Myung Hee died and leave a big gap for the loved one's. It was the offerings for Myung Hee last journey ad to live in peace. Every ...

Let's Live In the Palace - Moon Lovers Ryeo - Ep 6 Review (Our Thoughts)

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4th prince and hae soo on the horse  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

Myung Hee died and leave a big gap for the loved one's. It was the offerings for Myung Hee last journey ad to live in peace. Every one was sad the 8th Prince and Hae Soo was all left alone. We didn't thought Myung Hee would die this early.

Hae Soo came to 8th Prince room and comfort him. Having someone too close feeling the same pain he was in he burst out in tears saying he was too late to express that he actually love Myun Hee the way she loves her and he never been able to tell Myun Hee that he was the only one whom he cares and cherish. Hearing these words we feel sad for 8th Prince.

alol pince and Hae soo at myung hee funeral  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

Hae Soo lost interest in life after Myung Hee passed away she kept herself locked all day in the room as she was all alone by herself. The 10th Prince came and cheered hae Soo by putting up a puppet Show which remind Hae Soo how she fought with the 10th Prince. She finally laugh and thanked him for making her cheerful again.

10 th prince puppet show for hae sow in goryeo - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

The witchy Princess Yeon Hwa announce for Hae Soo getting married. It was a surprise and shock for everyone even the 8th Princ didn't knew how things turned up this way. But something was surely off. We though its all Yeon Hwa's plan to kick Hae soo out of here.

The most shocking was that her marriage was set with a man who was nearly 60 years with many of sons. All the prince opposed this marriage and tied up to knew which household Hae soo is going to. They don't want to send Hae Soo to such a household and a marriage with an old man.

 yeon hwa told Hae Soo is getting married soon and th eprince become all worried - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

Hae Soo's maid was also grieved and sad for her. She was preparing things for her marriage. Hae Soo being all bold and fearless couldn't digest the fact to where she is being set up for marriage. She also don't want to spend her life with the man she didn't even knew. So she decided to run away.

It wasn't only intention to run away but all the Prince set together to help Hae Soo. The 4th Prince Wang Soo was also dragged in. We really enjoyed this scene how Hae Soo an dthe prince disguise the soldiers at duty and made Hae So run out of the house.

Yeon Hwa got a feeling and she with the soldiers followed them, but unfortunately in Hae Soo's dress it come out to be the 10th Prince with the 8th Prince. It was a really hilarious situation where the 14th prince told you though my brother is your niece ehehehe.

 all prince help hae soo to run away and disguise 10th prince as hae soo on 8th Prince horse- Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

But Hae Soo was on the other path riding the horse with the 4th Prince. The astronomer got them and told the 4th prince that its a royal order to bring Hae So to the palace. We were surprised but Hae soo didn't hesitate, she agreed to go and wanted to knew about the whole situation by herself.

hae so was with 4th prince on his horse the astronomer told hae so is going to be kings wife so she has to leave - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

The 4th Prince Wong So was worried but seeing Hae soo fearless reaction he stayed calm. Hae Soo came to the palace and shocked to knew that she will be the marrying the king after the sunset. It was a shock for us also. We were worried what will be the story will hae soo going to be the mother for flower boy prince.
The royal Concubine tookl Hae Soo to do the basic preparation before the wedding. She searched her body and told that it was to check if there is any scar on her body she won't be getting married to the king.

 hae so was in the palace the royal concubine searched her body id there is any scar on her body if so she can't be kings wife - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

There wasn't any way for Hae Soo to leave the palace and escape from the situation before becoming the wife of king. We feel pity. It wasn't only hae soo who was seriously worried for her life now but the 8th prince Wang Wook beg down on knees infront of the king for Hae soo. Not only the 8th but 4th Prince Wang So came to rescue Hae soo and request the king not to go with this marriage and use the other option to use the conspiracy.

Now the king become all stubborn saying he has no time to stop it by using other plan. he will continue with the wedding. But things didn't work out as the king order a noise of something broken make every one distract their attention from the king and it was hae soo she cut her wrist and had the scar yaay. The wedding was called off.

Hae soo did the most challenging act and put a stop to her marriage neither the 8th Prince nor the 4th prince and us could imagine Hae soo would do something this dangerous by putting her life on the line.

4th prince and 8th prince begged infront of the king not to do this marriage but in the end hae so cut her wrist to stop the marriage - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

The Royal Concubine did the 1st aid to Hae Soo and told her to get ready to be punished. As she escaped from the wedding but there is no way she can escape the punishment and there isn't any way to leave the palace until she had to die.

The 8th Prince came to visit Hae Soo and was glad to see hae Soo was fine but was all worried from inside as Hae soo will receive a punishment for running the marriage. .

 hae soo was alive and royal concubine took care for her 8th prince came to meet hae soo   - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

The astronomer who was a suspicious character to us request the King not to punish Hae Soo but to send her to Damiwon as the royal Concubine request it. Also she will be more helpful as she had a lot of interest in makeup.

 The King was all suspicious why on earth every one favouring that little girl even the 8th Prince beg him more over the 4th Prince also jumped in to save her now the royal Concubine want her to be in Damiwon.

astronomer told king to send hae so to the royal concubine as a maid 8th prince also give hae soo the emoji language reply  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

All the Princes came to meet Hae Soo an dglad she is now saved and promise to visit her daily. Hae soo was happy to see them as she already become friends with all of them. But Hae soo was thinking that now she is in the palace who will be thecnext king of Goreyo which one of these will become King Gwangjo. As she already read in the history but being between them she become all confused who King gwang jo will be.

She then says goodbye to the princes and enter in Damiwon as a new palace maid. She saw the Royal Concubine and the episode ends there.

all prince gathered to see hae soo off and promise they will come by often at damiwon  - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 6 Review

Our Thoughts:

It was really a tense episode we were all worried about hae Soo wedding and Thank God she finally manage to stop the wedding. We wonder why always King married just to stop the conpiracy or some war at the border. Wedding wasn't the solution but the sturbbon King go through it.

We were happy for the 8th Prince who gather the courage and talk to the king for Hae Soo it wasn't the king but also the 4th Prince Wang soo step in with another solution to put a stop for Hae Soo's wedding.

In the previous episode when the prince was accepted in the palace we wonder how Hae Soo and he encounter but we never thought the situation turned out for Hae soo to be a maid at the palace. That's how the story will continue and  life become more tough for poor Hae Soo. But she already made many knights who will stand to save her no matter what.

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