Its been 5 episodes till now and we were really enjoying watching a drama from Goryeo Dynasty. Previously we watch many dramas but coul...

Emoji Language in Goryeo - Scarlet Heart Moon Lovers: Ryeo - Ep 5 Review - Our Thoughts

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 wang wook 4th prince and hae soo - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

Its been 5 episodes till now and we were really enjoying watching a drama from Goryeo Dynasty. Previously we watch many dramas but couldn't get along with them and left it in the middle. Hae Soo being a troublemaker also has talents she quickly make friends but it wasn't it. She also was experienced in beautician field. As in the modern time it was her profession.

8th Prince Wang Wook bought alot of herbals as he has seen Hae Soo act the herb market place. Seeing the herbs Hae Soo was too happy With the help of Princess Myung Hee, the maids she made beautiful soaps.

It was our first time seeing how the soaps were made in the ancient times. Watching this we really enjoyed. Hae Soo put all the efforts to make them.

 hae soo made soap in goryeo dynasty - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

The 8th Prince Wang Wook wrote a beautiful poem and gave to Hae Soo. He also ask Hae Soo to reply with a poem. Hae Soo got confused she couldn't recognize the letters so were we. As it was written in chinese language. She ask her maid to read it out but she was ill literate and didn't knew how to read.

She tried all her efforts to read what's written but nothing was of help. Princess Myung Hee was coming with Wang Wook (Baek Ah) they saw Hae Soo roaming and trying to read something and talking to herself that "iam illiterete here, i can't survive". Hearing this it was a surprise for Myung Hee and Wang Wook (Baek Ah). Baek Ah read the poem for her and translate it but seeing something off e didn't read the whole poem. But Myung Hee finish telling Hae Soo what's all about.

We were also feeling something fishy but couldn't get a clue till Baek Ah argued what is Myung Hee and his brother 8th Prince Wang Wook up to.

 8th prince wrote a poen for hae soo but she can't read the words in goryeo dynasty - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

Myung Hee the 8th Prince along with Hae Soo visit the palace to meet with the Queen Hwangbo and surprised to see Queen Yoo was also there. Now we finally come to knew that may be its the meeting Myung Hee planned to introduce Hae Soo to be selected the second wife of 8th Prince Wang Wook.

Hae Soo didn't knew what Myung Hee was up to. She bought the soap as the gift and present Hwangbo. She was too happy seeing it. Myung Hee also gave a soap gift to Queen Yoo regarding Queen Yopo's nature she arrogantly points Hae Soo saying So you are the girl who got into fight with the 10th Prince and hit him. We feel sorry for Hae Soo who was now in the awkward position. The 8th prince defend saying it wasn't that serious they were just playing.

 hae soo give the beauty soap to queen hwangbo & Queen yoo - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

We never expect the king visit the Queen at this moment. But unfortunately it was Hae Soo's bad time. She stuck up on the difficult position when the king also points that are you the girl who get into fight with the 10th prince. But thanks God Hae Soo was too intelligent he ask for the forgiveness and praise the King that he is the wise one.

 hae soo met with the king Taejo she only saw him in dramas - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

We thought she would skip out of this difficult situation but she make things more complicated as the King want to knew is it the buttering to escape from the punishment and what made her think like that. Hae Soo repeat the history her history teacher made them learn in the junior High school and was able to get out of the situation. The king praise her being sharp and intelligent and it was unexpected for everyone.

 hae soo escaped from punishment as she remember some of the history about King Taehjo and thanked her history teacher  - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

She excused herself to use the restroom and stepped out of there but bumped into the 4th Prince Wang Soo. He teased her are you here to spy on people bathing again? Though it was embarrassing Hae Soo let it slide she was in the palace and don't want to create a fuss by arguing the 4th Prince.

 hae soo met 4th prince in the palace  - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

On the way back Hae Soo saw the astronomer who was the same person from the st episode Hae Soo was looking for. There was something fishy the astronomer didn't recognize Hae Soo but his expression shows that he is hiding something  as he knew why Hae Soo came to Goryeo. In other words he warn Hae Soo now she is the palace she must watch her actions and thing before what she say., she had to be careful in future.

