The story Love in the moonlight was getting more and more of interesting. As we already watched two episodes and in the third we feel s...

I am Standing behind You - Moonlight Drawn by Clouds - Ep 3 Review - Our Thoughts

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Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review - I am Standing behind You

The story Love in the moonlight was getting more and more of interesting. As we already watched two episodes and in the third we feel sorry for Ra On, she was kidnapped by princess Myungeun her life was in danger. But due to crown prince interference it become a piece of cake.

He made the situation more difficult for Princess Myungeun so she has to take back her words for Ra On. We were happy but still Ra On couldn't see who the crown prince actually is.

crown prince help ra on from princess myuneung - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

It was the announcement of the 3rd and final round of eunch. Ra on was happy that finally she will going to be kicked outof palace as she submitted a blank sheet. She didn't knew this time the answers were to be checked by crown prince. She got a pass every one including her wonder why she got a pass on the blank sheet. But the crown prince announce he already knew his answer.

crown prince pass ra on as he already knew the answer - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

Byung Yeon was the outstanding armor and right hand, plus the bodyguard of crown prince. Moreover he had a huge fan following among the maids of the palace. It was arrow shooting test. The maids were so happy for Byung Yeon. crown prince couldn't stand seeing Byung Yeon fame. His act made us laugh out louder. The crown prince pick the bow and shoot without arrow atthe maids to make them keep quite. It was his act just to scare them on being silent. But the next arrow he hit right at the spot on Beyung Yeon arrow.

beyun yeon and crown prince arrow shooting  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

Ra On was all upset by herself why crown prince made her pass the test. Did he pick on her to torcher in future. Lee Young with Byung Yeon happen to pass by and saw her. She told she wanted to meet crown prince to ask why he did that to her.

 ra on wanted to meet crown prince why he pass her when she submit a blank sheet - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

It was another cute scene when Ra On was taking care of the little princes and Lee Young happen to came by the garden. He teased what these flowers are doing on you head. Ra on didn't knew t was the doing of little princess. We thought here crown prince could have caught on Ra On's disguise act. But thanks everything was fine.

crown prince told his relation to ra on puppy and master  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

She was assign to deliver the letter to the king and got slapped by the queen for no reason. We thought living in a palace is all easy but watching the historical dramas we came to realize at some stages living in the palace is the worst.

Yoon Sung saw all this and take her out of the palace. It was his secret place he told her to stay still if things become hard she can come here to empty her mind. This situation was too hard for Ra On being a female who got slapped for no reason, if i were in that palace i couldn't bear it and started to react with screaming.

yoo sang and ra on sitting under the tree - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

Sookui Park when receive the reply she was all disheartened to see another blank paper and ask Ra on to destroy, she didn't need them anymore. But Ra on couldn't manage to destroy them as she felt they are perfumed paper which are rare.
Lee Young saw him in miserable situation ask what's the matter she told about Sookui Park letter and a blank reply. It was a surprise for Lee Young. We thought he would do something and talk with the king personally.

 ra on told lee young king again send a blank letter to sookui park - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

Ra On take all the papers with her. As she don't want to destroy them. She told Byung Yeon i feel sad to burn them as these are the scented paper and gives a sweet apple smell. Bung Yeol who was too sharp take the paper from Ra On and put it over near the fire. The reply appears. He told its a secret letter written by apple vinager. Wonderful, we never imagine the king would also use a secret way like this to contact with his trusted people. Ra On become too happy that she accomplish the task given to her.  

beyoung yeon got to knew its kings secret letter written with apple vinager  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

She ran hurriedly to Sookui Park and bum into the crown prince. She told Crown prince it wasn't a blank paper it was a secret reply from the king and also told Sookui that King is waiting for her.

 ra on happy that sookui park and king met - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

After this she was assign to serve Crown Prince which made her too scared. She haven't been able to knew who actually is the crown prince. Eunch Jang order Ra On to put these books in the library. Its crown Prince time for study.

 eunch jang sent ra on in the library where king is reading the books - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

Ra On came to the library and saw Lee Young there. She was surprised to see him and wonder where ever she go why Silver Spoon happen to be there, who actually he is? and also got worried what if the crown prince saw him. She ask him to leave quickly from here he will be in problem if crown Prince see him.

Crown prince remember Byung told him to tell Ra On who actually he is. He is going to find out some how. The Crown Prince finally decided to tell Ra On he introduce himself saying "My name is Lee Young". Ra On was surprised and shocked the episode ends here.

 crown prince told ra on my name is lee young - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 3 Review

Our Thoughts:
It was really another beautiful episode. At many scenes we lost our breaths. We feel pity for Ra on and sometimes sorry for Crown Prince. He don't have any buddy except Byung Yeon whom he can trust and talk to.

The more Ra on avoid to stay in the palace she was dragged in. May be its her faith, so this way she can live a safe life. But the life was too hard on her in the palace. We were annoyed at the queen who for no reason slapped her. If it was me i would never bear this kind of behavior and return the twice what i receive. But we were happy she accomplish her first task.

The second male lead was like a knight and help every time when Ra On having a hard time. 

Writing a secret letter with Apple vinager another unique thing we learned from historical dramas. Byung Yeon and Ra On also become closer and solve the mystery of secret letter as they both were too sharp and intelligent.  

Finally Ra On Ra On assign to serve the crown prince. She thought it would be her punishment but surprised to knew that Silver Spoon is actually the Crown Prince. No body knows that why Crown Prince act like a fool and troublemaker but actually he is the genius who was living in disguise to avoid all his enemies for very one's good.

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