After a big fight with my sister we started episode 6. It wasn't a serious fight but an argument about the ending of episode 5 and ...

The End changed into To Be Continued - Two Worlds W - Ep 6 Review (Our Thoughts)

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The End, To Be Continued - W Episode 6 Review - Korean Drama 2016

After a big fight with my sister we started episode 6. It wasn't a serious fight but an argument about the ending of episode 5 and preview of episode 6. Kang Chul shoot Writer Sung Mu makes the story too tense. As for Yeon Joo and her relationship got affected by his act. He didn't take target shoot because he don't want to kill him, it was just to show he is capable of doing anything. He walked out of the office and saw Soo Bong, he told him to call the ambulance "he might live if he is lucky".

Writer Sung Mu received the first aid and shifted to the hospital. After the successful operation Yeon Joo's father as still unconcious. Kang Chul came to the hospital and leave a letter for Yeon Joo.

W Episode 6 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo after sending her mother back home came to the office and receive the editor's call.  She was surprised to hear the next episode arrived. She told him i am not confirmed about the episode could you send me i'll check. She opened the mail and was surprisingly shocked everything that happened was in the webtoon W latest episode.

The kiss scene, the argument between Kang chul and his father and the story after that. Kang chul wrote a letter in which he confessed "This must be a perfect ending for someone who was looking for the murderer and becomes a murderer himself ". The last scene of webtoon episode Kang Chul suicide by jumping in Han River with caption "The end".

webtoon another episode W Episode 6 Review - Korean Drama 2016

No way we didn't want this type of end. But we have to go with the story. The detective told Yeon joo the bullet disappear from the operation room, did you have any doubts on some one? Did you suspect anyone around you. The fans were all upset about the ending. People every where were talking about Sung Mu popular webtoon W. The doctor was also upset for the ending instead of worrying about the patients and the hospital.

Its the world every one wants his share no matter what same goes for the editor and the producer. They were worried about publication more episodes and the targeted viewership. They talked about it with Yeon joo she clearly told them that's all it, due to personal reasons he won't draw again ... "Don't get too emotional it was just a cartoon character".

Don't be emotional on cartoon character - W Episode 6 Review - Korean Drama 2016

The story of the webtoon W ends leaving many unfilled spots and the life in real world continues. But we were missing something, it seems the emptiness without Kang Chul. May be its because we were use to watch him as the main character but now it vanished away with the end.

Yeon Joo after a very lone time had a peaceful talk with her father at dinner. Sung Mu told Yeon Joo the detectives came with his broken computer screen which they had kept as the evidence but now they have stopped the investigation so they bring it back to me as it may help in my work.

Also he explain he tried to change the end but the story isn't picking his drawings. It mean the main character refused the story line by Sung Mu. He also briefs to Yeon jo why she always get dragged in the webtoons world because she was the main herione. Also you receives the will i won't be drawing because of you. You are a real person, you are my and your mothers daughter .. that is the end of W.

yeon jo with her father at dinnr - W Episode 6 Review - Korean Drama 2016

The next day Sung Mu with the friends went on vacations. The doctor ask Yeon Joo about his father and then told her to put some makeup and wear perfume we'll having lunch. It wasn't the simple lunch he prepare but it was the blind date he set for Yeon Joo. When she come to knew she said "Why did i wash my hairs , i never washed it" .. the doctor replied i check everyone, it turned out no body has a boyfriend ... but you are the one who washed your hair.

It was really funny scene we enjoyed. We were hoping the doctor will introduce some one handsome to Yeon Joo may be it will be the real Kang Chul exist in real world. But water splashed on our expectation when we saw a funny guy.

Yeon jo Blind date by the doctor - W Episode 6 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo excused herself to use ladies washroom. She recives a call but the signal dropped and she was dragged into water. OMG its the titanic scene the water was every where and Yeon joo started drown in it. She saw Kang Chul in the depth of water he was alive but the time around him stopped. He didn't die that was the relief.

Yeon joo tried to help him by reaching him but couldn't and came back to her world. She was all soaked in water. She came back and the ask doctor for the mobile phone. She checked the webtoon episode W and was surprised too see Kang Chulstuck in the water and "To be continued sign appeared".

kang chul stuk in han river, the time stopped - W Episode 6 Review - Korean Drama 2016

She was too happy she excused herself and ran looking for Soo Bong. We were surprised to See Soo Bong working for Mama Mia. She was one of the funny character we remember as Mama Mia. Yeon
Jo told Soo Bong all what happened and ask for help.

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Anime with big eyes - W Episode 6 Review - Korean Drama 2016

The next scene surprised us it was the criminal at han river bridge, who also pooped up in the real world. Thinks further will surely be more interesting as the story become too complicated with lot many twist, turns and merging of two worlds.

Yeon Joo request Soo Bong to help him and draw something that can save Kang chul. Soo Bong refused its the wok of your father please talk to him i can't draw exactly as your father. Yeon joo explained father won't draw anymore because of me. Then Soo Bong said "I shouldn't draw you again. you already escaped from jail last time".

Yeon Joo emotionally blackmail Soo Bong and made him agree to draw. She also told him to draw a police boat with the diver near by Han river who will save chul. Soo Bong did as told nothing happened nor anything changed. He again said "You can ask Mr oh when he came back" .. i am going to make some noodles do you want some? Soo Bong remember something and told Yeon joo that  Mr oh said W is .... and suddenly the scene changed.

 Yeon jo wass dragged into webtoons world again. Kang chul was being rescued. He suddenly wok up from a dream. Oh man what is all this? Yeon jo is back in the cell wearing the jails unifrom Kang chul woke up from a sleep at his penthouse but what is this now.Its the first Herione we saw who is happy to be back in jail.

Yeon joo back in prison cell W Episode 6 Review - Korean Drama 2016

The policeman on duty was taking a round when he saw Yeon Joo back in the cell he shouted "Freeze don't move". The story ends with the smiling face of Yeon joo in jail. Now we are dying out of curiosity to watch episode 7. The preview won't give the more candy and we have to wait for whole one week. Its all for now let's meet in next episode review.

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