As there were preparations for War in the palace the soldiers were getting ready so was Baek Ah. It was his first time going on the war. W...

Woo Hee Take Her Life - Moon Lovers Ryeo - Episode 19 (Our Thoughts)

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As there were preparations for War in the palace the soldiers were getting ready so was Baek Ah. It was his first time going on the war. We were too worried. Prince Wang Jung showed there as he received Hae Soo's message. Seeing Baek Ah was worried why he came here and what if king heard the things will be more complicated for him. 

 baek ah crying madly when woo hee suicide- Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 19

He was too angry on king decision on sending Baek ah on the war he said it would be better if the king tell him to go instead of Baek Ah. But hat to do he was being exciled. He then helped Baek Ah to wear his warrior dress and told him to come back alive even if he is been injured. Then baek Ah told him about Hae Soo's message that "She Really Want it".  Hearing this Jung couldn't believe that Hae Soo relayy send this message to him and still happy to hear it. He wished best of luck to Baek Ah for the war and left.

 14th prince come to say goodbye to 13th prince - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 19

As we couldn't predict what will going to happen next so was here. We never thought Woo hee will also show up. It wasn't a good appearance neither she show up to say goodbye to Baek Ah but she was standing on the wall of the palace as a threat that she will be taking her life.

Seeing her like this every one including Baek ah was shocked they tried to stop her but couldn't help. People from Baekje also there in the palace and saw Princess Woo Hee. Seeing her people she become more of emotional and heart broken as she couldn't able to protect then aand  help them in their difficult time.

 baekja people arrive in the palace and saw woo hee on the top wearing white clothes - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 19

Baek Ah went up and ask Woo Hee to come down its dangerous but Woo Hee didn't respond and tell Baek Ah to turn around what if he stand like this he won't able to forget her ever. Woo Hee took the most boldest and scariest step to jump off and take her own life infront of her people and Baek Ah.

 woo hee ask baek ah not to come any closer then she jumped - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 19

From Woo Hee perspective it was the best punishment for her that she can't protect those who think of her as their mother. Baek Ah was shocked he couldn't believe the one loved dearly took her own life infront of him. We also feel bad for poor Woo hee but couldn't do so as it was the faith she chosen herself.
Baek Ah was holding Woo Hee and madly crying he couldn't believe that his one and only companion left him alone. After Woo Hee leave the world he become all heart broken from the life and lose interest. He thinks there isn't anything worth to live for and its his fault that he couldn't protect her.

 baek ah cried on woo hee - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 19

All day he just sit idol and drank. Other then drinking he draw Woo Hee's sketch as he don't want to forget and let her go of her memories. Hae Soo came and console BaeK ah and told him not to ruin ehis life as its too precious neither it wasn't his fault. They all accept it Woo hee with the open heart but Woo Hee didn't accept them so in the end she was the bad one.

 hae soo console baek ah over woo hee death - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 19

As Baek Ah was back in senses to the life he came to visit King and told him that it was his fault but it wasn't King fault he didn't knew the truth that Woo Hee was actually the Princess of Baekje. He only knew it when Woo Hee came and ask his help for her people and wrote the doctrine. King also told Baek Ah that he don't have any other choice what if he go the other way to solve the other ways he have to lose BaeK ah and baek ah is the treasure for him.

We were angry on Wook that all happened was because of him what he didn't use that evil sharp mind of his things wouldn't have turned and ruin Baek Ah's life. In the end BaeK Ah said his last goodbye to the king that he can't be by King's side as he don't deserve to be moreover he don't think of himself to protect his Majesty in future with the teary eyes and broken heart BaeK Ah's leave King Wang Soo side.

 after all heart broken after woo hee death Baeh ah come to the king wang so and told he tired of the palace  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 19
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