There are too many episodes to watch but a little time. Still me and my sister manage to watch W episode 3. Till now its the most interest...

Bullet proof Yeon Joo in The Two Worlds W - (Kiss) Ep 3 Review (Our Thoughts)

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There are too many episodes to watch but a little time. Still me and my sister manage to watch W episode 3. Till now its the most interesting time travel and fictional drama of web toon till now. As of we were curious about Yeon Joo staying in Web toon world how will she manage to go back? and what Kang Chul is up to ?

Chul Kissed Yeon Joo - W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Assistant Bong was surprised to see Yeon Joo wearing the same dress as the female character in the webtoon stoy. He got a bit scared but after talking to Yeon Joo he come to believe that Yeon joo can teleport into webtoon world.

Chul Kissed Yeon Joo - W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

She also briefs that the web toon story and all the incident revolves around Chul. She only can enter his world till she got involved with Chul. Also the time there runs too fast when Chul isn't doing anything.

The story was getting too interesting with lot many elements of time travel. The story of two worlds. The webtoon world the place where character exist as humans. But in the real world they were only cartoon characters in comic story.

Yeon Joo was curious about why her Dad wanted to kill chul that badly, and what's the reason he survived. Then she ask Assistant about the details and which year this all started. Then she took a sneak peek on all the notes and data of webstory W.

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Many confused and unclear point become clear to us also. His father wrote all the details that happened while drawing this story sketch. We also come to knew it wasn't the first time that the cartoon story changed automatically.

There was someone who was interfering in W's story. It was like that the main character Kang Chul is trying to change the story himself as of he doesn't like the story to lead the way writer wants. Many times he changed the story and the sketch automatically changed on the monitor screen. We along with the cartoonist got scared.

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Except Yeon Joo and assistant no one knew that the cartoon character actually exist in other world and were living like humans. Also their life was as real as the real world. That was too amazing to watch Two worlds story.

Assistant Bong was not clever enough but he pick up the point and ask Yeon Joo how come she knew when she will be dragged in webtoon story and also how would she know something happened to chul and needs her involvement. That's was the point we were also curious. Suddenly Yeon Joo feel dizzy and disappear.

A lady who was walking by pick up the phone and told there is no body i found this phone on the floor. Assistant Bong was surprised and shocked as well to hear Yeon jo again disappeared. He was dead worried that it was all his fault what if he didn't talk Yeon Joo about it this wouldn't have happened.

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

In Chul's world every one was worried how Yeon jo disappeared from the dressing room after slapping and kissing Chul? It become the scandal even though Chul tried his best to stop it. His personal assistant came all the way to check if there was any secret door which led Yeon Joo run away? But she along the staff shocked to see yeon Joo on the floor. She was unconcious she called Chul and told all about.

Chul ask every one to keep it a secret and not to tell the police and reporters about it. He take her to his penthouse and the detective came to ask about the female witness. It become a tense situation but somehow Chul send away the detective.

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

At night ask Chul"where am i " she was talking while asleep. Also she told chul how she come to knew about him and some secrets only Chul knows about himself. He become to shocked after hearing out Yeon Joo now he was all curious to knew who Yeon Joo really is? Where she came from and how she knew all about it?

For a moment he step out of the room and some one attacked him. Oh it was the killer who was trying to finish Chul off. They had a fight. Chul didn't want to disturb Yeon Joo also e was trying to hide Yeon Joo presence from the killer to avoid danger in Yeon Joo life. The killer then disappear in the lift.

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

We enjoyed one of this scene Chul prepared things for Yeon Joo and was thinking to lock her up till he knew all the truth. Yeon Joo seeing things was shocked. Yeon Joo remember she saw a gun under the pillow, she took it for her self defense.  Also she was surprised to see black sexy undergarments. She changed and when Chul came she took off the gown and show she is wearing what Chul prepared for her.

We laughed and laughed but Chul and his right arm were shocked over surprised to see Yeon Joo's act. It was Yeon Joo's act to give them a sudden shock and disappear but unfortunately it didn't work out.

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

We thought it might be a scene where Chul going to fall for Yeon Joo's charm but he put gun on asking her real identity. He ask many questions and also how she disappear and now came back? Yeon joo tried to explain things but couldn;t help chul to understand what's going on.

She said "I kissed you .. because i wanted to go back" listening this Chul Kissed Yeon Joo. It was Chul's first kiss we though Yeon Joo would now disappear as of Chul but it didn't work out. Chul "You didn't disappear mean you are lying".

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo explain its not a matter of just kiss it also needs the true emotions of other person to make him surprised and shocked which helped Yeon Joo can go back. The story was getting too deep to understand. Chul was investigating Yeon Joo he wanted to find out the real motive Yeon Joo appearing and surprising him, and how she knows thing about him?

Chul wanted to knew the truth so badly he told Yeon joo to tell till he counts 10 or else he will shoot. Yeon Joo "You can't kill me" and the next moment Chul pull the trager and shoot her. We thought Yeon Joo will disappear in the seconds but instead of disappearing she took the bullet.

She passed out with the shock. There wasn't any blood on her body but the bullet through her shoulder hit the mirror behind it.

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Chul didn't give up on finding the truth. He apologize for what he did but he didn't had any other choice. I will give you one more change just surprise me by giving the answers and go back. Suddenly Yeon Jo said "I Love You" but chul didn't got surprised saying, "You must thought i'd be really surprised to see you in nude", "Also my heart go fast and eyes would go blind" but these things can't shocked me.

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo didn't had any choice just to listen to Chul now she was looked up in chul's worls. Chul gave her his hand phone saying if something happen just call me, i'll be back in two days till then you have to stay here. Now for us it was too tense wether Yeon joo will make something happen to go back or she will stay for ever in Chul's world, here we remember the drama Nine - nine time travel. The hero in one of the scene burn the essence stick to travel back and stuck there he couldn't manage to come back in time.

Yeon Jo said good bye saying be careful, then chul ask what if i might die during this trip what will going to happen. Yeon joo calmly reply i didn't knew anything about it when i am in this world. Chul was getting along with Yeon Joo he ask about her age knowing bth are of the same age. He also inquire about her marriage and glad to hear she is still single. We thought its the climax scene where there story will going to take a start.

W Episode 3 Review - Korean Drama 2016

When Chul left Yeon Jo talking to herself saying now "I founf out why i am kep dragging here, because this man had said i am the key of his life" after she said "The herione of this Webtoon has changed". The episode ends here with many questions.
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