The previous episode ends where Yeon Joo was all worried to bring back Chul to life. She ask So Bong for help but nothing change. As for w...

The Shower of Kisses With a Warning - W - Ep 7 Review (Our Thoughts)

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The previous episode ends where Yeon Joo was all worried to bring back Chul to life. She ask So Bong for help but nothing change. As for we were curious how will Chul come back to life. So Bong can't draw the exact as Writer Moo. Also there was the caption "to be continued". All these questions we want to knew how will they proceed with the world W. We started episode 7.

The Shower of Kisses & a Warning - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

So Bong told Yeon Joo that back then he heard from Mr Sung Moo that Chul wasn't his creation. It was created by Yeon Joo when she was a kid. He only just pick the concept and continued the story. We thought it will be the time for Yeon Joo to be surprised and drag in W's world but it wasn't. Ten she remember her childhood memories how she created Chul.

We never thought the story would be at this point. Only we got to knew that Yeon Joo had some connection with Chul life that's why she dragged in Chul's world.

yeon joo draw kang chul when she was little - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo got the sketching talent from her father. She took the task to draw Chul but it took overnight and she couldn't manage to draw Chul's sketch as her father use to do. She got blister on her finger. So Bong came and see the sketch he laugh teasing "Not everyone can draw cartoons". Yeon Joo defend herself saying "Its been ages since i draw anything ... and what's with the pen i am not use to draw with it".

While completing that sketch she slept and Chul came back to life. He woke up in his penthouse bedroom where Soo Hee was talking to someone on the phone. Every one there was worried what made chul to jump in the han river.

 Yeon joo draw Kang chul on the screen - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Chul ask Soo hee about today's date and walk out of the pent house. He was on his way he listen the news on radio and turn his direction. He saw the police mobile and stop the car there and ask the police officer he wanted to talk with Yeon Joo for five minutes. The polic officer refuse but then let him talk. He ask Yeon joo about his father, she said he is alright and on vacations. Its been two months and he is all healed.

Kang Chul ask "Is your father who saved me?" Yeon Joo replied no its not his work "I saved you ", "Its the third time you owe me your life". Then she ask Kang chul a favor to take her out from here legally. Kang chul "You want me to bail out a prison breaker.. do you think its easy?". Yeon Joo that's why you should work hard. You said you owe me your life but you never done anything for me. Its time you have to repay me.  

  kang chul meet Yeon joo in the police bus- W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo was once again under investigation, the detective interrogated her but end up frustrating himself. Kang Chul came to meet Yeon Joo the detective leave the two of them to talk. Yeon Joo was happy to see him she ask "i heared its not easy to bail someone who broke from prison". But Kang Chul burst on Yeon Joo saying "Why are you deciding things in my life?", "Why you save me when i wanted to die".

Is it thrilling and fun for you people, "Did you bring me back for your romance ". Yeon joo all shocked and said how could you say that? We were also surprised to see this side of Chul.

Kang chul burst on yeon jo why she save him - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

But anyhow it was the sequence of the story Chul has to react this way. Yeon Joo started crying and said "I did a useless thing .. why i bother if you die i han river .. i came here handcuffed", "Its because I LOVE YOU". Listening the confession Kang Chul surprised and Yeon Joo disappear.

Then both of them remember things from past. When ever Yeon Joo says "I Love You" chul replied these things won't effect on me. But this time it did work on Chul while he was angry he listen to Yeon Joo's true confession full of feelings and got surprised which make Yeon Joo disappeared.

 yeon joo confess i love you - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

While Kang Chul leaving the room Yeon Joo appear again. She said "You was acting so big as if you'r someone who never get swayed", "Don't blame me because i get dragged here when you keep thinking about me" i was right , am i not?

Kang Chul replied "Yes you are right " i was afraid i may never able to see you again. Then he came and kissed Yeon Joo.

 Yeon joo and kang chul kiss- W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

The detective  in charge came and saw them, he turn back and leave the room. Yeon Joo worried and ask Chul "Are you sure is this ok .. the detective saw us " chul replied "I don't care". Then it was Yeon Joo's turn she kissed chul with all her true feelings. It was the most romantic scene of yeon Joo and chul. Both into each other with out caring the situation and place, they were passionately kissed.

 kang chul and yeon joo romance kiss- W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Chul talk to Do Yoon how they can take Yeon Joo out. Chul told Do Yoon "There are many types of sweet romance that girls like ... ask Yeon joo to narrow it down "
  • 1) A cionderella Stor with glamorous parties
  • 2) Romantic Trip to the country
  • 3) A simple everyday romance 
  • i'll add oone more
  • 4) A bold and sexy .. adult-only romance. 

Now Chul adding dramatic fire to the story. Our interest and curiosity arose what is he up to. Now its his world and the things will work by his way. Is he teasing Yeon Joo or giving her a clue to continue the further story of W based on one of the given choices.

