Finally Ji Monk take his leave from King Wang So as he knew that he doesn't needed any ore in the palace and its time for him to ...

Hae Soo Came Back From Goreyo - Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Our Thoughts)

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 hae Soo said i am sorry for leaving you - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

Finally Ji Monk take his leave from King Wang So as he knew that he doesn't needed any ore in the palace and its time for him to leave. Wang So didn't want Ji Monk to leave him alone as every body already left. Ji Monk couldn't make him stay he told King Wang So that he miss his only King the person who was his brother and best friend is no longer there.

Also he told king that Lady Hae Soo didn't belong to this world he was from other world. As if you remember many incidents and her acts you wioll realize for sure. Now you need to forget her as she belong to Goreyo anymore. After this he tool his leave from the palace.

 ji monk also leave king wang so side and leave the palace and also told Hae Soo was not from this world - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

King Wang So was left alone. The palace was too quite we realize there was too much life in King Taejo and King Moo's time. After they died the little life left during King Yoo time and now its King Wang So's time and the palace is as quite as a temple.

King Wang So remind of the time when he was back from Shinju to live in Goreyo in the palace along with the other prince. The sun eclipse happened and he met Hae Soo. Incident took place he couldn't able to avoid Hae Soo's presence and announce her to be his person.

when king wang jung saw the sky it was black and solar epics occue same when wang So come to th epalace and from the real world hae so come here  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

It was the same Sun eclipse when Hae Soo jumped in the water ad trying to save little child but lost his consciousness and traveled back to Goreyo.

You are My only Queen, You are My person a handsome man wearing a mask was calling Hae Soo and saying things like this to her. The dream broke and Hae Soo woke up. She was crying badly as she was badly hurt and missed someone.

She wasn't in Goreyo she already died there now she was in Korea in her apartment and was all confused who that man was an why she is crying like this. She couldn't able to understand we were also little confused how she travel back she didn't fall in the water. To find her way there sure something interesting for us to knew more about Hae Soo.

 wang So kissing Hae Soo and in real world she wake up from her dream she was crying - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

It was an Exhibition of the cosmetics based on Goreyo dynasty theme. The soaps remind us of Hae Soo that while living in Goreyo she use toi make these type of soaps for the prince and the Queen.

There were different stalls with beautify cosmetics, soaps, perfume, makeup accessories from Goreyo. People were curious to knew how did it origin. All the details were written by Song dynasty writer So Kyung who travel to Goreyo who wrote this informative book for the future generation to knew the origin of cosmetics in Goreyo.

Hae Soo was the new Go Ha Jin of Korea but still we will going to call her Hae Soo. She talk to her friend about the weired dream and the person appearing in his dreams with th ebig scar on his face. From her friend we come to knew she was in coma from 1 year and came back from death bed that's why she saw that weired dream.

 Hae Soo was there in the Goreyo makeup event and told her friend about the weird dream of a man with the scar - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

As of now she was totally find we wonder how could the life of time travel to Goreyo remain in her memories. We were surprised to see Ji Monk in a modern gentleman getup. he visit Hae Soo's stall and talk to her it was an indication that Go her first name in Goreyo era was called Hae.

 ji monk in the real world meet Har Soo and ask her name then told ancient meaning of her - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

So it was the fate Hae Soo must have been reborn in Goreyo she was call Hae Soo and in Modern she received a name Go Ha Jin. She then brief about her stall it was Isoi cosmetics they use the rose oil from bulgaria  to make it identical to korean scents/serums and also talked about the other products.

 Hae Soo then told they are seling makeup from goreyo era - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

This exhibition look like an inspiration of cosmetics from Goreyo Dynasty from Bulgarian rose oil. It remind us of Hae Soo's birthday back in Goreyo where Baek Ah bought her different type of rose scent from bulgaria as a birthday gift. She use those different roses and experiment on Prince Wang Jung and Sun Duk face.
While she was briefing about the rose Syrum she then told about the BB cream. It was a little flash back and we remind Hae Soo use makeup for Prince Wang So face to hide the scar. She then remember the conversation "I will never let you go" and suddenly feel upset. The modern Ji Monk told her to take a little rest. Hae Soo also thinks that she couldn't recover fully so she ask her friend for her and take her leave.

 while telling about the makeup he listen wang so voice and she lost her senses her friend ask her to go home and rest - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)\

On the way out to the exhibition she saw the Goreyo portrait gallery there. She couldn't hide her curiosity as to knew what type of paintings and how the culture was in Goreyo era she then took around to see those paintings. Every painting gives her the glimpse as she happen to witness those scenes by herself. She was too startled so were we. We never imagine things like this would happen yo Hae Soo after she regain the consciousness in Korea.

 hae Soo in the gallery saw the goreyo time paintingsand saw gwangjo - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

Every picture remind her of the incidents and every era of the king like King Taejo how she met him, Wang Jung in the forest i ill save you, the snow walk with Wang Wook , Lady Hae piggy back with wang wook, King Gwangjoon.

 hae soo saw all the paintings with king, wang jung, wang wook and king wang so  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

She then happen to read the brief history of King Gwangjoon who was the wise king and then remember the palace when she said she will help the King that no one would remember him as the bloody monarch in history.

Remembering these her eyes become teary as she was seeing the picture she wqs reminding things she forgot. She said i am sorry for leaving you alone it was for the 4th Prince Wang So who was King Gwangjoo in history. Last not the least it was Baek Ah who who telling Wook died and there are no more people left to meet to he will be leaving again. Baek Ah also left King Gwangjon side in the end King was left alone and now Hae Soo thinks that it was her fault so was sorry.

It wasn't a good end as we never expect Hae Soo would die in Goreyo and will be alive back in her world. More over she remembers the time she spend but there were only regrets. We thought it woukd be a happy ending liek "Splash Splash love".

 hae soo cried after reading about King Wang So and said she is sorry for lecving him alone no body at hios side now  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 20 Finale (Eng Sub)

We never though this remake of chinese serial Boo bo Jin Xing as Moon lovers scarlet heart Reyo of Korea will make us love the Journey and feel the same emotion as we were a part of Goreyo era. We really enjoyed watching this time travel historical drama and learned lot many things about the ancient time.

The rule, the norms of palace how the Princes live, how the king rule how conspiracies take place what made people develop greed and desire for more What real love is how to claim one that she or he belongs to me. The wars, the fight for throne, the treason and everything was really awesome. Specially we like the sweet moments Hae Soo living in the palace and getting along with all the princes.

How 4th Prince Wang So make Hae Soo his person and till the end didn't let her go. How many hardships they face. When they feel the pain we also feel the same feel. They laugh they made us laugh. they were sad we become sad they cried make us cry specially in the last episodes Hae Soo , Jung and Wang So. We would love to watch Moon lovers Scarlet Heart season 2 to knew more why we like this drama all time best historical one visit our blog and check out the other post. There is still a lot to write but a very little time so will take a leave here.

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