After watching the first episode we feel its a unique piece of work. We come to knew the life of newsroom and newscasters also it wasn&#...

The Crush Ended - Our Thoughts - Jealousy Incarnate - Ep 2 Review

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Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review - The Crush Ended

After watching the first episode we feel its a unique piece of work. We come to knew the life of newsroom and newscasters also it wasn't an easy task to just read the news but its more difficult than any other task at the station. The channel rating depends on it.

we started episode 2 and hope it will gonna be more interesting. The two ex wives of Lee Joong Shin wear the same dress of same color and couldn't stand each other. Moreover they argued over the recruitment promo. It wasn't a simple argument but an argument full of jealousy and hatred which end up slapping each other. OMG we never expect both of them beside their bad behavior to use fits on each other. Their act become the gossip through out the department but no body had the courage to stop them.

bpal gong two mothers wear the same dress at fight  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

Another argument between Lee Hwa Shin and Na Ri. We feels sorry for her she always been treated this badly by others specially Hwa shin knowing that she had a crush on him rejects her and treat her unfairly. This time he cross the limits saying "I don't like easy girls like you". What if it was me i would never pick aside on that person again. But hats off to Na Ri she didn't take it seriously.

hew shin told na ri i don't like easy girls like you - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

Jung Won remember Na Ri another meeting back then in Thailand. Its started raining unexpectedly when Na Ri ran with her umbrella towards him. It was her act to protect the one who cares for her. It was a flash back scene in which Na Ri become a sandwich and Lee Hwa Shin jealousy out of nothing as he was totally ignored by Na Ri.

 thailand rain umbrella scene na ri, jung won and hwa shin - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

Na Ri always use to prepare the weather forecast by herself observing the weather from morning to evening. It was her hard work but no body give compliment to her. Jung Won ask his sectary to complain about Na Ri's weather forecast, it was the first complain Na Ri receive in 3 years.

She was happy there is someone who consider her as the weather girl and complain about something during her live broadcast. Lee Hwa Shin agian show the symptoms of jealousy he snatch the phone and scold the caller about the complain.

 jung won made his sectrey to complain na Ri about weather forecast and hwa shin insult the complainer- Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

Na Ri become too upset that he has nothing to do who ever call and complain to her. Hwa Shin defending himself says "He is not a fan just a complainer an he complained for nothing". Na Ri's couldn't stand hwa shin behavior and insult him. The crush i had on you ended three years ago.

na ri told hwa shin the crush has ended 3 years back - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

After getting insulted by Na Ri Hwa shin come to think of his brother and niece. But he couldn't contact either of them. He ask both the ex sister in laws if they could knew about them but it wasn't of any use. Neither of them knew the current location.

hwa sin finding his niece bpal gong - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

Bpal Gang was too upset about her father being in a vegetative state. She couldn't able to sleep for days neither she was ain a position to think about her own health. She didn't ate for days both the knights tried to feed her but she refuse. It was a very caring scene Dae Goo bought bought beer and chicken but hi Yeol didn't let Bpal gang drink the beer. She was sitting calmly but seeing Chi Yeol drank the beer alone she hit him.

bpal gong and two knights chi yeol and dae goo - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

On the way back from the station Hwa shin end up at the hospital. It was a minor incident he feel pain in his ribs. The doctor after checking the x ray recommend him to consult a breast physician. It seems something wrong with him other than the ribs are fine. It was hard for Hwa shin to believe but he couldn't do so as Na Ri also act weirdly and talk strange about him being a breast cancer patient.

hwa shin chest exmination from a female doctor  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

Na Ri for a break came out to relax at the front cafe bar near the office. One of her junior made her drank at the verge she might pass out. My sister predicts that junior doing this on purpose. May be she is taking revenge or want Na Ri's weather forecast position.

Na Ri call the complainer and excuse him for the rude behavior earlier and come to knew that its almost time for her forecast session. She was about to go but the junior spill the food on her dress. So it was totally on purpose to make her stay out.Na Ri was all shocked she manage to make it at the studio and Hwa Shin called. It was a surprise but Na Ri was not in a position to note it what's the reason hwa shin called her.

na ri collague made a plan to ruin Na ri weather forecast  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

The junior who made Na Ri situation worse offer her to exchange with her dress and everything will be fine. The director and producer were all angry at Na Ri, moreover she was drank still she beautifully announce the weather forecast.

At the end she thought she didn't do a good job but still few of the member including the camera man and the producer appreciate her, she did a brilliant job. But the director fired her immediately. It was her 1024 weather forecast. She begged but wasn't got accepted. We feel bad for her.

na ri did a weather forecast in her unior dress and got fired  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

Lee Hwa Shin ran to her as if a miracle had happened. But unaware of Na Ri's situation he scold who told you to drank before going onair. I thought you would gonna make some blunders. This shows at some rate Hwa Shin consider her feelings and worry about her not to make mistakes.

Moreover he surprised us by saying "Why do you make my heart race?", "Why do you make my heart flutter?". He was too late to express his feelings but the train left the station. Ne Ri with the blank expression "I'm not interested in your chest anymore" and its nothing it was my final broadcast. The episode ends here. Opss Na Ri break Hwa Shin's heart and didn't care what he feels for her.

hwa shin told na ri why did she make his heart flutter and na ri told its her final weather broadcast - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 2 Review

Our Thoughts:

It was a great episode with many situations. The weather forecast segment and Na Ri made her position but got back stabbed by one of the junior and lost her only job. We feel sad for her. It was pre planned by the junior to make her drunk before going onair.

On the other hand Lee Hwa Shin was in an awkward position by Na Ri touching over his chest again and again and also the female doctor suggest him for the checkup. I bet my sister they would have laughed a lot while the doctor did Hwa Shin checkup.

At last we were happy for Na Ri that she made Hwa Shin heart race but it wasn't only Hwa Shin his best friend Jung Won also started feeling for Na Ri. But both were late the train of Na Ri's heart already left.She got fired from her job.

Let's see how will Na Ri and Hwa Shin chemistry continues. Will it remain the jealousy or turned into something sweet.

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