Do Yoon visit Yeon Joo and told her everything along the fiur choices Kang chul put forward. She had to choose one in the end Do Yoon also said "Kang chul preffer the 4th choice so you should consider it".

 sweet romance types by kang chul  - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo was shock to listen and couldn't understand "What is it" Do Yoon brief "Kang chul said he had to pay you back he owes in a sweet romance". Yeon Joo choose number three but the sign she show ith her hand was four.

Chul found out the way to take Yeon Joo out and it was a process through paper marriage. Yeon Joo along all the viewer surprised. She was not ready to accept it but the lawyer said its just only on papers there isn't any other way she can be out.

Kang Chul told Hyun suk stop looking for the murderer "This is the end of W" now i want to live my life. Hyun Suk was shocked he asked many question regarding the other world "How he went there and came back" chul said i can't tell you in details you won't able to digest the truth.

 yeon joo bailed out and married with kang chul - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

After the questioner Yeon Joo was released of the suspect charge of president Kang Chul case. Do Yeon prepared everything to show the media that Kang Chul and Yeon Joo are really married. He gave a wedding ring to Yeon Joo to wear it so the people may not notice anything. Yeon joo arrived at the pent house, the staff give her a really warm welcome she was surprised to see all this.

Everything there was now in pair. She look around in the room and said to herself why she has to go this way to prepare everything for a couple. Then she want to fresh up she went to bath room and saw the couple things there too. She saw Kan Chul drawer and it was really a funny scene we laughed and laughed.

She took out one of Kang Chul underwear looking at it closely and Kang chul who was standing quietly said "So number four was your choice". She shocked to see him and put the underwear back. It was the embarrassing moment for her she sad "I was just checking , i don't now what it was" ehehehe. Now this made Kang Chul shocked he replied "I bet men's underwear exist in the other world as well". Though it was a serious scene but made us laugh enough that our lungs were about to out.

 yeon joo seeing Kang chul underwear funny scene - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

We never imagine the simple chat like this can sometime be this hilarious and embarrassing. Also if someone catch you. Yeon Joo "I just want a sweet romance not marriage", Kang chul replied "it doesn't matter we can have a sweet romance now". He bring a book and told i ask an employee about sweet romance so she suggested me this book.

As i am simple i don't know anything about things like this. So this book will will be a much help. The content of the book wasn't only a help for chul but for us and other viewer. Before this we have never seen an educational romance book like this.

Kang Chul tie Yeon Joo's hair as he had seen in the book. It really was too simple but romantic. The man you love is caring for you. The sweet moments in Yeon Joo's life started we were also enjoying their action, reaction and expressions.

 yeon joo and kang chul bed kiss - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Kang chul did too many romantic actions to Yeon Joo. It was by books guidance some expressions of Kang make us feel that he really want Yeon Joo by her side and all this as his real love life. For Yeon Joo she was enjoying everything, every emotion Kang was giving her.

As Kang become too romantic and was about to kiss Yeon in a french style a bodyguard barged in the room both shocked and jump back to their places. We again laugh at this situation. Kang chul scold him to be careful and knock before coming in.

It was Do Yoon's message who wanted to see Kang on rooftop garden. Kang took his time and ask Yeon Joo to read this book mark what she wanted to do today. Kang was on his way to the lift and receive a call, the caller identity was restricted. It was the killer who ask Kang "where are you , how did you came back to life?". Kang was all surprised the wording was written on the lift door. Kang told Do yoon to check about this call.

 killer call Kang chul  - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Do Yoon give the resignation of So Hee and told Kang there is something i want to tell you. I was too surprised and shocked when i shake hands with So Hee, it feel weird at the moment "her hand disappear ... like a ghost she was transclucent".

We wonder what the story will now be will So Hee disappear from W's world and go to the real world and make things hard for Yeon Joo. Also the killer was in the real world and who he is? Is still a mystery. As writer Sung Moo already clear there is no such character as a killer its all set up. We were dying out of curiosity who this is.

Kang said no need to worry everything will be alright and came back. He found Yeon Joo asleep he took the book "Comfort and lovely" from Yeon Joo's hand and seeing soo many book marks he smiled she wanted so many things to do now she is sleeping.

He again receive the call "Caller ID restricted" he surely was the killer. Kang chul took the gun under the pillow and being alert receive the call.

 killer warning kang chul to kill yeon jo life in danger - W - Episode 7 Review - Korean Drama 2016

The Killer told Kang Chul how he killed his family, he is also a great shooter. Kang can not die before finding him. We were shocked what ever the killer was saying the words were roaming in Kang penthouse bedroom. The killer gave a warning to Kang "I finished your family now its her turn .. i know you have a family now ... i'll surely make a hole in her head". OMG Yeon Joo's life will be in danger form now on before Kang was living his in danger.

Now he had to find the killer and save Yeon Joo because he already fall for her charms. The drama ends leaving anew suspense. The killer is back, it will going to be more thrilling we are sure of it. What's next is still inside the bubble. Stay tuned to see what the bubble gives in episode 8.

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