 hae soo saw the person she met with in modern era but that person refuse to recognize her  - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

It was a really funny scene we enjoyed the 8th Prince Wang Wook on the way back teased Hae Soo. So it wasn't the 4th only but the 8th Prince also enjoyed spending time with hae Soo. It was a beautiful scenery of the snow season Hae Soo was walking on the foot steps left by the 8th Prince Wang Wook. He when saw Hae Soo stepping on his footsteps he being naughty take the bigger steps which become more difficult for Hae Soo to walk on. This situation we really enjoyed.

 hae sooslipped while walking on foot step of 8th Prince on snow  - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

The 8th prince ask Hae Soo to reply for the poem he asked about. hae Soo tried all her efforts but couldn't reply as she was unaware how to read and write the chinese characters. But a reply was a must so she manage to write something and left it for the 8th Prince in the library.

As soon as she was about to leave the other prince barged in and caught as she was hiding something. Innocent Hae Soo told that she was here to deliver a reply to 8th Prince. We though due to Hae Soo innocent behavior sh will be caught by the other along with the 8th Prince and they will both have to face a difficult situation. But things turned out opposite.

hae so give a reply to 8th prince poem  - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

10th Prince pick up the reply letter and was curious what it was. Every body was surprised what Hae Soo wrote but didn't understand what alien language she had had written. It was an emoji sign but the prince didn't understand what it means. The situation turned out to be funny but the 4th Prince Wang Soo told the meaning what it was, it means Hae Soo like the poem a lot.

 4th prince told them hae so reply meaning it was a emoji sign that mean she enjoyed the poem - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

Baek Ah finally understand and scold Hae Soo that what is she doing isn't right she is ruining Myung Hee's household by doing this. Hae Soo didn't understand why she had to listen this behavior. 8th Prince got to listen what Baek Ah said to Hae Soo after he left the 8th Prince came and apologize to Hae Soo that its his fault.

wang wook baek ah scold hae soo that she is ruining myung hee's house hold  - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

Yeon Hwa told 4th Prince that King is arranging her wedding soon. The 3rd Prince Wang Yo appeared out of no where and teased both the 4th Prince Yeon Hwa. he had such a character which become outcast every time and no body want  him around, in other words he was the villan who is after the crown Prince.

 Yeon hwa told 4th prince that King arranging her wedding - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

Myung Hee request Hae Soo tp put on some makeup and make her beautiful she want a beautiful date with 8th Prince. So he remember me looking this beautiful. Hae Soo put on the efforts an make Myung Hee look gorgeous. It was snowy day Myung Hee with the 8th Prince Wang Wook went on a walk they talked about lot many things. It was the happiest time. Both enjoyed on the way Myung Hee feels sleepy the 8th Prince give her the piggy back ride.

It was the last moments Myung Hee left the world she died on her way back to the home. It was a very sad moment Hae Soo couldn't bear and started crying but the 8th Prince said don't make any noise let her sleep peacefully how caring he was.  The episode ends here.

 8th prince wife myung hee died hae soo started crying - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 5 Review

Our Thoughts:

It was a nice watching episode 5 we enjoyed a lot. We first time saw the preparation of beauty soap in ancient times. Also we enjoy how cleverly Hae Soo manage herself infront of King Taejo she thanked her history teacher of junior high school who made her remember they Goryeo Dynasty History. If it wasn't for her teacher she wouldn't be able to sneak out of the difficult situation.

The emoji sign Hae Soo replied with was also one of our favourite scene from this episode we enjoyed Hae Soo's cuteness and innocence.

We really love Baek Ah who really love Myung Hee as a caring brother and didn't want disturbance in household. He scold Hae Soo who actually was innocent and didn't knew what the 8th Prince and Myung Hee want from her.

It was a very sad scene we feel sorry for the 8th Prince house hold Myung Hee died and Hae Soo was left alone. We thought after Myung Hee's death the 8th Prince will openly come infront of Hae Soo but we are not sure what the further situation will be. Let's hope for the good.

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