Another mini serial " Romance Full of Life " starting soon on Naver Tvcast & MBC . The working title was "Experiment F...

Yoon Shi Yoon Struggling for Living in Romance Full of Life - Drama 2017

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Another mini serial "Romance Full of Life" starting soon on Naver Tvcast & MBC. The working title was "Experiment Full of Life" become the attraction for us to watch this serial. The main lead Yoon Si Yoon played the remarkable lead role in "King of Baking Kim ta Goo", "Flower Boy Next Door", "Mirror of the witch". 

Jo Soo Hyang the female lead remind us of "Who are you School 2015" and "Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo". 

 Romance Full of Life - korean Drama 2017

This mini serial story lead the life of In Sung who was preparing for an examination to become a police officer. Crossing too many hurdles he failed 8 times yet still didn't give up hope. He has a positive personality and take things lightly so he again apply for high pay part time job which was titled as "Experiment Full of Life".

There he met So Ra who afterwords become his girlfriend. She was also struggling for a happy life and dreamed to become a pianist. She studied hard to get a certificate for music teaching. Life become upside down when the two of them breakup. 

Poster Romance Full of Life - korean Drama 2017

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One day when he saw his ex girlfriend was back to life hanging with another man so he decided take revenge. He got a complete makeover to make the ex girlfriend realize what she miss. The story seems too interesting but the episodes are just 3. Stay tuned to watch this serial in feburary 2017. 

 Romance Full of Life - korean Drama 2017 Romance Full of Life - korean Drama 2017
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