A light comedy 1 mom three dad was another change to our daily routein. As for we were curious about the title three dad which lead us to...

Comedy that will Make You Fart - Three Dad One Mom - Korean Drama 2008 Review

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A light comedy 1 mom three dad was another change to our daily routein. As for we were curious about the title three dad which lead us to watch this series out. It was basically a friendship based drama starting Han Soo-Hyun, Choi Kwang-Hee, Nahwang Kyung-Tae and Jung Sung-Min who got married to Song Na-Young. The first was too interesting everyone has a different story and interest.

Comedy that will Make You Fart - Three Dad One Mom - Korean Drama 2008

Na-Young and Sung Min wanted a baby but after many years there wish couldn't fulfill every thing was fine may be its God's will. Na Young didn't give up she tried many tips whom ever tell her so to do. On the other hand Sung Min feel sad for Na Young so he decided to ask help from his friends. He took them for a drink and ask them a favor before that he made them write a writer whom ever will refuse to do so is a dog ehehehe. He ask them to donate their sperms o so it was basically a story based on sperm donation.  

Comedy that will Make You Fart - Three Dad One Mom - Korean Drama 2008

Being drunk they promised to do so. It was a hilarious scene we enjoyed and laugh a lot the story sees quite interesting. The next day three of them woke up they imagine what will going to happen after few years the child grow up, it was another hilarious scene made us laugh. The three of them were thinking how the child will approach them and ask them to full fill their duty as being the biological father. It was the funny illusion for them which make us laugh how they took themselves to the future. 

Comedy that will Make You Fart - Three Dad One Mom - Korean Drama 2008

Unfortunately Sung Min died in an accident and leave Na Young alone. After he passed away Na Young founds out that she is pregnant. It was the happiest moment of her life but she was all alone. The three friends of her husband showed their loyalty and take care of Na Young.
Each of them take out some work to help Na Young with the exercise and other stuff. It was another hilarious scene where at the academy Na Young was exercising along with Soo Hyun who was wearing a heavy jacket which made him feel the pain of a pregnant women. Next day he refuse to go and Kwan Hee help instead of him. During the phase of exercise Kwan Hee broke her back saying its too painful i won't continue it.

The third phase of exercise Kyung Tae went to help Na Young every body at the center was curious who the real father is. The time pass and it was almost 9 months Na Young feels the delivery pain the three of the friends help Na Young o the hospital and hardly bear that time. Na Young was in total pain, she was screaming and pulling the hairs of Kwan Hee and Kyung Tae.

At the delivery room the nurse call baby's father to hold Na Young hand so she would feel less pain. Kyung Tae went into the delivery room and pass out. We were laughing and couldn't help our self to stay calm and watch what's happening.

Kwan Hee came to help Na Young, she grab her neck as she was feeling a depression as well as the delivery pain. Kwan Hee with lot of pressure fart there it was smelly enough that every body had put their hand on the nose what the hell why polluted the air. At last he using all of his energy ask the nurse "washroom, where the washroom". Seriously it was too funny the doctor was amaze why the father fart but got confused who actually is the father of the baby the first one or the second one.

Kwan hee came out of the room and ask Soo Hyun to help Na Young he had to use the washroom. In the end Na Young pull all the hairs of Kwan Hee finally the baby born. It was the cute little girl every one was happy. The doctor and the other staff was curious as of there were three men who actually is the father.

The three friends showed loyalty and take care of both an Young and the baby. But still na young feels a bit burden. She wanted to work by herself to take care for her baby. One of her friend help her getting a job and ask her to keep it a secret that she is a mother of a child only unmarried females will be hired. 

The three friends again help Na Young for taking care of the baby it was really hard they didn't had any experience. They take turn daily to look out for the child. They effection started toward the baby more as she was too pretty. We were wondering what actually will be the end who is the biological father of her and when will Na Young find out.

Na Young started work at the hotel she stay to stay there for few days. As for the breast milk she had to squese it two times she couldn't feed the baby and just freeze the milk. The manager Chan Young happen to take interest in Na Young.

One day Na Young found the milk she froze for her baby was in the hand of Chan Young. he was almost about two have it she shouted why stole someone else food. She couldn't tell him that its her breast milk for the baby. He apologize i thought it was sorbet (Milk icecream). Here we though the two of them will start over but it wasn't so.

Chan Young accidentally knew about Na Young being married and a little daughter. He kept the secret and didn't reveal it to anyone instead he become more close and care for Na Young. The hotel project ends and Na Young came back she was very thankful for the three friends of her husband who took care of her child.

On the other hand the three friends started to feel fatherly love for the baby as pretending to be the actual biological father. Each of them secretly did a petarnity test but it wasn't positive. The doubt each other that its not me but may e its him or him. But neither of them was the biological father.

Na Young found out that the baby is actually her husband's daughter he didn't got pregnant by sperm donation. But still she was thankful to them for taking care of her. It was a happy ending with a comedy element. We enjoyed a lot watching it. Na Young accept her life reality she didn't go with Chan Young and lived as her baby's mother. The three friend get back at their routein life and still cares for the baby as the real uncle. We recommend you to watch this a light comedy drama for a change. You will surely enjoy it.
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