Ra On present the dance in the last episode after the Ginseng disappeared. It was Ra On's act to help the crown Prince not to ruin ...

Let's Make a Wish - Moonlight Drawn by Clouds - Ep 5 Review Our Thoughts

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 ra on with crown Prince at lantern festival - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

Ra On present the dance in the last episode after the Ginseng disappeared. It was Ra On's act to help the crown Prince not to ruin the Kings Birthday. Hopefully it all went well Ra On saved the crown Prince from embarrassing situation and then sneak out so no body could notice who she was really.

But the crown prince caught on the performance done by someone else instead of the assigned Ginseng. The anonymous lady who even know the actual step practiced by the ginseng suddenly disappeared. Crown Prince went to find and we were worried what if he caught its Ra On what will going to happen after knowing that Hong Nam is actually a women and deceiving every body. But Thankfully Yoon Sung saved her by grabbing her hand into the bushes.

 crown prince searching for the girl dance in king birthday and yoon sung saved ra on - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

He also helped her getting changed as he knew that crown prince was looking for her. On the other hand crown Prince was also curious where Ra On went he hasn't seen him since the performance. Yoon Sung told Crown Prince that he saw Eunch Hong rushed toward Dongungjeon. We were released out of the great stress that its the second time Yoon Sung saved Ra On being revealed her identity.

 crown prince has doubt the girl dancing was Eunch Hong but he is not  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

The crown prince was now suspicious as of who performed at the event. He wasn't able to find. At moments he also become suspicious of eunch Hong that he look likes the women who disappeared suspiciously after the performance and no body knew anything about her.

 at the library crown prince again become suspicious of eunch hong being a girl - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

Eunch Nam was suddenly called by the princess who wanted to ask something regarding the person who wrote her love letters via Eunch Hong. They both were on the boat at the river. During the conversation Princess showed the childish behavior and Eunch Hong trying to save princess fell in the water. The crown Prince was taking a walk near by he saw and jumped in to save the eunch.

It was the sudden reaction every one startled why on earth the crown prince saved a trainee eunch. It should be the eunch who save the crown Prince.

crown prince saved eunch hong ra on from drowing in the water  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

At that moment we thought that finally Crown Prince will find out the secret of Eunch Hong but it didn't happen so. Yoon Sung was all worried for Eunch Hong he went after him and told her to take care, also he told not to worried and trust him.

It was an emotional scene when Eunch Hong dreaming of the childhood how her mother left her alone. The crown Prince was with eunch hong and nursing him. He saw the cute side of eunch Hong a child who is longing for her mother.

Here we again thought that might Crown Prince came to knew that Eunch Hong actually Hong is a women he is looking for. But there was of too much suspense we are dying out of curiosity when and how he will find out the truth about Eunch Hong.

 yong sung ask ra on he will share the secret with her  and ra on cried in her dream to see her mother leaving her - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

It was the library time for the crown Prince he was reading and eunch Hong came. He was a little better he was thankful for Byung yun who nursed him all night. Actually he was unaware that it was Crown Prince who stayed by her side. Listening this Crown Prince smiled and gave her the medicine for cold. The way crown Prince eunch Hong mouth and put the medicine inside we really enjoyed.

 crown princ gve medicine of cold to eunch hong ra on  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

Eunch Hong received a vacation and was very happy. Yoon Sung called him over as he knew eunch hong received a special holiday he ask her to meet out but eunch hong said he had things to do after he got time they will meet. Yoon Sung also give the cold medicine to eunch Hong and he told that he already had the medicine which crown Prince gave him. Finally we realize that eunch Hong has the personality that every body loves to care and worried for him.

 yoon sung ask ra hon to meet him at the lantern festival  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

Princes Myunguen was all sad and dishearted she came at the same spot with her maid and wish to see the person who wrote her love letters. It happened so the person with his servant came by and saw there wasn't any one. He became sad and wish to meet her love again some where.

 princess myunguen go to the swing where the person who sent her letters saw her - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

Eunch Hong came to the lantern festival and dreamed that he might met his mother who left her long ago. But she bumped in crown Prince. It was a sun time they spend the festival was too colorful people were enjoying purchasing lanterns and making wish.

 ra on meet crown prince at the lantern festival - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

Crown Prince also bought the lantern from the little child who named it wish lantern. She told that she wished to see the King and ask him to make Joeson a batter place. The second female lead appeared and encounter the Crown Prince but she was treated coldly by him.

 cron prince meet with the second lead female in th elantern festival - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

At the festival the ajusshi wish came true. He happen to see the women whom he made Hong Nam wrote love letters as soon as he saw both the ladies they threw their lantern and ran away. My sister point they saw the crown Prince and don't want to be caught by him she was right iot happened saw. The crown Prince smiled how the Princess react that she still fears him. But the ajusshi become more of the sad that seeing him she again run away.

 princess and her maid run when saw the crown prince atthe festival - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

Crown Prince bought the lantern for eunch Hong and they both mad a wish. As they were about to make it fly Yeon Sang happen to see them. We feel sorry for him he is always a step behind Crown Prince. Still he didn't loose hope to spend time with eunch Hong. He step forward and ask eunch Hong to come with. But the Crown pince hold tight on eunch Hong and replied why are you calling out my people. The peisode ends here.

yoon sung again save ra on being caught by the crown prince atthe lantern festival  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 5 Review

Our Thoughts:

It was a nice watching love in the moonlight after all the hectic day we really enjoyed eunch Hong Performance through out the serial. We really envoy eunch Hong that there are so many people who love and care for her.

We were thankful for Yoon Sung who always come to save eunch Hong from being expose. Also we are curious how will Crown Prince find the secret of eunch Hong a female disguised in male.

There were two scenes where we thought eunch Hog will be revealed and Crown Prince finally knew that he is actually a women but it didn't happen so. He received so much love and care the other became jealous of him that he is being favoured by the crown Prince so were we ehehehe.

At the lantern festival eunch Hong promised to meet Yoon Sung but Crown Prince was a step ahead then him he enjoyed all the time with eunch Hong and they made a wish together. We also wish eunch nam a happy and relaxed life.

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