The whole week become too long to wait for innocent defendant episode and when we watch we really become mad over Cha Min Ho. We couldn...

Min Ho provoke Jeong Woo In Order to Find His Memory - Innocent Defendant: Episode 10 Preview

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The whole week become too long to wait for innocent defendant episode and when we watch we really become mad over Cha Min Ho. We couldn't understand why the hell he was trying to aggravate Jeong Woo when his life was ruined he lost his wife and daughter. 

Also it was hard for jeong Woo to sleep next to the person who ruined his happy life and pretend not to knew him. Jeong Woo's acting was really impressive he didn't let anyone get the clue his memories were back and he recognize Cha Min Ho the criminal.

 Innocent Defendant: Episode 10 Preview

The two of them look awkward while talking to each other we can feel the tension in the cell. The gangster Min Seok along with Jeong Woo was scheming to escape in order to take revenge on Cha Min Ho.
Things for sure be more interesting look like the elder Milyang in the cell also knew Cha Min Ho might be the reason Jeong Woo acting strange. He many times cover Jeong Woo when Cha Min ho purposly provoke him to knew about his memory. He the one most insane from Cha family, once you develop the hobby to take revenge you can't go back until one satisfied tourchering the other person.

 cha min ho decline his trial - Innocent Defendant: Episode 10 Preview\

jeong Woo being too clever he somehow knew the intentions of Cha Min ho so he did not respond the way he thought. But nothing could be pretictable Jeong Woo end up taking his anger on Min Ho but thanks to Milyang who cover it up using the reason the reason of bread. Min Ho tried all sort of things to torture Jeong Woo even he gave up on the trial, it look ridiculous how Min Ho leave the matters of Cha Group and was just after a memory lost Prosecutor in the Prison.

Also Jeong Woo to be executed without revealing the truth couldn't be digestible he need time to prove his innocence and get justice for his life's death. We wonder what kind of drug Cha Min Ho gave him to make him in deep sleep and can't obtain his memories back.

 female attorney find the school bag of ha yeon - Innocent Defendant: Episode 10 Preview

We wish Jeong Woo would escape and meet Ha Yeon as he got all his memories back of the night. He got framed for his wife murder. We are glad the writer did a brilliant job showing every aspect of the crime, the innocent accuse and the crime also the story now isn't confusing at all. Stay tuned to find out what Min Ho will going to do next to Jeong Woo and how will he make Min Ho believe he can't recognize him.
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