My sister is dying out of curiosity what will going to happen to No Eul. How will Joon Young help her out off this mess. We started epi...

Everyone A Sinner Somehow - Uncontrollably Fond - Ep 11 Review (Our Thoughts)

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Everyone A Sinner Somehow - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

My sister is dying out of curiosity what will going to happen to No Eul. How will Joon Young help her out off this mess. We started episode 11 Joon Young who was locked in become too desperate and ill. Her mother and ahjussi  came. We thought her mother will help him and take him to the prison to see No Eul. But my sister said Joon Young will go to prosecutor Choi's house and beg to release No Eul from the charges.

Both of us were wrong of the situation. The mother didn't help Joon Young on the other hand the ahjussi scold him for being too mean and rude and they can't let him ruined his life just for the sake of girl. They were right from their point of view and for Joon Young he was also right at his place because they don't know Joon Young's situation and feeling. Only we can judge because we have the whole story in previous episodes, our sympathies for poor Joon Young.

 Joon Young and her mother at his place - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

We surprised to see Joon Young visit No Eul in the prison. My sister point is this real and i said yeah its real i think his mother helped him to come all the way here. But my sister didn't accept saying something off may be its one of them imagination because Joon Young is looking fresh and alright. But in the previous scene he was deadly ill and suffering from his disease symptoms.

The scene at the beach made us think the story now will change and no body will find them. They will enjoy their share of time. Opz my sister was right it was No Eul who was dreaming of Joon Young came to visit her. She is too quick to catch on situations and many time i didn't listen and loose the bet. It makes me think i should only show her the episode preview regarding the full episode.

No eul in prison - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

Jik was sitting outside the police station. He told Na Ri "i have never seen No Eul cry after i grow up .. what if she cries .. i don't know i become crazy to her cry ". Both miss Ji Taek and feeling lonely that he isn't around. But Ji Taek was watching him. How cruel he didn't take a step to sympathies him rather than helping No Eul out.

No Eul wear a happy mask and show how dead she is worried and feeling lonely. She didn't knew what will happen, will she out of here or not. She cheer up Jik by doing weird acts so he become relaxed and focus on his studies. It was a very emotional and touching scene we cried feeling the pain of No Eul and Jik.

Jik , Na ri and no eul at prison- Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

Ji Taek ask help from his father Prosecutor Choi. Who in reply says when do you start liking that girl, he replied "The moment you and mom began to ruin her life ... by fabricating and hiding the truth". OMG he manage his courage to say out what he wanted to say from years. He started an open war against his father and mother.

Joon Young mother couldn't understand why Joon Young hates being prosecutor and what Prosecutor Choi did that he is like that. Joon Young also reveal everything he knew but still her mother didn't beleive saying "He is such a nice and wonderful person i have ever met ... you sure had some misunderstanding " but Joon Young said he fabricated the suspect of No Eul father hit and run case. he also admit that he tried to Kill No Eul because of his filthy father doings to save him from embarrassment. It was too sudden for two brothers to start a war at the same time for justice.

joon Young and her mother conversation on prosecutor choi - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

We feel pity for poor No Eul its been days she was waiting for Joon Young to visit her. But there wasn't any sign. She also give herself a hope saying "Joon Young will be here in no time , may be he stuck in the fans etc". Finally Joon Young manager Gook Young take pity on him and open the lock to let him go, also he said "If you go there .. you can't meet Eul". Joon Young drove the car and we surprised to see him infront of Prosecutor Choi's house.

The wife refused him saying he can't meet him but suddenly Prosecutor Choi came ask Joon Young to came in. The wife who was the main culprit creating the mess got scared. Her hands started shivering. Prosecutor Choi and Joon Young had a long conversation during which Joon Young told him that "Eul didn't mean to kill you .. if it was her intension why would she take a u turn", she might have killed you 5 years back, if i were in Eul's position i wouldn't take a u turn.

Prosecutor Choi thank Joon for saving him and visiting him out of his busy schedule but he can't help him. Joon Young said "I regret the moment i save you and it will the last time i am seeing you". We never expect such a reaction from Joon Young neither prosecutor Choi he left the USB and walked out. It was No Eul USb which recorded the filth side of Prosecutor Choi.

Joon Young threaten prosecutor choi - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

He shocked to all this and called someone but her witchy wife barged in saying "Don't let Eul out she will tried to kill you again". On the way out Joon Young met Ji Taek who was entering in. He ask what make you come all the way here. Joon Young replied "I came to threaten your father" Ji taeek "Did you sucessed " Joon Young "Not sure let's see".

 After that Joon Young went to the police station and receive Ji Taek call. Ji Taek blast on Joon Young its all your fault if you hadn't took No Eul's USB 5 year back, every one pay for their crimes and Eul's live has been changed by now. You don't deserve to be happy because your are also Choi Hyun Joon son. It was the shocking revelation for Joon Young that how Ji Tael knows about 5 yearr back incident and his relation with prosecutor choi .. another war stated between two brothers.

ji taek call to joon young - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

Eul was released his name was being cleared from the case. Na Ri came with Tofu but Jik wasn't there. They contacted Jik but unfortunately some lady hit him with the car. It turned out to be the witchy wife of Prosecutor Choi.

Ji Taek sectary tell him about No Eul release. The President came with Gook young to visit Joon Young we were surprised to see Joon Young was all in himself playing games and drinking alcohal. He didn't take any notice why they come and what they are talking about. He just react when Gook tell that Producer Eul has been released this morning.

Eul came to visit Joon Young and receive a scolding by the president who blame No Eul for creating mess and ruining Joon Young image. He don't want her around.

No eul release form the prison - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

Eul become so upset on the way back she remembers the witchy wife of prosecutor choi who again threaten her using Jik as a bait and next target saying "Do you want to see how far i would go?". It was threat to No Eul regarding Jik's life.

On the other hand the criminal of hit and run case all happy preparing for her engagement. As if her act in past didn't ruin someone's life.

prosecutor wife threaten no eul - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

No Eul without telling Na Ri was leaving but Jik argued "Why we can't tell Na Ri and hat's the reason for leaving like this". No Eul got angry saying ok you don't want to go ill go alone. She was running from here just for Jik's sake. It was her decision to leave and save Jik.

As Soon they were to leave Ji Taek showed up. He was all dressed handsome, he to No Eul "You are not going anywhere". Now what is this man how he built courage to show up to No Eul. We wonder what he is up to what Joon Young told him after beating him up that he is here.  Also we were wondering will he tell No Eul his real identity? or again hide himself under the mask of excuses.

Ji Taek stop No Eul from leaving - Uncontrollably Fond - Episode 11 Review - Kdrama 2016

On the other other hand Joon Young found another Prosecutor who was in charge of No Eul's father hit and run case in 2006. He ask him "Who is the real criminal who order Prosecutor Choi to hide the truth and cover up for him".

Another curiosity in the story came up for us now the two brothers jump in openly to help No Eul by their own ways and means. Which brother No Eul go for. My sister its obviously Joon Young. But after lot many more tragedies. For me i am just curious about Ji Taek and his engagement will he call off the engagement and start another war. What will be the family's reaction? stay tuned for episode 12 review. Its all for now we will be watching W episode 7. Stay happy and blessed. Fighting Ji Taek & Joon Young.

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