plane. At the airport she never expected to meet Hwa Shin but it happen so and she found out they will be filming him. It was also revealed she had a crush on him for three years.

 na ri get a chance to go on a business trip to bangkok to do makeup in half price  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

It was really a hilarious scene. We enjoyed and laughed out and couldn't stand Pyo Na Ri's funny act. As Hwa Shin personality he avoids Na Ri and couldn't stand her around him. The more he avoids the more he had to face her.

He told her to send in the makeup artist and surprised to see its Na Ri, then he ask for the hair stylist and couldn't believe it was Na Ri. Finally the last but not the least he ask for the designer and it happened to be Na Ri again. He was about to go mad but couldn't help.

 funniest scene when na ri was the hair stylist, makeup artiost & the designer for hwa shin - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

When he saw the polka dot dress it was on the worst on his nerves, what the hell is this. More over he refuse to wear and decided to wear his white shirt. Na Ri insisted that he had to wear it and tried to unbutton the shirt he was wearing and accidentally injured his breast while touching.

She couldn't help her and continuously touched it. We wonder why she attract and act like this. Lee Hwa Shin goes mad and insult her saying get lost.

Na ri touch and gab hwa shin chest funny scene - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

Pyo Na Ri made lee Hwa Shin wear the polka dot outfit. He was all mad and take his anger out on the producer who was not giving him the script he had to shoot. Neither briefing the theme and detail.
So these things happen not only with the stars but also with the news anchors. We were happy he also scold the producer for his perverted actions for Pyo Na Ri weather forecast session.

hwa shin scold producer for talking weather forecaster in a perverted way   - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

The second lead Jung Won comes out to be Lee Hwa shin best friend. He came to meet him / Pyo Na Ri was all worried for Hwa Shin injury and ought him some medicine. She was surprised to see Jung woo as he was the first person who treated her nicely. She forgot Hwa Shin all her attention was for Jung Won. Hwa Shin become jealous out of nothing being ignored by both of them. So here goes the further story as the love triangle.

Na Ri ignores Hwa Shin and attracted to his friend Jung Won  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

We never expect Jung Won to remember Na Ri on his flight back. But it happen so. Jung Won remembers Na Ri cute expression when she says says "I Just feel like i just ate some air and pooped out a cloud".  She takes her profession so important and seriously. Though she only appears only for 2 to 3 minutes.

 jung won remember na ri and his conversation in the plane eat air and popped out cloud - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

It was another touching scene we come to knew the people where na Ri live. They come out to be too caring. It was the upper building of Rak Pasta resturant. Everyone was friendly and caring there.

 Rak pasta where na ri and oother tenats live - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

Kim Rak the owner treat his tenants as his family and cares for them. He also give them everyday ride to their destinations. We hope we could also get a friendly family like this.

kim rak cares for his tenants  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

One day on their way Kim Rak saw Bbal Gong wearing a short skirt. He points out bbal gang replied "that's non of business". In the car Na Ri point out bbal gang skirt and said lets exchange seats. The two of the boys shout at the same moment "No Way". They both act as bbal gangs body guards.

 na ri and bbal gong argue over short skirt - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

There was another story behind bbal gang behavior. His father married twice and Lee Hwa Shin was the uncle. So the characters were related some how. The flash back scenes briefs how lee hwa shin was against his brother first marriage with the news anchor Sung Sook who only cares for herself and was devoted to her profession only. But it was no use they got married and got divorce afterwards.

Bpal gang was their child. Then his brother fell in love with another women who was also the news anchor Ja Young. Hwa Shin was very happy for both of them. But it wasn't a happy life that continues, there was tragedy which turned out in to a misery afterwards.

hwa shin brother 2 weddings  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

It was the most awaiting scene my sister to watch out. As she was curious when watch it in the promo. The weird girl touching male (Namja) body on the main street. We laughed and laughed it was so hilarious we wonder how Lee Hwa Shin acted during the shoot. We must say they must have enjoyed and laughed a lot while shoot this scene.

 na ri second time grab hwa shin chest - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

Bpal Gong father tripped her leg and fell down from the stairs. He was in critical condition and was shifted to hospital. It was Rak kim the owner of the hospital who take him and call bbpal gang. At the hospital she come to see the recruitment promo of SBC and surprised in anger saying so all of you are enjoying your life and having fun.

There we come to to knew the three of them his uncle lee hwa shin, her biological mother Sung Sook and second mother Ja young happen to work at the same place. So the story will surely be more interesting for us as for now it was the introduction of the main characters.

hwa shin brother is in hospital and bbal gong saw his 2 mother and uncle on sbc recuritment - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

The drama didn't end here Na Ri act all weird with Lee Hwa Shin when they entered SBC station. Her actions went on extreme. We never imagine she would be this clingy. One man is ignoring her through out and being cold towards her but still she tries to touch his breast.

At this moment we got annoyed and feel the same embarrassment as Lee Hwa Shin. She finally talked about breast cancer which Lee Hwa Shin blow in anger. How can a man have this terminal disease. It was new for us also that breast cancer is not specially found in women, it has no gender any one can suffer from it. Also it can be an inherited disease.

It was a hard reality for Lee Hwa Shin to bear what Na Ri says. At first we thought Na Ri was teasing him and it could be a joke. But her expressions were too serious and we wonder why she did all the argument. The episode ends here.

 na ri 3rd tim touches Hwa shin Chest - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 1 Review

Our Thoughts:
Our reasons to choose this drama was the lead Cho Jung Seok secondly the news anchor a new theme, thirdly the weather forecaster. All these things were unique and new.

After watching the perverted promo we decided to go along with the episode review. The first episode was the introduction of the main characters, there interaction and chemistry. The male anchor Lee Hwa Shin was rude, straight forward and was sexually harassed by Pyo Na Ri.

For Pyo Na Ri she was the female lead and the weather forecaster. She was too friendly caring and some times being clingy which irritate us. She always got insulted by the producer in a perverted manner still she has no pride as she had to make a living.

The two female anchors who were once Lee Hwa Shin sisters were too full of themselves and couldn't bear one another.

This episode was suppose to grab our attention and it some how goes beyond our expectations. We feel the mix emotions and couldn't judge our selves to say will this drama going to cheer our mood or will become bore in further episodes. As Lee Hwa Shin kept grudge for a long time may be this become to hard to build a chemistry with Pyo Na Ri.

Also we come to knew breast cancer and lumps in breast muscles can be born without differentiating the gender. Its rare but its possible. We enjoyed the touching scene both in the street and in Bangkok. This is all for now let's meet in another k drama review.

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