W episode 4 leaves unexpected ending. The viewers including us weren't expecting the end like this how can a webtoon character come...

The Goodbye Kiss - The 2 Worlds W - Ep 5 Review (Our Thoughts)

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The Goodbye Kiss - W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

W episode 4 leaves unexpected ending. The viewers including us weren't expecting the end like this how can a webtoon character come into the real world. But it was the story of two worlds so we were curious like every one else. Kang Chul saw his picture as webtoon W on bus branding. He was too surprised. He went to a bool stall and saw web toon W series 1 to 33.

After seeing the books he become emotional and started reading. It was the flash back what happened in his life was all there. He started crying while checking the series. Also he come to knew many things like the murder scene of his family, the killer and the prosecutor true face with evil intentions.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Also many things for us got cleared. As we were watching and Kang Chul was reading the comics. How he become friends with Boxer Do Yeon and learn to fight to defend himself. After that they both solve cases and become popular. Those fight scene we saw in the promo and thought the hero is fighting the gang to impress the herione or may be he is fighting to help the herione. But we laugh on our imagination after watching this fight scene of Kang Chul with the gangsters.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Kang Chul also come to knew the evil intentions of the prosecutor who was in charge of his case and he now become the congressman. Still he want to destory Kang Chul and is spying to get any weak point to crush him out.

The was the good thing for Kang Chul to Knew. There isn't only a killer who wanted to take his life but the prosecutor also. But why that hasn't been clear yet. We thought he tearing off the covers of W and reading the books at the store but no body is saying anything to him because at many stores reading like this isn't allowed. Also he was too quick at reading he finished all the 33 series. This shows his extra perfect qualities.

The sales girl came and told him its the closing time, should she pack the remaining books. Kang chul its not necessary just tell me "Do many people buy this book" she replied it its the best seller from past 5 years.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

This scene proves that W is really the big budget and best drama for 2016. Doctor Suk Bum came looking for Yeon Joo and ask did she got engaged? She surprised and replied No. Then he told her a person came looking for her saying "He is the fiance". She replied may be he is mistaken and after a while she remember something and realize may be it could happen and ran to the lobby.

We were also surprised to see Kang Chul. It was their encounter in the real world. Kang Chul ask her out, he wanted to talk about something.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Now we were curious what it will be? Also Yeon Joo was to shocked and surprised at the same moment seeing kang Chul in her world. She asked how come you are here? "Did i get pulled in again but its definately my hospital and the building is same also". Kan Chul "I came here .. the world i live in stopped", I should have listen to your advice back then. Iam here to say my last goodbye.

Oh no its episode 5 how come he say the last goodbye, may be he will vanish the story of W ends and everything will back at its origional place with anew story of real world. Yeon Joo surprised are you going somewhere its very difficult to survive here, think of me as your guardian. I'll be back in 40 minutes after the surgery so don't go wait for me. As you don't have your ID and others i know how its feels.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

We though Chul will wait for Yeon Joo and then say the goodbye but he was in a hurry he grab Yeon Joo's arm and Kissed her. It was a very passionate and warm kiss as if the time is there and everything around them has stopped. We wish they could be the couple for real world in W.

The Goodbye Kiss - W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo feels butterflies, she didn't open her eyes what if might everything was a dream and Kang Chul wasn't there. But it wasn't her dream it wad the true feelings Kang Chul have for her. She ask why did you do that? Kang Chul "this is what i felt after finishing the books " i read all the the series of W with the money i have and also come to knew what's on your mind.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo leave for the operation and Kang Chul also walked away. Now we again become curious where is he heading. I thought may be he will head to the motel and go back to his world with the broken computer tablet screen. I never thought he would come to find writer Sung Moo.

The story  took a U turn. He broke into the house and saw everything related to W, the sketches, the pictures, the draft, the books the story pattern and become more angry when come to see the draft sketches of his penthouse bedroom , the bathroom, his pictures with different reactions.

He smash everything there to take out his anger why his life id being ruined by someone written words. Then he saw Yeon Joo and Sung Mu picture and come to knew she is the daughter of the person who wanted to end his life. The reality seems to be real cruel and hard to believe. We feel sympathy for Kang Chul but nothing was in our hand.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Jo's father sung Moo came back home and powered on his mobile. He receives many calls and messages. Sung Mu read the Soo Bong message and after that call Yeon Joo but Kang Chul appears and it was a sudden shock for him. I thought you created me and make my life miserable WHY ?

Yeon Joo was on the phone and was listening all the conversation between his dad and Kang Chul She was scared something might bad happen to both of them. What of Kang Chul took revenge on his father so she called Soo Bong and told her to check the office "Kang chul is there".  

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Kang Chul argued with Sung Mu why did he did all this. It wasn't Yeon Joo whom i grabed it was you i asked for your help but you didn't took pity on me. Instead of helping you stabbed me and left. You should the pain i was suffered and in my world you were immortal but not here.

You stabbed me, you tried to inject poison, you try to kill me with the truck not stopped there also attacked me at my penthouse.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Kang Chul give the reason he was being created as the powerful character because Sung Mu was the imcompetent head of the family, beside drinking he never do anything. He wasn't successful in his career, he wasn't a good husband, neither a good father, he can't live without alcohol. So all these the reasons you created me out of despire with a strong will, a powerful rich Chaebol. But made my life miserable by killing all my family.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

These scenes clear many uncertain questions about the story of W till now. Sung Mu explain he wanted to stop writing W at han rivers incident but after you came back to life i got a will to continue . It become the best seller i thought i never did anything good to my family with this money i'll help Yeon Joo to open up a hospital. That's i continued. On the phone Yeon joo was listening all the conversation.

He also told Kang chul that many time what he wanted to draw he can't and the story change but itself. There were images on the screen which he never draw. Many times it happened he consult the psychiatrist and talk to his friend but no solution came out. They all though i am drunk.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Kang chul was fed up of the difficulties he ask Sung Mu to put everything back to normal. he can't leave his friends in misery so he should draw an ending to his world. Sung Mu i can't help it out because you pooped up out of your world and nothing in my hand now. Even if i try the main character wouldn't be accepting my story.

Kang chul want to catch the true criminal so he ask Sung Moo who is it? Sung Moo's answer was unbelievable he said "There isn't any criminal .. it was all setup to make your character powerful" ... the main character has a shocking trauma from his youth which helps the story become more interesting.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

We couldn't believe this actually was all a fictional setup because Kang Chu;'s world seems real like the world of W. Kang chul pull out the gun "You are a murderer .. you are just a rubbish man in essence", you kill my family and ruined my life just because of your webtoon story. I should end your life here.

Sung Moo you couldn't shoot me "I made you like this, a righteous man who never takes law in hand". Kang Chul ask him again to think of a solution, i'll be back think yourself lucky because you are Yeon Joo's father. "I am not lucky .. you couldn't shoot me .. that's your setup ". Sung Mu's word were too harsh and cruel that Kang Chul lost his sense and pull the trigger. OMG he really shoots Sung Mu.

 W Episode 5 Review - Korean Drama 2016

Yeon Joo was on his way same Soo Bong. They both heard the fire and become too worried. The episode ends here. Kan chul trying to seek justice and finding the true criminal and murderer, becomes himself a murderer.

His act again changed the story of W. As for us we were curious how Yeon Jo react. What will happen to Chul will he disappear or caught by the police as the murderer. Its all for now lets meet in next episode review to knew more about W the story of two worlds.

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