In the previous Episode Jeon Seol knock down the stalker Fan and ask Se Joo to call the police. It was the scene which continuously ap...

The Ghost Writer Appears - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2 (Review)

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Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

In the previous Episode Jeon Seol knock down the stalker Fan and ask Se Joo to call the police. It was the scene which continuously appears in Se Joo's dream how a girl holding a gun become his life savor.

After few moments Jeon Seol tumbles and end up fainting before she could fell Han Se Joo hold her. No doubt she has great martial arts skill but what making her forgetting and remembering things. Han Se Joo calls the police to get rid of the stalker fan. When Seol wake up she found herself in Se Joo's bedroom.

Jeon seol fainted after catching the stalker fan - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

Han Se joo wanted to kick her out as soon as possible so no more rumors could take place. But she feels hungry and wanted to eat something, Se Joo made ramen for her. Han Se Joo still suspects her as a accomplice who plotted everything to barg in the house again.

She then notice Han Se Joo injured his hand and offer to help him with his work. It was a rough draft which Seol typed on the laptop and during this process she goes through varied emotions while Han Se Joo was continuously staring her and her reaction, look like he still has doubts on Jeon Seol.

jeon seol helped so joo by writing the rough draft - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

Seol types silently being observed by him. His poor handwriting slow down Seol's typing speed, a flashback scene of 1930 appear Se Joo was on his bike and got hit by a stack. he was in the rush towards the printing press but time was too little to manage there.

He ask Yu So Yeon to help him and he will give her double, all she had to do to deliver the draft to the press before the time. But she escape his bike and took revenge on him for writing shabby novels. Han Se Joo suddenly ask Seol did she also get a strange feeling too?

while writing the draft jeon seol and so joo got flashback from 1930 - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

Things were getting more and more interesting we were curious what will going to happen to them as they feel an earthquake occurred. Both hid under the table as the first aid they could do for themselves. The shake stops but the mystical cupid hit both their heart, look like we will gonna witness a romantic scene as Seol take advantage of the darkness and moves closer to Se Joo but he pushed her saying did they met before somewhere else?

Seol was about to answer but the publisher of Se Joo's company arrive and was looking for him. Se Joo ask Seol to leave so no body notice that the two of them were together. It was a very lively scene when Seol tries to sneak before catching from one eye and then jump off from the window.

so joo and jeon seol hide under the table because of the earthquake - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

The story reveal another character of writer Tae Min who walks into the veterinary clinic. Seol was surprised someone calling her name and it turns out to be a cat's name, it was another fun encounter of Seol with writer Tae Min.
After Seol helped writer Tae Min he can't drive his car because of another car blocking the way. She offered her help with a visiting card "Do anything errand service". Using the microphone she calls the owner and ask him to remove the car. Tae Min was happy and wanted to pay for the service but Seol gladly refuse saying an autograph will be enough for it.

Seo jeon helped writer Tae Min outside the veterinary clinic - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

Han Se Joo still accuse Seol that she seems to be the accomplice of the crazy fan and has other motives that's why she appears every where Han Se Joo moves. This angers Seol a lot and she started to think that its her mistake to become a fan of his writing.

In anger she knock him down saying next time what ever he do she won't going to help him even she will not going to save him again in the future and walks angerly.

so joo still suspicious of the Jeon Seol - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

She decided to quite in order to fresh her mind in order to forget what happened with her recently. She took off from her work and leave on vacation to the mountains. On the other hand the publisher of Se Joo's company ask him let's hire a ghost writer that way they will able to release the menu script before the deadline. Han Se Joo refused he don't want to share his writings with someone else.

So joo come at Jeon seol house to look for her - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

We can't predict what will happen next a flash back scene in 1930's appear in his dream. It was the time when Se Joo took the pills before sleeping. He in his deep sleep see himself in a bar where he was writing a novel for his upcoming deadline.

His friend and other were dancing on the floor with Seo Yoon. He wakes up an saw an antique item on his table this reminded him of the dream, he couldn't recall when and how he posses "Carpe Diem".

So Joo saw carpe diem at his writing table and flash back scene from 1930 - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

To have the peace of mind Se Joo decided to leave the house and drive without thinking of the destination. He argued himself what if he end his life everything will be solve peacefully as he was the writer who now can't concentrate on his writing.

But on the other hand he also reminded how hard work he done to become the top writer and gain fame. Suddenly his wish comes true and he end up in an accident. We wonder what if he died will his sole become the ghost write? or will he loose his memories and Jeon Seol will be the one the ghost writer for him. Luckily we see him survive even though the car was crush and roll over the cliff.

So joo end up in an accident and Jeon Seol was near by - Chicago Typewriter: Episode 2

The ghost writer appears at his house and started writing the incomplete draft Se Joo left, Jeon Seol appears there seeing her Se Joo reminded he will not going to help him rather will be the one to kill him. He close his eyes tight as saw the shovel in Seol's hand, look she will be digging his grave right here. There is lot more to knew what will going to h appen to Se Jo, how the ghost writer appears stay tuned for the next episode.
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