We couldn't make ourselves wait to watch Love in the moonlight episode 4. This drama gave us a soft feeling between mind and heart....

Ra On Solo Dance - Moonlight Drawn by Clouds - Ep 4 Review - Our Thoughts

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Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review - Ra On Solo Dance

We couldn't make ourselves wait to watch Love in the moonlight episode 4. This drama gave us a soft feeling between mind and heart. The love triangle which nearly started between crown Prince, Ra On & Yoon Sung. Ra On cuteness make us feel pity as life was too hard on her. But she never gave up always comes with a smiley face and hide her feelings being a female.

She always call crown prince the silver spoon thinks he has no fear he can come here and there any times he wants. She was unaware of the fact that silver spoon is actually the crown Prince Lee Young. Finally at the library crown Prince introduce himself to Ra On. First she thought it was a joke seem his serious expression she got shocked and beg down on her knees and ask him for mercy.

 finally ra on come to knew silver spoon is the crown prince - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

Poor Ra On when will live going to be easy on her. She argue with the pillar make us smile. All she acted as a weirdo. Now making herself suspicious. Byung Yeon tease her you will demage the pillar doing this. Darn it, all he cares for the pillar not Ra On.  She forgot what she was doing and caught Byung Yeon that he also might hiding something from her.

 ra on become suspicious id Byeung Yeon also hiding something from her - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

It will surely be the hard time started for Ra On as she had to serve the Crown Prince. Eunch Jang brief her the details and she was scared to face the crown face but no where she can run so she gave up.

 ra on thought i called by crown prince to get a punishment  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

Ra On was thinking actually she was called in to receive the punishment. Every thing Crown Prince was saying she was taking it as the next moment she will be punish. Now the war was in Crown Prince court. He starting showing his teasey nature and never once miss to scare Ra On.

crown prince ask ra on to continue treating him as a friend  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

We thought something unexpected might happen between the two of them, what it will be was still a mystery. But something was surely off. As Crown Prince had a height taller than Ra On it was difficult for her to put on the cap so she tip toed while putting his hat on.

But what to do Crown Prince was a head up he also tip toed and give Ra On a hard time. We nearly laughed seeing it how Ra on fell and what funny expression Crown Prince had seeing the cap disposition. 

 ra on tip toed to put the cap on crown prince and fell funny scene- Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

Finally as Crown Prince wanted Ra On to be one of his pupil servant it happened so. Also he became too friendly with Ra On for past few days. He was curious how Ra On feel all day in the palace as she use to go out. After listening the answer he ask ra On if she could company her out she refused. Poor Ra On didn't had any idea what Crown Prince is up to he ordered her to follow him to the library.

She was surprised to see the librairian was wearing Crown Prince Gown. It means Crown Prince flew out the palace. Now she was in trouble, what to do how to find him and bring back with out knowing any one in the palace.

 crown prince ask ra on in the library and left the palace in disguise - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

Yoon Sung again appear as a knight and borrowed Ra On's time. He took her to the town she was all happy coming out of the palace. Both did a window shopping but Ra On couldn't stand a beautiful dress. Unfortunately she was in a situation she couldn't purchase and wear it as she lived in a man disguise. Yoon Sung notice quickly what Ra On desire at the moment he bought up the dress luckily it was beautiful season it rained.

They ran to find a shed Ra On was almost become wet. Yoon Sung take outthe gown and ask Ra On to wear it as of its raining. First Ra On refuse how can i wear women's gown and also you bought it for your girlfriend. Innocent Ra On didn't knew that actually she is Yoon Sung one and only girlfriend.

 Yoon sung put a women gown on ra on when its raining - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

Yoon Sung leave for a moment and Crown Prince happen to end up under the same shed. It was a flash back scene of crown prince child hood memories with her mother when she was enjoying the rain. Crown prince noticed a beautiful women and take a sneak peak but Ra On turned around and hide herself, she don't want crown prince to see her in women's clothing.

Yoon Sung came and again save Ra On from getting into trouble. He introduce her as as his women OMG actually he was saying the truth to both Crown Prince and Ra On.

yoon sung told crown prince that sh is my women  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

It was the King's birthday and crown prince decided to do something unique as a birthday gift for his father. Finally he call the ginseng and told them they will be performing a dance at the ceremony. Its a very special event so all should be careful. Also he told Ra On to note the dance steps. She was very good at drawing she beautifully draw and we were amazed.

 kings birthday prepration a solo dance prepration by crown prince - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

Crown prince thought of himself that he did a hard work to surprise his father and Ra On did nothing. She said i didn't sit idle i draw every dance step as you told me. Now its the time for Crown prince to be shocked and surprised. He match the sketches drawn by Ra On with the book and was surprised to see they were accurate.

 ra opn draw all the dance steps in her note bool and crown prince got amazed - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

As both were tired they fell asleep. Ra On woke up when Eunch Jang announce his entrance. She was in a difficult position what if the other finds she stayed all night with crown prince in his room, what will going to happen. She tried to hide herself but couldn't find any place. Our heart stopped beating for a while thinking what will going to happen to her.

 Thank God the prince saved her being exposed and told Eunch Jung to come 1 hour later. So the clever prince wasn't sleeping, he was just putting a act. He teased Ra On you got scared so easily for a boy.

 ra on sleep in Crown Prince room  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

The ceremony started we thought everything will go find and no body will ruin it, no conspiracy take place, its just kings birthday celebration. But actually the queen this time happen to set a conspiracy and told the the solo dancer not to show up. She had nothing with the performance gave her money and told her to leave quietly.

the queen made the solo dancer to leave before the performance  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

So it was witchy queen the step mother of Crown Prince who was trying to ruin his image and present him to be a nasty trouble maker. When Ra On heard the solo dancer is missing she go there to find her but it was useless and there wasn't enough time to replace the dancer.

So Ra On heleped and save the Prince. She dress up as the women and want to perform instead of the Gingseng. But unfortuantelly one of the palace Eunch saw her in women dress. We were damm worried what if her told the others what about Ra On.

Ra On performed the Solo dance. She was looking like doll. Every one was amazed and surprised seeing her beauty and dance. The crown Prince was worried that its not the dancer who he choose to perform.

 ra on change into women clothing and did the solo dance  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

At the last moment when it was Kim Hyun to give his speech Ra On escaped without being noticed. But it wasn't so Crown prince happen to notice the absence of the beautiful lady to perform solo dance she was no where. He left to find where she went. It was a very crucial moment for us what if crown prince happen to caught Ra On in women dress, will she be safe or will she be severely punished.

Yoon Sung again appeared as a knight and saved Ra On being exposed in front of Crown Prince. The episode ends here.

when crown prince finding her yoon sung help ra on to hide - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 4 Review

Our Thoughts:
The drama started to give us a ride as we are in a historical amusement park and riding on a roller coaster of emotions, fear, conspiracy and love. There were many beautiful scenes we enjoyed specially the scene between Crown Prince and Ra On. In every episode there is a moment when Crown prince bring his face closer to Ra On , these were the moments she couldn't help to do anything expect blushing and wink her eyes.

Yoon Sung was a knight who always save Ra On being exposed. He told Crown Prince that she is my women Bravo.

Crown prince become a prey in the conspiracy set by the queen to ruin the dance performance but Ra On jumped in and saved crown prince from being humiliated as a troublemaker jerk. We were worried she was exposed to one of the palace enuch. What if the eunch told other then what will happen to Ra On.

The story make us more into it and our heart race when Ra On stuck in difficult situation. It was a nice episode many times Yoon Sung save Ra On specially in the last scene where she was in fully women's dressing. The episode ends there but make us curious what will going to happen in further episodes aside the politics and conspiracy we are just interested in Crown Prince and Ra on chemistry.
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